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( Jul. 16th, 2008 07:13 pm)
... in which it comes to an end.

Today was my last day "helping" with the pilgrim-feedings. It would appear that there are no more local festivities, and that from today on there will only be boring meals like boring breakfast and maybe dinner, for which I will not be needed. This is sad, because it means I won't get to see Manuel again, and we only got to talk for a little bit this afternoon.

So, for the conclusion to Project: Lure, I tell you this: today, Manual went to the city with a German girl. Clearly, we all know what will/has ensue(d): efficient German sex. At least that's what I tell myself to get that look he gave me as I passed him his slice of Welcome To Australia cake out of my head. Such a cute little "Oh, hello. How are you?" in tentative English, all surprised and gratefull and happy to see me (if you catch my drift). He's going to be here for a year, minus the 4 weeks he's already been here, but I won't get to see him again because just as I was getting into the conversation and was about to delve a little deeper than "So how was yesterday?" and "what are your plans for the day" (btw: Theology of the Body??? WHAT IS THIS?!), this girl comes up to him and starts speaking in German to him and they have to go and catch a bus, so there was no chance to exchange any details, not even a quick facebook (I'm not even sure he knows my first name, so there's no chance either of us will find the other) OH MY GOD MY NAME IS GERMAN HE WOULD HAVE REMEMBERED DAMNIT!!!!. I would have spoken to him earlier had I had the chance, but he was so far back in the lunch line that I didn't find/serve him until the first bus was already leaving (yes, busses left before everyone had even been served, let alone allowed to eat, though everyone did get to eat). Once I was done serving food, he'd disappeared again (I think he must be part Ninja) and didn't turn up until there was very little conversation time left. I was eyeing the bracelet the whole time I was talking to him; it was going to be my next question. Clearly Time just likes to conspire against me; He has me stuck in 'Two minutes late', much like the Hair and the Hatter are stuck in 'Tea time'.

le sigh, or however you say that in german... :(

Sidenote: Oh, and he didn't want to go to the zoo! I was told this by one of the helper girls in the group who took him around the area on Monday. So no awesometastic elephants for Manuel, sorry Jessi :( Btw, did you want to know if the zoo is awesome, or if the internship(?) you're thinking of applying for is awesome?

But afterwards, I was given the chance to drown the sorrows of a failed project in Max Brenner's chocolatey goodness. Waffles with banana and strawberries and icecream, drizzled in goooood chocolate, accompanied by a hot chocolate. I was about ready to explode, but it was worth it. Why have I never socialised with the church girls before?! I swear I hope the pub crawl Steph was wanting gets organised. Would be soooo good.
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 08:26 pm)
... dreams about losing my teeth are disturbing. And I mean dreams where I actually lose my teeth, where they fall out of my mouth as I'm looking at them in the mirror, one after the other, until there're only molars left.

Last night's was not the first. I want these dreams to stop.


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