1) Hello, daisk! Hello, eggs! Welcome!

2) taxi driver last night/this morning was a prick - stole $10 off me. I give him $40.20 for a $23.20 fare and he asks "so how much do I owe you?". Me, in my squirrely state, get the answer wrong and tell him he owes me $7 becuase I am a little too well lubricated in the brainspace. Serves me right though for getting pissed on a Tuesday night.

3) I have an "appointment" tomorrow for a job. I know nothing about the job except that it's customer servicey cum marketing... or a customer service job with a view into moving up to marketing... or something. Manager dude looked at my resume and told Underling Marissa to call me up is all I know for sure. I am now wondering whether I should go suitish pants or my really nice jeans, kicking myself for not asking, and hoping that the rest of the people there are as happy and cool as UM sounded on the phone (which is why I'm thinking jeans).

From: [identity profile] eggs-maledict.livejournal.com

Hey! Bummer about the taxi driver - we'll have to break more glasses next time or something...I'm not sure how that works but...uh...I'm sure it does somehow...

Jeans sounds like the way to go - especially if they're nice, shouldn't be an issue...

From: [identity profile] phrasemuffin.livejournal.com

It works becuase if I have broken glass on me he won't dare to disrespect me and my mathemtaical prowess! Otherwise he might get broken glass in on him!

Hmmm... jeans will also put me at ease - being over dressed is a good way for me to freak out. Being slightly under dressed yet still nicely dressed is by far the better option for keeping me calm. Thanks! :)

From: [identity profile] areyoustrange.livejournal.com

Haha. Eggs 'n' daisk, your options for a healthy breakfast of a morning.

From: [identity profile] phrasemuffin.livejournal.com

Ungh! Food! I didn't get to have breakfast this morning, so I could really go some eggs'n'daisk about now.

oh. the hunger.

From: [identity profile] daiskmeliadorn.livejournal.com

oh, and hi! :)

my vote was going to be for suitish pants as someone once said It's Always Better To Dress Up Than Down but i have no evidence for that and i agree that underdressed = more happiness.

From: [identity profile] phrasemuffin.livejournal.com

Turns out it didn't really matter what sort of pants I wore; there were both Jeans and Suits. Also, seeing as I got called back, one tends to assume that I didn't look too much the hobo, which I always like (unless I'm going for the hobo-chic look). But I do credit your vote - the Suits did out-number the Jeans and in the call back I was told to be a Suit for tomorrow.

I guess that means everyone wins... except them, because they don't have me as an employee... and except for me, too, because I still have my current crappy job... and except for that cute guy that came in after me and was all suitishly hot and now doesn't get to kow me better. I think he doesn't-win the most.


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