... in which I finally getting around to posting about last Wednesday.

It's taken a while, I know - a whole week in fact. If I hadn't been so off this weekend, I would have posted then, but I was just... I couldn't think straight (and so forgot it was my cousin's birthday), my meds went CRAZY! and I could not could not could NOT sleep for the life of me. Hence the lack of straight thinking.

So, to last Wednesday's date.

First, you may ask why it was a Wednesday night. It's because he cancelled the Sunday before, pretty much due to a hangover, and couldn't do the following Friday/weekend because he'd be down in Melbourne. Which meant we were meeting after work.

This, too, had it's pitfalls. Not only would he be tired once he arrived, but the fact that he was coming from work and was intending to drive to Glebe meant that he would be late (he had to leave the city, go to North Sydney to pick up his car, then come back to Glebe). By roughly half an hour. Not to mention the extra lateness from traffic.

So that pretty much fucked up plans for dinner. But I had foreseen such troubles and arrived early to prepare. I bought tickets to the movie before he got there and then bummed around waiting for him. The lateness, though, meant I was waiting much longer than anticipated. And in the cold. But it was not cool.

Once he finally arrived, we really only had time to get dinner in the foodcourt. So we had Japanese - his one and only suggestion of the entire ordeal, and... well, keep reading. The place we went to, while it is in the foodcourt, isn't really part of the foodcourt. It's more a restaurant opening onto the court.

I met him up there, looking as absolutely hot as I was (and you know I am not the vain type, so I must be telling the truth), and we got a table for two. I found I had lost all ability with chopsticks, and didn't really fancy going hungry, so I asked for a knife and fork. I felt completely and utterly foolish and guilty for doing it, but I had to. Thankfully, though, it gave me one more topic for when the conversation lulled. And boy, did it lull. It was awkward and quiet and... gah! I kept trying to spark a proper conversation (which is hard for me, as I'm not the type to carry a conversation by myself) but it didn't really work.

The one thing I remember from the limited talking, apart from the things about him wishing his school had more Gay Intrigue, was that he doesn't like scary movies. And we were seeing Cloverfield. Good work agreeing to that one, Jason.

After dinner, we went to the theatre and sat down. All of a sudden, Jason starts feeling sick, so he leaves. I didn't realise he was feeling sick though - all I heard him say was that he was going to the bathroom. He comes back, the movie starts, and it's... well, it's Cloverfield, and if you haven't seen it I'm not going to spoil anything for you. Suffice it to say that it's loud, there's a monster, and a lot of Manhatten is being destroyed. So, when he tells me he's going back to the bathroom, I start to get worried - just how much does he not like scary movies? I kept wondering. When he returned, he quickly assumed the feotal position, and I could feel him shaking. So, of course, I ask if he wants to leave, but he refuses. He ends up closing his eyes and drifting off for a bit.

Once the movie was over, I apologised for choosing the movie. He told me that it wasn't the movie that was making him feel sick, that it was dinner, so I shouldn't feel too bad about it. I still felt sorta guilty, but not as much as I had before.

I walked Jason to his car, expecting to say goodnight to him then and there. However, he had other ideas; he planned to drive me home. Normally, this would have been sweet, but after a night of slightly awkward silences, I feared the worst. So, of course, worst I got; apart from maybe three things, nothing was said.



He shook. My hand.

I swear, if he hadn't messaged me today saying he wanted to go shopping with me after work, I would have written him off as a Friends Only. Or, to be more accurate, I wouldn't have considered taking him off that list. Too bad I don't Like him, though.

But that's enough about that. Went out last Friday with work people and had a good night. Lucile, the French girl, is a lot of fun, and we talked a fair bit. Had a pretty early night, but didn't sleep. Like, seriously. I was awake until 6am Saturday morning. I woke up at 3pm, and after that, I was just out of it. I could not think at all. Sunday was better, but sleep was still pretty bad. (While on the topic of sleep, my dreams lately have been pretty choppy, or have been too personal to write down here, or both.)

The bit before about my meds going CRAZY! was um... well, the specialist failed to mention the drug's ability to inhibit the body's ability to heal. So when I split the corners of my lips... it wasn't pretty.

Anyway, I saw Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street with Cyn today and bought the soundtrack *points at Subject and Music:*. Johnny Depp can sing. So can Helena Bonham Carter. And I swear the kid looks like Bob Geldoff. It is so in the style of an old musical, too, especially the way it opens with a "this is what happened before the story" story, and with the way it ends. And while I loved the music, I kept hearing strains of other melodies throughout the whole movie. It was like Tim Burton just rewrote songs he knew and modified the melodies slightly... but I still loved the music. It was just a recurring distraction, is all.

The only other thing of note this day is that I bought "Homer's" The Odyssey. I figured that if I'm going to keep saying how much I love mythology, I should probably start reading more of "Homer's" works, and possibly own more than just one academically reputable mythology resource.


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