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( Mar. 14th, 2008 12:48 am)
... in which it has been TWO WEEKS since my last update. Sheesh!
(and three days since I wrote this)

Uni has started back. I have been to all of my classes bar one, which is a tutorial tomorrow. I only have two tutorials this semester, because music rocks, hardcore, and therefore doesn't need tutorials.

My cousin got married this past Saturday. It was in a huge park, and it was gorgeous. Weather was pretty good too, for the rain we had Friday night. At the reception, her brother (the guitarist cousin I want to be when I grow up) danced all CRAZY-like and everyone was much entertained. I was at the kids table with my brother (sister was a bridesmaid, so she was sitting with the bridal party), cousins' cousins, and the American Party - a friend of Guitarist Cousin from Colorado, along with his wife, and her sister - and let me tell you, I had forgotten how much fun the kids table really is. Davida (sigh) the American Wife was pretty awesome, and we taught them how to speak proper Australian English. We also taught them about kangaroos, koalas, and drop bears. :D Oh, and I have decided that reception places must have a rule about waiters - hot boys only.

Kelly and Lynn.
She's been messaging him for the past two weeks saying it was all a mistake breaking up with him. He hasn't responded. She found out today that she had the wrong number. Head. Desk.
Update: Apparently it didn't turn out so well...

Dead Letter Chorus.
People seriously missed out on a good night of good music. Kelly and I and Guitarist Cousin were there to see it (or be it, in his case), and, well, we're now officially better than you. Sorry!

Latin Rooms' horrible new chair system.
Upgrades are to make things BETTER!
New chair/table system makes it impossible to get past anyone. Of course, I don't know when this was implemented, but it was within the past three years, so it's still kinda new! FRUSTRATION!! I may take a photo of them at some point. Poke and prod until delivered.

Chasing Buses.
This morning, I did done chase a bus. And I won. I am proud.

The Ex.
I saw Her at O-Week and said hi. I also pointed out to Cyn who was with me at the time who She was (though I was polite(?) and waited for Her to leave first). I think that if I see her again, I'll try to say more than just "hey". It might also be a good idea to tell her I'm gay even if I still don't like applying that particular name to myself.

OH OH OH And I came out to someone else today. Was interesting. She felt like she'd missed out on something, so I invited her to my next Coming Out Party. Which then led to an interesting conversation. :D

Updates since original post-writing:
1. Am going out Saturday night with Peter and Joe. Will end up on Oxford Street, I am sure. Wonder if I'll run into anyone I know... *cough*Jason*cough* :S

2. Had dinner with Cyn, Matt, Chris, Peter and Nick on Tuesday. We had Mexican, but didn't go to the beer garden. That was a mistake. But it was a good night, with excellent nachos. Then we went to a pub and drank a bit with Peter's sister, who is now doing Post Grad Something Or Other at Sydney Uni. She's nice... I just find it hard to engage with her, which is weird seeing as my comfort zone is females.

3. Shane's been telling Peter not to invite me out? Peter told me this yesterday after a cryptic "It isn't my fault, or Joe's, but it's all ok now" re not having seen each other very much lately. To be honest, my initial reaction was 'Peter is trying to tell me it's my fault, without saying it', but that didn't really make sense seeing as I haven't changed, so if it was "my fault", it wouldn't now be all ok now. The more I thought about it, the more it just sounded like a complete lie: he was pissed when I told him I couldn't go out with him and Joe et al because I had plans with work people (not sure if I mentioned that here, but he got really bitchy about it). But, the even more I've thought about it (don't you just love my sentence construction?), the more I think maybe he was telling the truth. Maybe he had every right to be bitchy when I turned him down after he'd been trying to invite me out for two months... who knows?

Also, I need a haircut.

That is all.


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