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( Sep. 30th, 2008 02:50 pm)
... in which there is annoyance that my dreams all seem to be becoming b-grade horror flicks.

Last night was supposed to just be a normal party. I mean, the music was fine, the alcohol wasn't too expensive, and the club itself was actually pretty ritzy; lots of red and gold, huge archways, maze-like corridors - my idea of a swanky place. The elevators could have been bigger, but... I'm getting sidetracked. I had my friends with me* and everything was good, until they came.

There was oddly colourful gas, and then there was panic. The squids were coming. We had no idea why they would attack us or the building we were in - it's not like we were a particular threat to them or anything, and it's not like we would have given them any sort of tactical advantage for when they went to take over everyone else... at least as far as I could see.

Still, they came. They came and we ran. We took the elevator to another floor, which didn't help at all because the squids weren't just taking our floor - they were taking the entire building. I knew that if we'd gone to the ground floor lobby we'd find the big glass doors sealed, so we went to the parking lot on one of the other floros to find our car so we could hide out until they left.

We soon found out that that wouldn't work, because no one could remember where we'd parked, or if we'd even driven in to begin with. The squids found us in the lot and we had to run again. Some of us thought we would be able to hide under the cars, and K was one of them. It didn't make any sense though, because lying under a car put you on their level in their direct line of sight. The squids were, after all, less than a metre tall, and their eyes were actually on their tentacles. Or they had spares there. Either way - they could see the people under the cars, and quickly surrounded them. K realised the flaw in the plan before they got to her and we ran back to the elevator together.

Once back up on our original floor, we found everyone had sort of... slowed down. it was like the whole room had been put in slow motion except for K and I. The colourful gases had settled a bit, and a lot of the people in the room were sitting at the bar or were lying on the floor or the couches, clutching their stomachs. Anyone who's seen Alien would have been able to figure out what was going to come next. I had, so I could, so we didn't stick around to see the hosts explode in a flash of blood and squiddery.

Our only option was... well, we didn't actually have any options. So we ran to the elevators again, and hid, and hoped that no squid would find us.

*i.e. I had [ profile] kayloulee and a bunch of expendables. In fact, I think I may have either been K for a little while, or K became the main character in my dream and I was ousted to the post of Audience Member.


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