Soon-to-be 21yo male seeks like-minded individual to occasionally bounce ideas off.

I would love to post that somewhere on LJ. However, there are two problems with it:
1) it doesn't say what my mind is like
2) I have no place to post it
3) it's vaguely sexual

I would rather use my brother, because he is a nerd with a freakish memory and has a love for sci-fi (Stars Trek, Wars, and -gate, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes... um, probably more?), but I think I wear him out. My stuff isn't really the best science (exotic particles to the rescue! though given tonight's discussion, I think he at least appreciates that I have some level of reasoning behind my pseuodmagic), and he isn't a writer, so I don't think he likes it when I try to fudge the fine details for art's sake (not that you have to be a writer, just... I think it would help if he were. It'd help me explain stuff, I think, by requiring fewer explanations... or perhaps by allowing more). Still, I value his input, even when he threatens to bring my precious Engine crumbling to it's knees by telling me I can't have Perpetual Lightning, no, it just isn't possible. At least not in the form I had originally intended - I require another element to create a circuit so that I can continuously recharge the storm clouds with the lightning it is discharging.

I really just wanted to tell him "Ok, look; there's this ring, right? And a ring is a circle, yeah, which is a symbol of eternity. So you introduce a 'semi-intelligent exotic particle that augments the properties of things' to the mix and it takes this symbol of eternity and transforms it into a ring with the Property of Perpetuity, cool? And then you get this guy to wear the ring and the Property is extended to him, because he's wearing it, right, and the human body has its own energy field, yeah, and the ring's Property's energy is extended to, and gets lost in, that field, cool? And then the dude gets struck by lightning. But it doesn't kill him, no, 'cause he's Perpetual, see? And that means he's basically immortal. Except it isn't quite that he's immortal; he is Perpetual. And now, so is the lightning that's struck him, because the energy from the stroke of lightning is a perfect conductor for the same energy that extends Perpetuity to the guy. So now he's Perpetually Struck By Lightning. And now all I need to figure out is how to keep the lightning going in a way that conforms with basic physics, yeah?"

Except his answer was sort of no. But in a way that I got to talk to him about it for an hour. And it wasn't all a waste, 'cause now I know I need another artefact to somehow create a circuit. Which is kind of annoying actually because I was going to have an artefact with Loop as one of my 37 Properties (except I couldn't think of one, so I changed it to Perpetuity argh!).

I'm pretty sure that if I suggest electron genesis using Replication, Adam will find a way to shoot me down. Say that lightning is a dump of all a cloud's electrons, or that the charge would find another path through which it could be discharged because the first wasn't doing it. Or something.

Also, I just realised that I can't actually have the guy getting struck by lightning; he's Perpetual, which means he can't die, but which also means he's constantly in the same state - he doesn't get older, he can't be hurt (try cutting him with a dagger, I dare ya; it'll slide right over his skin), and his body certainly couldn't be part of a circuit because the electrons wouldn't be able to get "in"; they'd basically just travel around him as if he were the most efficient insulator ever. Being struck by lightning would, to over simplify everything about being struck by lightning, change the state of his body's charge (if nothing else), and he can't be changed while wearing the ring. So there goes that instance of Perpetual Lightning; good thing I still have some tricks up my sleeve.

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Hmm i almost wrote this as a response to the wanted ad but thought it might conform a bit too much to point 3), so...yeah. Anyways I love reading things and looking at ideas. I also support artistic license. That's about it...


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