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( Jan. 23rd, 2008 04:11 pm)
... in which I surprisingly don't freak out.

Tonight is the night. The night I see Jason. As the hours loom closer, I am losing my nerves nervousness, which is surprising because I generally freak out when faced with social activities with people for the first time (not that this is, technically speaking, a "social activity"). But I feel oddly calm about it.

First date with the guy. And my first date with a guy. I should be tearing my hair out.

The other odd thing is that I organised everything. What the fuck? Who am I? Who is this, this organising person? This organising person who isn't freaking out! This organising person who isn't freaking out but who is having trouble spelling "organising" right on the first go!!

Clearly I am sick.

I have my outfit planned, though not quite ready, and all I have to do between now and my departure time is shower etc and dress. And I am going to be early. Oh, and I haven't eaten since about 1pm, so I'm getting quite hungry. But I cannot eat until dinner, otherwise I will spoil my appetite and appear anorexic. More so than usual. Which would be bad.

As an aside (sort of), as I was leaving work I said goodbye to Georgina (used to work with me but is now just across the way) and told her I was going out tonight. I mentioned that it was with a someone, and she asked if it was my girlfriend. "Uh... no, boyfriend. Well, not really - first date." I'm just now realising she may have thought I was joking, but I'll see her on Friday and gossip with her then.

And now I should be off. Clothes to iron, work to wash away...

... wish me luck?


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