... in which it's been a week since David found out, so he may have forgotten some of them.

In fact, David has.

  • When making out with Holly in my stupor, for some godforsaken reason, I was apparently (there is of course, no proof either way, sadly) licking the inside of her cheeks. Seriously, I don't think my tongue extends that far. But whatever, Holly was drunk when she was telling me this at her farewell last Saturday, and I've been sworn to secrecy re her boyfriend, not that I really think it'd be a huge deal.
  • (Wed, 11th of June, 2008)

  • I was carried to Nerida's place. No wonder I can't remember walking there. The last thing I remember is running back in to Purple Sneakers to get my jacket out of the Cloak Room. I don't remember Holly disappearing, but I could have sworn she was there with Phoebe and Nerida when I left them to go back in. And I now remember that, on my way in, I was struggling, except I thought "Hey, I remembered my jacket, so I can't be too drunk". To be fair though, I don't think I was just drunk.

  • Apparently I convinced Phoebe that she should "go for it" with Chris, the guy she met that night (who turned out to be a friend of people she works with... and not good people). I didn't tell her to sleep with him or anything (I don't think); I think I just encouraged her to give him a chance and hang out with him etc. Which kinda back-fired because he's friends with the brother of a crazy girl I did musicals with - a compulsive liar and all-round bitch by all accounts from the two guys I know she dated/wanted to date - and apparently he's quite like his sister... and Phoebe got the feeling that Chris was a little like them, too.

  • There were photos. I couldn't remember there being any photos until I saw a couple of them, but I only remember the ones from McDonalds. Apparently I even took photos at some point... eep!

Those photos are on Facebook. Feel free to wander over and have a look. I only remember two of them being taken - the two at McDonalds - but I know that, in the one with Holly and myself outside (but in) Purple Sneakers, I'm still sober. I was messaging Peter, I think.

I will get around to posting about the SUMS camp at some point (of which there are also some photos on FB). It was so good, and my costume was a hit. And there were massive amounts of flirting (though mostly jovial and from Patrick The Engaged) and massive amounts of David-Liking (but it was another David Liking me, so... just no). To top it all off, there were massive amounts of bitching by everyone (except maybe some of the oldies) about everyone else, and the formation of an exclusive clique-that-isn't-a-clique... which I'm ok with because I'm at least an honourary member.

However, I'm now sick with a cough and assignments, and I somehow did something to my lower right back area, right where it becomes the pelvis... it's been hurting all morning. Then again, most of my body has been (and I did sleep in a rather awkward position), but it seems different, more like something's out of place rather than just sore joints. It may just have been from all that hugging I did last night... Isaac and Patrick are so huggable. :)


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