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( Aug. 4th, 2008 03:03 pm)
... let me lose you them.

Yah, that's pretty much it.

I have a hole in one of the pockets of one of my pairs of jeans. The pair I wore to uni last week to be specific. As I only have uni two days a week so far, this is how their mornings went:

Day 1 - "Oh hey Andy*! Nice to see you. My keys just fell out of my picket through my pants leg, so don't worry about giving me a lift to uni or anything. I'll just put them in a different pocket."**

Day 2 - [silence] (No Andy. No pocket-falling to respond to. No putting keys in other pocket.)

so on Day 2 I lost my keys. I won't be wearing those jeans again until I fix that damn hole. And, in case you find a lone set of keys, if they are a triplet with no cheesy keyring-like adornments, and two are angular while one is rounded... can you give them back to me? *puppy dog pouty eyes*

Day 2 (Wednesday) was also the day I saw Highly and was finally able to have a hot beverage on campus. It was a good thing I saw you, actually, because I was about to cave and get one anyway. I guess fortune really does favour the insane.

And how do we know that I'm insane? Well, apart from losing my keys in a pair of jeans so recently proven to be capable of dropping them, upon hearing about Emergency Ponchos for the first time today, and having them described as "plastic bags with hoods" (sadly without any emergency provisions like human rations and/or screwdrivers, sonic or no), this was the image they conjured:

Apparently, though, they're just the normal plastic ponchos you use like a raincoat. What a let down :( I think the term Emergency has here been used a touch too losely. I say we sue for false advertising! Who's with me?

Also, hello [ profile] areyoustrange! Welcome to my paradise of weirdness!**** :D

* My dad's business partner who occassionally rocks up at our house. 'Cause my dad works at home, as does Andy. Also, when he "just so happens" to arrive when my dad is getting a quote on solarly powering the house***, it means he can get a free quote too!

** You (mostly) all know the tangentalness of my thought-patterns.

*** I like to really bury the lead, you know? Also, can you footnote a footnote?

**** I have just come to the realisation that I am considerably less weird than I used to be, or at least once professed to be... this makes me sadder than emo tears. :(
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( Aug. 4th, 2008 11:33 pm)
... in which David prepares.

Listening to the Avenue Q soundtrack, I'm starting to think I'd like to perform Schadenfreude for the SUMS Camp Revue. Of course, I'd be Gary Coleman - I'm not volunteering for something and then not being the leading man. My emo hoodie is doing things to my eyeballs everytime I look down to see myself type so imma go stop doing that now. The other of courses, of course, are that I'll have to find someone else to be Nicky, and someone to accompany (and therefore sheet music) unless I want to do it a capella. And that Hannah will mock me mercilessly for doing a showtune, while The Clique will love it if done correctly. (Kenny and Roman apparently saw Avenue Q while in England.)

Except... I can't fake laugh.

The bigger songs would be better for four partness, but require, you know, more people. Sigh.

Perhaps Will is an A.Q fan? *angelface*

This is just idle thought, though...


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