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( May. 22nd, 2008 08:45 pm)
... yes. [note: this was written this morning]

I can smell Isaac on me. He's been sick for like three weeks now with flu-ishness, and last night at SUMS he had a smell about him - like tea and incense and and and... those special bags of aromatic herbs you put around you neck. I don't know, maybe I just made that last one up, but there was something very medicinally herby about Isaac last night, and not in a bad way. When I got home last night, I caught the smell every now and then. This morning, I put on the jacket I was wearing last night and I could smell him in it.

Again I say, not in a bad way.

We were quite close last night. Perhaps just because David wasn't hanging off me like a much too talkative older jacket, and was "giving me room" (yus!), so I felt more free than I have at SUMS for ages and may have been more friendly than usual, perhaps its because of SUMS camp interactions, but either way it was nice. He has a very comfortable shoulder to rest on. Plus he's just fun... which may have something to do with the tendencies of his mind to wander the same somewhat-unclean paths as mine. AND HUGS+! :)

I know I said stuff about his arrogance in a previous post, but I think it may have just been a misunderstanding. He and Meg really don't get along - each thinks rather poorly of the other - which is unfortunate, but these things happen.

[note from tonight: I just signed in to MSN for the first time in... I can't even think how long it's been, and Jason is on. Eep. Eep, I say!]

Ok, I'm now going to make a post about camp, seeing as it's been nearly two weeks since it happened. :( Stupid assignments making me behind in my OL.


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