... flail and squee, flail and squee, flail and squee.

Flail: my 21st. It is coming. It was organised. Mostly. In theory. Then I realised I Did Not Want. Mainly Teh Evil Family. Also the venue. Teh Evil Family got kicked off. Which meant Teh Goodside Family had to go too. So just friends. Venue changed too. Venue change meant theme change. Who would do masquerade at a restaurant? In Ashfield? For Thai? Too inconsistent. Am re-thinking. Mother-type got out of sorts for not having Teh Evil Family. Because they are Evil. And because they would curse us. With Abstinence. Actually a Blessing in Disguise. Reminded her that they get combined Christmas/My 21st at a park (... o_0?) the week before. Still guilty-ish. Re-added Teh Goodside Family. Numbers dropped from 80 to 46. Much less expensive. But no more Blessing. Just wish I could have EVERYONE that I originally planned to have (Teh Evil Family is only about 10 of the 34 people I had to cut from the list).

To make up for that...

Squee: Alice in Wonderland. Soon to be movie. Again. But better! With Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett as Mad Hatter and Red Queen. Yay for that dude who is her husband! That... crazy dude. You know? Yes. That one.

On an unrelated note: I have decided to go into business for myself. There just aren't any jobs in the world. Anywhere. Ever. So I am going to sell paralyzed birds. I feel it is an untapped market. Think of the sales! I will be an industry pioneer. Would you like a bird, sir? A paralyzed bird? I shall say. Why, yes, sir! Thank you, sir! my customers shall reply with glee. I shall be a milionaire. And you will all get discounts! 30% off for the rest of your lives! Also, we will do parties. Birthday parties. For small children. Small children LOVE paralyzed birds. It will be the craze of the next generation. Generation Impaired!

Also... I have found my dream birthday present. It won't happen though. It would be my Christmas and birthday, and Easter, too, if we did Easter presents, present and probably from my entire immediate family and then some (because we try to set limits on how much we spend on each other, to keep things fair I guess). It is this awesome graphics tablet with interactive pen display! And it will never be mine unless the paralyzed bird industry booms before a better model comes out.
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