... in which joking questions lead to destructive existential crises.

[livejournal.com profile] highlyeccentric and I spent the afternoon discussing, amongst other things, characters and plots for Project: Ether Engine. For about... um... three hours, on and off? It made me a touch late to SUMS but it was worth it. Sooo goooood!

I now have three plots to go on, two mostly-working characters, and a functioning relationship between man and machine. Also, two origin stories: one for the universe, one for the almost-god. The third plot does not have any sort of resolution thought of just yet, but to compensate it has two complications - one which poses frustration and only minor danger to all in the complex but which I haven't been able to figure out the cause of yet, and therefore cannot solve yet, and one which poses a more immediate threat to one of the main characters which is soon to be solved. (The giving of a knock-out nerve-pinch was suggested, Oh Great Miss Amy, and I think this is logistically possible given that head-first is actually arms-and-head-first. What do you think? Not sure if I can justify his knowing just what part of the neck to pinch to bring down a raging part-dragon/part-AI/part-Immortal, but I think it more likely to work than either our Move- or Maths-based solutions, or just random shouting (which User'll do a lot of anyway). Also, quips about his mother would probably only bring to surface questions of his origin - "am I crawling through my brain, or my mother's womb?!" - and make things worse. Backup is still backup, but straight-boy on part-dragon-boy-who-may-or-may-not-know-what-a-kiss-is-despite-resembling-Tenth-Doctor-just-a-tad still seems doubtful, and I like the "Oh, damn, I guess life isn't like the movies".) (also, how appropriate is this iconage?!)

The more I think about Dragon, the more I think he would work better as an anime character than anything else. He so has the " ^_^ ! " look down pat.

OH MY GOD!!!! And I just realised that he's my access point for reader-knowledge!!! He's the Arthur Dent, the Companion, the Harry Potter, the... I don't know who but the person who knows nothing who gets to ask the intelligent people of the world what the hell's going on and get explanations that the reader requires, without coming across as an idiot. When you've almost literally been trapped under a rock on Mars, you're allowed to ask otherwise stupid questions. THIS ROCKS!
... in which Dragon's backstory has backstory.

The Occorant.


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