... in which David just reeks of Gay (with a slight Emo aftertaste).

Oh, and YAY! More weird dreams! )

But other stuff too.

The SUMS performance is now officially going to be the 31st only. No June 1st because it's a Sunday and St Andrews, which is where we've been moved to, will be doing religious stuff or something... it is a Sunday, I guess. Still don't know how tickets are going to work... I really should ask about that at some point.

I smsed two people yesterday about meetings-up this weekend and haven't heard back from either of them. One was about a lunch today or tomorrow, so I guess there's still time. The other, however, was about a night out for either last night or tonight, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be tonight... I just have no idea what the other details are. If I don't hear anything by 5:30/6ish I probably won't go.

My brother left for Brisbane yesterday. He's going up there to watch football of some kind. Um... yay? Whatever. It's his money. If he wants to fly up there and stay a couple of nights to see Brisbane teams play their home grounds, that's his decision. I mean, sure, if I liked the teams (or just the sport in general) I'd probably want to go to a couple of games, but local games. Personally, I could think of better uses of my income.

My sister, on the other hand, is house-sitting again this weekend. Same girl from work as last time, which means she gets to look after those adorable dogs again. I didn't see them last time, and I probably won't this time, but I think she really liked them, so it's good she gets to see them again. She said her boyfriend was going to help take them for walks and whatnot, which I think is just so cute - it can't really be that hard to walk two little dogs (as energetic as they may be), can it? :)

Also, it turns out that Nick knows Regals people. Or, rather, is legally related to them. It's a tiny, tiny world, isn't it? His sister-in-law was the Musical Director for my first musical, Oliver. Craaaaazy!

And finally, boys suck. The two guys that have flirted with me at SUMS now both are pointless ventures. David always was, seeing as his name is David, and I already established that would be weird and somewhat-wrong when Miss Amy was fangirling over David Tennant, the 10th Doctor In Doctor Who. But even without the name, he's too camp. Actually, it isn't camp, it's faggy. It doesn't even seem natural - it all seems forced, like he trying to prove to the world that, yes, he really is gay. Turn-off. The other, Isaac, was apparently a jerk to Meghan at Small Group (a small group of SUMS choristers that does extra stuff). Or maybe it was MUSE... I forget. But he was a bit of a jerk and that was a complete turn-off for me. So no. No David. No Isaac. Because boys suck. Also, I still haven't told Jason... I just want him to get the hint and disappear. It isn't going to happen though. I don't really get much of a chance to talk to him though, and when I do, the only thing I have to say to him I don't want to say. So I tell him I'm busy with assignments (an attempt to make him feel old and disconnected from my age group, because I'm cruel) or feeling sick (like two days ago, I woke up with Twisty Blades of Madness writhing in my gut, which by yesterday, when I spoke to him, had lessened into Twisty Wooden Pegs of Mild Craziness). I just want to press the Undo Button and make it go away. I'll probably end up saying something more along the lines of "This semester is turning out to be more full on than I anticipated, so I don't really have much time for 'extra-curricular activities' so to speak, bar those that have been planned at least a month in advance. (May, for instance, is completely booked out for me.) So I don't really have time to be pursuing a relationship with anyone at the moment least of all with someone so shy and needy... god I'm a prick." Although, if someone more uni-student-shaped pops up (though they don't actually have to be in uni), I could probably work around my schedule for them. I guess I just think Jason is too much work.


Oh, and post-finally, on Thursday, Cyn and I spent the day together. I told her that, whenever it's just the two of us, I feel like everyone else must think we're a couple. It's weird, but I'm constantly aware of it. Hopefully they pick up on some level of gayness from me, though, that translates that thought into "but he's gay, so she must be his faghag" or something similar. It's not that I think she cramps my style (HA!)... much (:P), 'cause I wouldn't be anywhere near as friendly-looking if I were just by myself, and I wouldn't be anywhere near as open to the world. It's just that sometimes it makes me wonder what it would be like, boy-wise, if I was the way I am with her without her being there. I wouldn't trade her presence for the answer though - I love the way I am with her. While we were out, I bought a zip-up hoodie that I'd been looking for for ages and a top I'm going to use as a jumper-type thing (which I was going to test-drive tonight, actually), and Cyn bought two pairs of boots. We stopped past her work on our way home and she made me a Strawberry Blast which, for all the store's family-oriented goodness, tasted quite alcoholic. In a good way, of course. It wasn't going to be an all-day thing, though - I was going to go home after seeing Cyn and talking (especially about the above boy-issues) and maybe having lunch (despite the Twisty Blades of Madness), and start my next composition assignment (CHANCE MUSIC FOR THE WIN!). I guess I'll just do that tomorrow instead; Friday turned out to be a Games Day inspired by my last Cyberworlds assignment and a lack of paid work, and I woke up pretty late today, making it a Lazy Day Saturday.



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