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( Mar. 29th, 2008 11:50 am)
... in which Jake gets thrown out unjustly. And it was horribly cold.

Everyone celebrated Jake's birthday last night - uni friends, school friends, work friends and random friends alike. And there was a bar tab, a huge bar tab. It was good. This was all at the Ashy. Second half was at Blink.

Blink was good for a little while. Had a bit of a thrash around like a dying fish and bought Jake a drink, but as I was giving it to him, some fucknut of a bouncer grabs him by the arm and pulls out, claiming he was pissed off his head. He wasn't, but I guess that really wasn't the point, was it? The worst part is that we'd really only been there for a little while so we didn't even get to enjoy Blink that much before the event.

I went back and told the others and let them know I was gonna go out and stay with Jake, and thought they'd do the same. They didn't. It was just Jake and I outside trying to sneak him back in, ninja style. But Blink had closed the back/side entrance, which was going to be our ace in the hole, so... we didn't make it. The bouncer that pulled Jake out was on the door the rest of the night.

When the others finally all came out a while later, they were surprised we'd waited for them. We hadn't really waited for them, it had just gotten to Jake pretty deeply and he didn't want to leave. That was his night, and he got pulled out for no reason, the second week in a row (though not at Blink both times), when we hadn't done Blink in months. Which is exactly why Blink was supposed to "go off" - we hadn't done it in ages, so it made so much sense to go for Jake's night.

The fact that I was the only one outside with him made Jake feel pretty much like crap, too. On the busride home, he told me it felt like none of them cared about celebrating with him, that they'd only gone out for the bar tab and Blink. I told him that wasn't why I was there, but I couldn't say anything for the rest of them. It was the first time I can remember where I didn't defend the people who weren't there to defend themselves, where I didn't play my role as Devil's Advocate. It was the first time I couldn't come up with a reason for someone doing something that didn't make them sound heartless or uncaring. It was a weird moment for me. The only person I did defend was Simon, a uni mate of his who tried to buy Jake dinner (because there was no buying him drinks with the tab), but who wasn't at Blink so it probably didn't count.

I just hope Jake's ok today.


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