... no seriously.

I would label it a nightmare, because it wasn't really the sort of dream you wake up from in cold sweats shouting "OH GOD, THE BUNNIES!". It was more the sort of dream in which you fear death in a semi-detached way.

The bits that I remember start with me on a ship. A big ship. A glorious old ship. And by ship I do indeed mean water ship. A ship with gardens and foutains and an immense library (I suspect it was somewhat based on Uni and/or the Women's College, but don't ask me why; I couldn't pinpoint it if I tried). A ship with 'god' knows what sort of specs for the dream that ensued. Then again, it did become one of those horror movies based on puzzles and getting ALL the answers right, because a wrong answer does of course mean death; that's how you find the winner. Thankfully the game didn't get quite that far, but the fact that it was like a horror movie (and, you know, a dream) meant it had licence to change any and every spatial spec at its whim.

To preserve space on your FLists )

The reasoning was then left to me, because I was the only one who had any idea about what "phrygian" meant. I thought that perhaps, as pleather is fake leather (i.e. not really leather), and phrygian is not really a scale (a sort of fake scale...ish), that perhaps the lion had been giving the crocodile back one of his scales. Or, perhaps, he had been disguised as a crocodile (in a skin bag) and was giving it up (sort of like a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing revealing himself amongst the sheep). Or maybe he just didn't need a purse, which was my initial reading of the riddle. Of course, after I'd read it and found the WHY? hidden between the trees, it all disappeared leaving a box with a lid and no adornments. When M answered, the troup leader pulled a slip of paper from the box (perhaps the right answer) and then gave her her punishment.

All I could think from that point on was "I have to get through this with my team - the two guys and the girl. Especially [the guy I was flirting with]."

Sadly, I woke up before I could find out the answer and complete Trial Three. Does anyone else want to try and answer it? It's sort of like "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"; Alice never does get the answer. I really am curious as to why the lion dropped the pleather bag though.

I realise the whole thing doesn't sound particularly death-fearingly horror movie-like, but there was an undercurrent of it throughout. I knew what the consequences were, so I knew to fear them.

Now I just want my answer. That and to know why I'm having batshit crazy dreams with this level of detail and reality.

*** actually, there was something about a train... lots of us were on board, including Nick (yes, you) who was told to dance and I was rather unimpressed (I expected more from you Nick), and there were a couple of little kids too. There was some huge fight between people, there was a bar, there was also a teacher (that's who told Nick to dance! in an attempt to break things up, I think? Or to calm people down after?) who I had to call over to get him to stop the fight. He wore a purple robe. After the fighting was done, nearly everyone literally went home - one of the little kids had to get a plane home with his guardian (another non-human I think), and he was running out of time so he ran away but came back saying he'd missed it because he'd been in the bathroom when they'd called it. Apparently he couldn't wait to go on the plane because plane bathrooms scared him for some reason. I think my friends on the elevator were therefore remnants of the train people.

***** to get to the stone courtyard, I'm pretty sure that we had to go through a section of land that rather resembles a part of Uni. The bit where the Transient Building ends and you can turn right and go up the stairs to the Paved Walkway or keep going straight and curve round the next building next to the car park. There was a similar sort of junction with the same question I always ask "which is faster?".
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( Aug. 21st, 2008 05:01 pm)
... in which there are thematic devices.

In reference to the dream post, I realised this morning what my latest Theme is. It used to be Levitation, before I started posting about them. Then it was School and Uni, which was more about their geographical locations and spatial layouts than learning. Then it was Funerals and Death. Fun times.

Now, it's Movement.

Lots of vehicles (plains, trains, automobiles).

Lots of running.

Lots of four-limbed running (i.e. with hands).

Lots of excessive motion (e.g. the elevator).

Just lots and lots of movement.

Isn't that interesting? If I didn't know any better (which technically I don't), I'd say that these Themes are related to Project: Ether Engine - Movement and Levitation are two of the Domains that can be controlled by it, and Space is definitely a major consideration that affects and is affected. Death, or the prevention of, is in some cases the ultimate purpose of the Ether Engine, like in wars or what have you.

I wonder if I'll go through a run of dreams based on Making Things Work, or Finding, or The Weather, or Projection, or any of the other Domains related to the artefacts. That'd be interesting.


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