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( Apr. 17th, 2008 01:28 pm)
... in which I relate parts of three dreams. And three other things.

The first dream was three nights ago, and I only remember a small portion of it near the end. I was me, and I was outside my house on my street at night, looking down towards the park at the bottom of our street. My brother was there, too, but he was still up on the veranda(h?), while I was on the grass. All of a sudden a white van with people poking out of non-existant windows brandishing bottles of wine and yelling drives past, and they throw a lit bottle at my next door neighbour's yard, hitting their gazeboed entrance gate thing (he's a builder, so it's all fancy and stuff). I'm just standing there watching it go up in flames, burning away, and then everything starts to warp and distort, like wonky mirrors at a carnival (or in the kids department at the shoe store in Ashfield).

The second dream, from two nights ago, was a mix of musicals and a recurring motif of overcoming a particularly embarrassing fear. My family (plus my aunt) were at the Rockdale Town Hall, where the Regals Musical Society performs (and where I've done two shows with them, for those playing at home). I soon found that this location was a mashup though - outside the hall was like a warehouse so there was no front of house area, and when I took the door stage right of the stage it led to an enormous underground system of toilets and hand-washing stations. I was running away from someone when I entered. And I'm not telling what the fear is.

The third dream was this morning's. It featured me pulling The Ex aside and telling her I'm gay. Well, first we talked about how we stopped talking. Then I told her I'm gay, so it was probably a good thing we stopped going out. She was more than a little angry. Also, there were a couple of school friends in there, and... well, I'm not sure how that all worked out - I remember talking to them, and I remember they reacted to my presence, I just can't remember if they were indifferent or rude, or if it was my own reaction that was indifferent or rude.

Anyway, the other three things:

One. On the 31st of May and the 1st of June, the choir I'm in, SUMS (Sydney University Musical Society) will be having its first concert of the year. I will be performing. We're doing Mozart's Requiem and two Handel pieces. It's going to be held at St Andrew's Cathedral (because they overbooked us for the Great Hall and kicked us out). I honestly have no idea how tickets are to be aquired, so I have to find this out.

Two. From the 9th to the 11th of May, I will be on camp for said performance. We're going down to Heathcote and spending the weekend practicing. There will be alcohol, superhero costumes (the theme of Saturday night's festivities) and at least one practice.

Three. I have a very busy weekend coming up. I'm going to have to cancel work tomorrow so I can get all my assignments done. I'm going to Theodora's place on Saturday to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday while he's here in Australia. I haven't met the boy, but neither has anyone else going as far as I'm aware, apart from Theo, obviously. I wonder what I should get him, or if getting him anything would be weird seeing as I don't know him... :S I just keep thinking of that scene from The Gilmore Girls...

Four. Because I forgot what Three was and had to improvise, but then remembered what it was. My aunt came 'round a little while ago and gave me Brokeback Mountain on DVD. YUS! I love this movie. But assignments beckon, so I shouldn't watch it just yet. :(

Oh, and for fun: - Watch more free videos
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( Apr. 17th, 2008 10:06 pm)
... in which David remembers the original Two.

The second "other thing" I was going to mention earlier today was actually that I gave up a chance to go and see K.D. Lang with Meghan in favor of going to my SUMS rehearsal. Which she and another of my friends skipped in favor of K.D. Lang.

I don't think I should tell my aunt. She'd probably kill me for passing it up.

Also, I discovered as a result that retroactive presidential pardons don't really do much. Ben (SUMS President) said I should have gone. So did everyone else at our pre-SUMS thing in Manning. But then we started talking Superheroes and Camp, so I wasn't depressed for too long.

On that note, I would like to ask a question: Does anyone have a suggestion for what superhero I should go as? Somehow I don't think Kurtis' suggestion of "the Cock-Gag Fag", a comic book superhero creation of his, would go down so well*.

So... suggestions?

1. cock-gag fag
2. The Shoveler (after discussion of Mystery Men and the Blue Raja at a post-SUMS pubbing)
3. SPIDERMAN!!! DUH!!! (I forgot to mention that the obvious one - obvious not because of fandom, but because... SPIDERS!!! It wasn't until my mother said it all DUH!-like to me about three minutes ago that I remembered him... Silly David.)
4. ...

*no pun intended.


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