... in which there is lunching.

I'd like to start by demonising the bus service. However, that would stroke its ego and make it think it had more control over the lives of people than it really does. So I won't.

Instead, I would like to thank everyone who helped pass notes in class today:
- Miss Amy, for her stellar efforts (oh, the pun-age) as general organiser of trade routes
- K, the crucial connection in the circuit that is our circus, and backstage manager, goddess of what goes on behind the scenes
- B, the mute Cassandra who gesticulated wildly from the window
- and Sjazz, the ball of squee, subject of today's dramatic suspense and silliness.

Newcastle didn't happen for me today. But, some day soon, something similar will.

Also: it's a zombified teddy bear playing the ukulele!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Or, rather, it's a t-shirt of mine with that graphic printed on it. Either way, though, I think you'll agree that it's damn fine. His name is Hannah (because Hannah has played the uke at both SUMS camps now), and his nickname is Momo (I don't know why... Full Metal Panic comes to mind).


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