... in which I attempt a somewhat interesting post. HA!

But it is true that the holidays are far too long for us university types. At least a fair chunk of the people I know, including myself, think so. I would much rather it be a month or so shorter and have that extra time distributed into the mid-semester breaks. 'Twould make the year much more bearable.

When I went to see Juno with Cyn, we also went to stake out the site of her then soon-to-be-had interview. She wanted to make sure she could find it easily and not be late on the day, and it turned out to be quite well hidden to be honest. The next day she had her interview and I'm pretty certain she now has a job. WOOT! I find this to be fantastic.

Also that day, Cyn gave me a present; The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, The God of Small Things by Arhundati Roy, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carol (whom I always want to call C.S. Lewis). I had, for the longest time, thought that it was The Portrait of Dorian Gray, not the Picture, but apparently I was mistaken. Wilde's tale, being one I have craved to unravel since seeing The League of Extrodinary Gentleman, is the one I have started with. I somewhat regret this, though, as the writing is a little High Brow for my tastes (I know; I can practically hear the "pffft"s as you read, though perhaps it is possible my words don't have the same hauty, toffey air in your minds as they do in mine) as it is nigh incomprehensible when they argue. I fear I may require an Oldde to Modern English translator, or perhaps earplugs to prevent the words leaking from my head-space before I have a chance to properly absorb their meaning. In any case, I half wish I were reading Alice, or Small Things whose story is still a complete mystery to me.

The oddest thing to have come from reading The Picture is that I have found so many good quotes that could be easily worked into a Facebook status or two. The best thing is all of the BLATANT SUBTEXT! I'm not sure if it's because I knew Wilde was gay when I started reading, or whether it's because it really is that blatant, but by the stones of these walls that book is filled to the brim and overflowing with unspoken gay buttsex subtext. Then again, it could just be me as I tend to find innuendo everything, and hear potential dirty jokes lining every conversation. However, while that may make me more attuned to the subtext, I think it really is there, though it is more of a romantic subtext than a homoerotic, sexually charged subtext.

Has anyone else read The Picture of Dorian Gray? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

Does anyone ever really know what I'm talking about? Probably not.

In other news, fanboying over Spore consumed my weekend. Mainly with videos on YouTube and various gaming review sites, as well as the articles. I cannot wait until it is released!! And I really hope the Creature Editor they're thinking of releasing early will be a free download or a relatively cheap buy - that's pretty much the whole reason I want the game. You see, Spore is a game of evolution; it takes you rather, you take it from the cellular level to the galactic level, evolving a single-celled organism into a creature of your own design. There are limitations; you only have a set number of appendages and whatnot to collect and play with to create your creature, but that number is somewhere around 46, I believe, and each appendage has something like 9/up to 9 different forms. All the creature's motions and behavioural thingies and... well, everything , is done procedurally* because there are so many different combinations and variations and possibilities that it would be near impossible to have all of them pre-configured.

Perhaps my favourite article of all was this:
"People who got a chance to play Spore and design their own creatures, at this year's "last E3 as we know it", were also lucky enough to receive a surprising gift recently. As it turns out, Electronic Arts sent them (or at least some of them) real-life Spore figurines, replicating the actual creatures they designed at E3! And what's more, serveral reports are already hinting that this could be turned into a full-fledged service after the game's release, and that players will be able to have their Spore creatures made into a three-dimensional reality... for a fee, of course."


Ok, I think that's enough for today. More at some point in the future-place.

*Basically, as you create your new and unique creature (unless you're stealing it from someone else), Spore will give it a walk that suits its body, a way of grabbing things (if it has hands), assign it stats and all the rest. And it's not just your creture, it's the environment as well. Everything is done on the fly, which probably means the software is a lot smaller, which is probably how they're able to fit 500,000 planets and stars and star systems and two types of nebula into the game (each of which is also procedurally created). Such an awesome concept.


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