... in which David bets you wish you had classes like his.

Today, and I shit you not, we spent an hour talking about gay cowboys representing America's Republican party in Music and Politics. Also, dancing cowboys made a return apperance.

I bet you wish you were a Music major now, like me.



... I feel pretty dirty now. That song is so wrong.
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:34 pm)

Does anyone in/near/close-ish to Sydney want to come see an opera at the Conservatorium of Music? Tickets are $20 if you're a student, or $45 full/$40 seniors/$35 concession. One of my friends from SUMS, Patrick, is going to be in it and I want to see him perform... but I don't want to go alone *puppy-dog-eyes & pout*.

Also, it's in English! So no subtitles necessary.

Possible dates are as follows:
Tuesday 23 September // 7.00pm
Thursday 25 September // 7.00pm - will probably have some sort of dress run for...
Saturday 27 September // 4.00pm
- ... the SUMS concert.
(sadly, opening night, Sat 23rd, is already sold out :( )

Anyone? y/y?


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