That is link to a flash game from a pretty awesome developer whose name may or may not be ON. He has been developing flash games for X years, and his GROW concept is, in my opinion, 100% awesome. Each GROW game has a set of objects to be entered into the game environment, and one object is entered each turn. Each successive turn sees these objects grow by one level until it is fully developed. The object of the game is to enter the objects in the right order, not only so that they have enough time to mature, but so that they interact with the other objects in the appropriate manner. This is the one I started with and, compared to the Chronon game above, it is easy.

The Chronon game is not a part of the GROW series, though it does feature Curious Yellow Humanoid and Egg Fairy Thing from other GROW games (Curious Yellow Humanoid is pretty standard, though Egg Fairy Thing is, I think, Egg Fairy Thing Mark 2). The objective behind Chronon is to release the little yellow golem (or Curious Yellow Humanoid as I have dubbed him/her/cer) from captivity in the happy ending. I assume this is with a score of 100/100. Sadly though I've only been able to get to 76/100, and I don't even know how I did that! I can only get back to 72/100 now. Personally I think the key to getting beyond that point is to figure out how to cook the ingredients, but... I seem to have hit a wall; who knew you couldn't bake by the light of a mirror?

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hey you!
were you at the web filter rally thingy on saturday? i looked for you but was only there for about half an hour so i could've missed you.

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wait, or was that eggs who was going to go? i can't remember now. anyway you should've been there :P

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It was eggs, but I did want to go. If I hadn't had a picnic with family for Christmas/my birthday, I would have been there.


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