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( Jan. 13th, 2008 11:13 pm)
... in which I relate another dream.

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Blargh! This sucks. I started doing this thinking I'd have maybe a week's worth of dreams I could spread out over about a month. But I've only had three memorable dreams, and the third one I only remember snippets of... and it was one of those ones where it just suddenly becomes something completely different, much like [ profile] highlyeccentric's recently posted dream, only much worse, so I couldn't really write it out; I've lost all continuity.

There was a common theme through all of three, though: school. That actually weirded me out a bit - three dreams all involving my high school in some way (the one above mixing in my primary school too), either through teachers being present or through it being set within the grounds. And all in a row.

I'm hoping that these three aren't the only dreams I'm going to be able to remember for a while. I like being able to remember my dreams.

It is strange though, now that I have written the dream down, just how much the first section reminds me of this past Friday night, with bits of the book I've just finished, Superfolks, mixed in. My next post will be on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's happenings.


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