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( May. 7th, 2008 12:18 am)
... in which David isn't exactly reminded.

From all accounts, I was pretty well plastered Friday night. I know, I know, I've already posted about it. However, for the past three days I've been hearing tales of my exploits that I cannot for the life of me remember.

Let me start* by saying, though, that it has been concluded that my drink was spiked. Potentially by school people**. From the holes in memory, the actual bouncing, and other such details.

So, what have I learnt? In point form!

  • I like to lick people. I remember licking Cyn once, but apparently I licked her quite a bit. I also licked the boy she met. There were, potentially, others.

  • I also draped myself across the two of them as they sat on one of the couches. I already knew I'd sat in Sam's lap (he's the boy), but I didn't know about the draping. At one point, I'm told I slid off. Whoops.

  • I remember telling Sam something, but can't remember what it was. Cyn tells me that it wasn't actually words. I do remember apologising for being honest and calling him cute, though, to which he responded "*laughs* That's ok. I have gay friends". Perhaps they hit on him too? Oddly (surprisingly, though? no), he wasn't the only one to say that to me on Friday; there were two. Both attached to friends of mine. :S

  • I nearly punched Joe. He was calling the SUMS camp Band camp. I turn around from a completely separate conversation and demand that he repeats himself. I scare both Joe and Peter. Go Team Me!

  • Cyn asks me at one point if I'd "go" her if she were a boy. I reply, almost angrily I think, "Fuuuuuck! Cyn, I'd go you as a girl!". I may need my gay gene tuned.

  • Did I mention the spiders? Friday night, I was talking about spiders outside Nerida's*** place. Someone asked me something (who knows what!) and, clearly, the answer was "Spiders... spiders".

  • I may have been a little too friendly in greeting Joe. According to Peter. I only remember going for a gayer greeting with Peter, but I think I may have squeezed Joe. Then again, it could just be Peter being jealous and misinterpretive.

  • When I woke up Saturday afternoon, I realised I was covered in stickers. More than I remember being stuck on me. That sorta counts...

  • As mentioned above: the bouncing. According to Cyn, I was bouncing around a lot. Not just the "between groups" sort of bouncing, but actual jumping bouncing madness. My reply was "I have dreams about jumping, so I'm not really that surprised. Not after [/before?] my behavious outside Nerida's.

  • Peter and Joe both told me they were looking out for me every time I disappeared. Because, apparently, I kept disappearing. I guess that means I was doing a lot of both types of bouncing. And I kept either turning up outside or, surprise surprise, at the bar. I'm pretty sure I only paid for four drinks (for myself) though - three beers and a smirnoff. There was another smirnoff for Holly, and I think that accounts for all my spending. However... [see next point]

  • Yesterday, I randomly remembered that at some point I spilled my bear on my arm. I'm pretty sure I was goooone at that point, because the memory starts and ends with dense mental fog. However, I remember thinking something to the effect of "crap, not again", so I must have spilled quite a bit on myself. Neither my pants nor my top really smell like alcohol though... which is surprising seeing as they actually entered Purple Sneakers. Just walking past in daylight will coat you in a sickly stench.

So that's what I learnt. I may find out more at some point. I'll keep you posted.

note: icon = too true. way too true.

* Yes, I realise I've already been speaking. Shut up, smart arses. :P
** The same school people who had already had "too many drugs, man", one of whom who had [the grammar there confuses me] lost his keycard (or similar) at a brothel earlier. Can I get a woot for Catholic schooling?
*** She probably never wants to see me again. Phoebe also. :(
**** I need to learn the coding for proper footnoting in LJ-land. It makes things easier, and requires fewer brackets.


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