phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (hidden camera)
( Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:01 pm)
... in which I relate another dream. Except differently-like.

Torchwood ) That's all I remember of that one.

There was also one this morning that I kept wanting to write down, but didn't get a chance to. There were two parts to it, the first part possibly having someone grab my arm, and the second part almost being a Part Two to a dream I had ages ago, or perhaps a spin-off. Sadly, though, that's all I remember. I seriously wish I'd written something down. Anything. Just something that could trigger a memory to unlock the dream. I know it's in there somewhere... :(

Also, a question: why am I always bleeding? Not in dreams, just, you know, in general.

Tomorrow night I think I'm having dinner with Cyn and Phoebe (of the giving of the bandaid) and three of their school friends. Dylan is also supposed to drop by later. Also, there is to be drinking, I think, which I'm iffy about at the moment.

I want to be Linkin Park's fairy as depicted on the cover for Hybrid Theory. I think it would be cool to be a fairy and have wings and still be tough.


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