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( Jun. 15th, 2008 06:48 pm)
... in which David has actually done some work.

My final assessment for the semester is due tomorrow. It's a Choose Your Own Topic for A Global Sound: African American Music, and I finally chose my topic yesterday morning: Queen Latifah. I'm going to look at her as an African American trying to return her people to their African roots through her music, and as a woman trying to raise her gender to a level where they respect themselves enough to not allow men to put them down as much as they do, especially in rap, her chosen genre. But I'm trying not to use sentences as long and scribble-y as that. Also, I'm trying to not make up words.

It's to be 4000 words, I realised on Friday - more than I've ever had to write. I have less than a thousand written, but I think I'm probably more prepared for this essay than I have been for any other essay I've written - I have resources coming out my arse, and they're all neatly categorised under the subheadings I'm using to structure the essay (something I've never actually done before) - so I think I'll be ok getting it in on time... or just after.

I swear I thought I had a whole week for this, not three days. How did I get 'Monday' and 'Thursday' confused?!


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