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( Nov. 14th, 2008 12:53 am)
OH! The other thing I meant to mention about the CD Assignment was that I used BARE!!! Twice! Legitimately! And Academically! WOOT!

Track Listing
... in which there is a spotlight in an otherwise shadowy room, a chair, and two rather angry smoking men who want some damn answers.

Or one pretty non-smoking girl who would like to interview me. Take your pick.

1. Your favourite music when you were thirteen?
Hmm, 13 would make me a Yr 8 kid... to be honest I don't know. I know I sung in the musical Oliver that year. Does that count?

2. First crush: fuzzy memory or embarassing nightmare?
Option three: a girl! "What? Ew!" I hear you say, but I tell you honestly that my first crush was female. Or at least, the first time I thought I had a crush, I thought I had a crush on a girl. I was in Yr 4 though, so it probably wasn't actually a crush. Hmm, I wonder howmany times I can say crush in one answer... CRUSH CRUSH CRUSH. My first proper boy crush still sort of tingles with crushiness. The second and third crushes were closer to nightmarish embarrassment than memoric fuzz, though.

3. Wonderjocks? Good idea or barking mad?
The WONDERJOCK!! [ profile] highlyeccentric and I once spent an entire thread detailing a stall we would set up inside/outside/inside/on Bosch (a building on campus) at which we would conduct Serious Scientific Experiments on the effects of the Wonderjock. It claims to enhance the appearance of the male package (read: size of bulge), so I'm sure you can all imagine the sorts of experiments and hands-on research we would have had to conduct.

As for my answer: I don't see the point - as soon as your boy or girl gets them off (or you get them off for your boy or girl), the illusion would be shattered and disappointment would be had, thus ruining the moment and ending any possibility of sex occurring between you and said boy or girl that night/day/time period. Clearly then they are barking mad. Also, I would be worried about how obvious they made things while fully clothed.

4. Fictional character you'd happily marry?
Assuming I lived in California OH WAIT NO THAT DOESN'T APPLY ANYMORE. Assuming I lived somewhere gay marriage was all good, I'd marry Peter from Bare (once he was old enough :p). Sadly, there really aren't enough heroes who are queer. Actually, I can't think of too many male characters, gay or straight, for whom I swoon. I'd love to marry someone like Spider (Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman) if I were of the right gender he were of the right persuasion, but I'd constantly be wishing that I had those kinds of powers and he'd probably get sick of me asking him to do stuff for me. I might go for Tristan (Stardust - Neil Gaiman), actually - we'd be on equal footing, magically speaking, but we'd get to live in a world where even not-particularly-magical beings get to use magic. I'd prefer running water, though, actually.

5. What's your Happy Music?
I actually don't have Happy Music. There's Katie Noonan and a couple others who I'll play when I'm positively charged, but nothing I have undoes a negative charge. Some of my music gets me dark and supercharged (mainly The Butterfly Effect or, oddly enough, Evanescence - there's just something in there that I respond to), making me feel like I should be looking up at people from my hung head while smiling twistily, demonically, with eyes rolled back into my skull - it's a power trip. Some of my music gets me to the brink of tears (Absolution from Bare being a prime example), which can be cathartic I guess. And there's some stuff that just makes me feel like writhing in my skin in a solo dance of aural, mental sex (Army of Me by Bjork, and also Play Dead, come to mind; don't ask me why). But I don't really have Happy Music for use in cases of emergency. I might try Pilgrim's Hands next time I need Happy Music, actually - it's so heart-warming when Peter jumps in to help. Sigh...

If anyone would like to interviewed by me, feel free to ask!


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