... in which David talks about nuts.

So I opened the peanut butter jar and looked into it, and for the first time ever I realised "oh my god, it looks like a nut paste".

Head, meet Desk.

Also, tomorrow night, I'm seeing Otello at the opera house. Woot! It'll be my first opera. But... I'm not really sure what to wear yet. I have to look spiffy (can't let the team down), but I don't want to look better than everyone I'm with. It's a constant struggle, really, but when you add fancy clothes, that just makes it harder.
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( Aug. 12th, 2008 11:01 pm)
... in which David proves he's usually not that stupid.

Except that I won't, so let's all pretend I have.

SUMS Camp 2 is coming up in about a month or so and the revue night's theme is Sci-Fi. Which, you know, sounds easy in theory, but I am once again struggling to come up with ideas. As much as I would love to do Clark Kent Undressing Into Superman again, I think I've over-used it just a touch this year.

So... thoughts? Current ideas are:

- Wolverine (but would require the claws... needs thinking, as well as a black jacket, but that could be done easily)
- Arthur Dent (dressing gown, pjs and a towel just seems too easy)
- The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who (have the glasses, require a suit and brown coat and purple cons)
- John Constantine (would require a new coat and a cigarette, but I'd totally do the arm tats with that stuff we painted on Kevin)
- The Nutrimatic/Nutri-mat/something (not really a possibility, but I love the thought of going as a Sirius Cybernetics Corp. appliance, and I think the Infinite Improbability Drive would be just a touch more difficult. Plus, you know, tea!)

Other than that, I'm sort of out. Ideas?

Also, my sister is having a Heroes and Villains themed party at some point, and she's going as Jubilee!! I find this incredibly awesome of her.


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