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([personal profile] phrasemuffin May. 2nd, 2009 06:09 pm)
K gave me a Dreamwidth account so I'm testing the crossposter.

Hmm, that sounds almost like a weapon when I put it that way.

"Men, load your crossposters and get out onto the field ASAP. We have enemy trolls closing, so lay down supressing fire and keep our flamers safe while they load up on retorts!"

"Yes, Sir!"

It would be like a crossbow, except that the arrow-holder would be replaced by a tube of glowiness that shot angst and poetry and myspace photos when on one setting, rants and rage and angry faces on another, and embedded youtube videos of up-and-comers in the musicworld.

I can't imagine it being particularly effective on the field.

(I'm really wishing I could crosspost to SpiderSpun from here too. That would make things a lot easier :( )


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