... again.

Facebook makes finding people you met on elevators a little too easy, no?

Also, Oscar's apparent manliness is... disconcerting; I now feel he is completely not my type, yet... I still think he's cute and he's obviously musical (he plays the clarinet!), so if randomly bumping into him doesn't work, I can truly say I always had facebook. I just wish I knew if he were single (and a confirmation of his persuasion would be nice, too)! Sigh.

... in which I expose myself.

1. My second biggest fear is of suddenly waking up. Mainly because I think that I'll find out I blacked out while walking, and that I'll have woken up in hospital with tubes every whichwhere, covered in blood. (Would it all be mine?)

2. My third biggest fear is that my memory is not complete. (Where was I when that girl went missing?)

3. Sometimes - this is going to be one of those "David is a freak" moments, by the way - sometimes I feel a sort of second skin surrounding me; when I've mentioned wings and tails and snakes and those spider-like legs that protrude from my back and... all the ones I can't remember, those were second skins. It's sort of like I'm wearing a suit, but it's also me, to the extent that I can sort of lose my mind to it, go a little bit primitive. Necks look particularly delicious at moments such as these. (I can practically taste your skin, smell your sweat from here.)

4. My fourth biggest fear is that I'm not as Good as I think I am. Sometimes, I wonder what I'm capable of. Sometimes, I think I could just sink my teeth in and not let go. (Those moans sound almost sexual. Almost... but not quite.)

5. Sometimes, I'm filled with this hunger. It's a like a gaping cavern in the pit of my soul that I know won't ever be filled. I don't know what it wants, but in the quiet moments, I hear it. It yawns in silence, but it echoes. (God I need to eat some... thing.)

6. My biggest fear is that, when I hit my head last year, when I knocked myself out on the road, I woke up wrong. (Better.)


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