... in which there are pirates, musical cats, and DREAMS!

Ok, so my computer crashed after I'd written out just about all of last night's crazy fucked up dream. And they say Blue Screen Of Death is next to impossible on XP. Can't be bothered now, so dot points.

Dream )

In less dream-like news, we went to dinner in Newtown last night to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day. We didn't really talk like pirates that much, but we made up for it in our pirate outfits. I had my hoodie on for most of the time we were outside, because I'm not invulnerable to environmental cold (even the mild), so my pirateness was rather disguised, but I did have my bandana on for as long as my hair folicles could stand - still getting used to the new hair and the required modifications to the application of headwear.

Also... something... I swear I know there's more. Dammit.
... in which there are more pirates.

Namely, me:

David Faber, your pirate name is
Buckaneer Green Beard
What is YOUR pirate name?

I like that, seeing as how the lovely [livejournal.com profile] sjazzmreow said my name was dark green and black (with a dash of brown around the v). Also, I misread beard as bard the first time.

Also, as of about an hour ago, I think I gave my aunt the go ahead to take further steps in the matter of The Ambo. I'm not sure what she took it as though, as I made it clear that I'm really not one for phones, and he wouldn't be able to find my facebook if he tried (privacy up the whazoo). So... I'm thinking he's going to get my mobile number and then... I don't know; we'll see, I guess. I'll probably give him my email so I'll actually be able to communicate with him.

Still, it's a start! Of sorts.


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