start is lost
slept in my cocktail outfit - woke up, realised, and was pissed at self for letting that happen
on camp type thing in country
there to experiment with people's abilities - some us had twins (one was blue, one was red)
there was a guy who could shoot with his fingers like in heroes, except he had to shake his hand before his first shot - lame
there was an ice and a fire (fire was lava and turned bad)
most of the reds went bad and some convinced their twins
pirates versus policemen in terms of numbers
few of us took shelter in a kitchen with a view of outside field, windows, up stairs round a corner
as they came up we fought them off - I was Joe, but it wasn't artefacts, they were our powers
trying to see the effects of the person on the power - why some some twins went blue, some red
was disappointed I didn't have a red twin - where's mine?
killed a twinage with their pool queues - flicked them up and through their skulls
no one else on Police side seemed all that confident with their abilities so it was mostly just me fighting
three fighters came in - they seemed to be evolutions of each other, the same person with different stages of the same disease
teeth increasingly feral, the last guy absolutely horrible looking
fought off the first one (sent him flying through a window), but he came back with the second (who I can't remember) so we teamed up and two of us took them on. My partner did nothing so I fought them myself
sent the first guy back out through the window, this time dragging him along the counters first, hoping to destroy his will
second guy I don't remember
while fighting him off, Partner took over so I could fend off kitchen from the the others coming up the stairs - another pool queue based power (shots through the end of it)
was able to "move" his shots away from me in a sort of dodge
not very happy
through the window
tried to keep his stick but it rolled out the window and I couldn't bring it back with my "move"
that's when I noticed someone watching us
a teacher type, or a dungeon master... apparently it was all pretend. But my powers kept going between word-based "I did this so you are affected in this way" pretend and "screw you you're dead now because I just sent a pool queue through your temple. Thrice. Maybe four times; I wasn't paying a lot of attention, you Evil'n'Corrupted-To-Evil bastard twins!" dream-reality.
third fighter came in and he was huge
really wanted the shot stick
decided to fly out of his range ("move" can be used to increase a jump as it is based on the walking cane's property of assisting natural movement. Jumping is a natural movement to a human body, therefore the human body can be "jumped" out of the way. Flight though is a sustained assisted jump, and is therefore not actually possible by the cane alone, which proves that I wasn't actually Joe but myself, not with his cane's powers but with a set of powers similar to his, at least at certain points in the dream. Another instance of flipping between one basic underlying story universe and another.)
up on the ceiling, he notices me and targets me; perhaps I am a tougher challenge because he's been punching the floor and sending shockwaves that I've been able to dodge because of my not touching the floor, giving me a higher challenge rating.
he can't jump high enough to reach me (if he did, I would surely die). to make sure, I unassist his jumping, pushing him back towards the ground each time.
he doesn't seem to be growing tired of this, and I realise that for plot purposes, he is too heavy for me to move alone (though there is a continuity error there, unless it is decided that his extreme ethereal fighter's muscle mass weighs him down more than the other people who *look* bigger than him) so I require the stick
I fly through the somehow newly repaired window (something I notice at the time and wonder about)
I then have the stick and am fighting, I assume, the third fighter. It goes up the back of his skull, into his brain, and fires. He is no longer a problem.
Stick goes byebye somehow.
then realise I have to leave the maybe-simulation because I don't have any real attack strength beyond "move through a window" so I try to fly through the battlefield without getting killed
do so and reach the other house, go up and pass someone offering one of the Red Team's members (not actually red, this person at least becomes Kurtis later) a deal - to use their powers for good, in a real job, like (oh my god) policey work. "You can save people using run down machines" etc. His power was electricity.
while listening, I consider what other powers would have been helpful to me on the battlefield - a combo would have been good, like invisibility and move, or shape change and projection (so I could turn something into a rhino and charge it towards fighter #3), etc
Think this is a bad idea and decide I have to follow and see where the offer leads, because Lightning Boy seems to be accepting, despite the fact that he was just ready to kill a small band of similarly endowed peoples
decide I require the invisibility/disguise mask, and somehow attain it before I follow
LB knows I'm there though, and keeps trying to zap me in an effort to "short out" the mask
he actually gets his charged fingers on me a couple of times, and the electrical discharge hurts but doesn't kill or reveal me. Mostly, though, I move the electricity out of the way in another extradodge
he keeps walking and I follow, but at a distance so he can't zap me
starts telling me I can't fly because telekinesis doesn't work that way
I argue saying that if I can lift a body with my mind, there's nothing stopping that body from being mine. At the very least, I should be able to telekinetically push myself off the ground, though that's more draining. Also, I'm flying right now, dumbass, so it's clearly possible.
he goes inside and meets with someone, but he seems to not be the bloodthirsty type anymore, and I just saw Marina, so I'm going to go hang with her now
we're walking the field (props for me not shifting environments too much - we're still on the same estate as at the beginning of the post) and we come across this thing we have to climb to get up a ridge. problem is there's a gap between the ridge and the makeshift platform.
considerable distance between points, and a severe drop.
she goes first, and lands one foot on the other side, and I think "Shit, I don't think I'll make it"
her foot then slides off the edge and she plummets
(this platform+drop construct has featured in dreams that turned bad before - the Indiana Jones cum Horror Movie Game Show dream, while still on the boat in Indiana Jones mode. It was at the fountain.)
I go down to see how badly she's hurt, and she's landed sort of sitting down. I don't want to think what that's done to her spine, and she's clearly bleeding a lot from somewhere waist-wards, and I'm pretty sure I know where from.
Also, she's pretty much unconscious, but not quite. Couple of moans.
I go off running and trying to shout for help, but it doesn't work - my voice keeps cracking above a certain volume and going al hoarse. (I can never shout in dreams. I rarely ever run, but this time I could. Nice change; this time I could still run and find people and talk to them.)
running all across the field and the many many houses that line it. I can hear the others - the guy that I was following and the guy he met up with inside - I just can't find them. (This section of the dream lasts quite a long time, despite being writen shorter than the fight scenes)
finally do and they go to help Marina. It's Dan! We get her back to the barn-type thing, and she's not doing too badly. We give her Coco Pops and she's doing much better. I have some as well. It's really creepy having her eat at the table, especially eating Coco Pops, when her head is severly damaged and quite with the bleeding.


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