Got lots of things ready for the coming two days.
Had my first Pirates of Penzance rehearsal - it was fun.
What wasn't so fun was that I was late; I forgot to factor in transport time, so I left home at 3:30 for a 4o'clock rehearsal with lots of things to do beforehand at Broadway:
  • pick up alcohol for the night

  • pick up a birthday card for the night

  • write on birthday card

  • eat

  • get stamps

  • mail out stuff I shoudl have mailed out days beforehand

  • get back to uni

Rehearsal had started and I had been walking around with heavy bags of clothes and crap and alcohol (and I don't walk; I powerwalk. Always), so I was out of breath and sweaty.
Went to Redfern Station to go to Heathcote for the night and Work Amy's 23rd - the theme was 80s
Wrote on the card on the way
Arrived, changed, got smashed, photos were taken (one particularly horrid photo at the punchbowl) and may have been dominated by a woman with a slapper
Slept before anyone else, though I kept being tucked in despite the heat and could not sleep (everyone else went to bed hours later)

Woke up in hells of pain - I'd chosen the most angular couch in existance and had been holding myself in half fetal position all night. Cramps; ow.
Left without eating breakfast, and trained it home alone because Kelly decided to stay a while longer.
Track work; fuck.
Two hours later, I arrive home, shower, swap bags and leave.
Have not yet eaten because there is no lunchable foodstuffs to eat in less than five minutes.
Arrive at second rehearsal carrying cocktail wears and a second bag.
Physical excersion+ at this rehearsal - musicaling makes you fit.
After rehearsal I meet Cyn outside and get changed in Education Building after she charms the front desk guy to let us into the closed building.
Walk to Refern to train it to Penshurst. Get food on the way.
Penhurst RSL for [ profile] frozen_icehart's 21st.
Am the object of Mistaken Identity thrice:
  • For: Frozen. By: Bartender.

  • For: Frozen. By: Uncle/family friend, wishing me a good night as he leaves.

  • For: Nathan? By: The Fruit That Starts With L. (Apparently they went to school together.)

Speeches are awesome, and Frozen's family is pretty damn cool (especially his sister).
Cyn and I leave together because that's how we roll.
Transport home is delayed. Heavily. Like, by nearly an hour. But I still get home earlier than I would have had I gotten a train to Ashfield.

Had a good two days, if exhausting. Showed the teeth off to just about everyone; just about everyone was highly impressed (Tim had no idea what was going on... I don't think he'd ever noticed the braces before.) And, oddly, there were no real dramas to gossip about.

deleted due to attack of the borings

just got home from the Ortho. I now have my retainer. It's one of those clear mouth-guardy type ones. It doesn't quite fit because of the gap between Wednesday's getting the bracese off and retainer fitting, and today's giving of the retainer, but it's supposed to be good in the next couple of days. I go back for my first retainer checkup on the 12th of Jan.

And, finally: meme-age )
... in which David has to build himself a new disposition.

This week I've been looking for a new job. Harry's only been able to give me one shift a week, so it's been pretty bad lately for me, especially with the crazy numbers of 21sts I've had/will have soon. I still can't believe I spent $500 in one week... I just don't do that! Well, not usually; clearly I have done it. But that is a slight detour - I have been looking for a job, and therefore have been handing out resumes.

To be accurate though, I have actually only given out two, and one of them was given back to me. The first place that was accepting resumes was my localest Angus and Robertson; it was the first place I hit, and I was completely unprepared mentally, which I didn't realise until I was there talking to the girl behind the desk. It didn't help that she just popped up as I was walking up to her - I'd thought I'd have at least a minute to figure out what I'd say while she walked over from whatever dark corner she'd been lurking in. But no. Still, she took the resume and it actually looked promising.

Then I hit EB Games. I think I said something like "Hey, um... ... I'm looking for a job... I was just wondering if you guys have a... special way of doing that..." (as in hand in a resume, application form, or online, but I didn't say that) (and yes, that double ... was an exceptionally long pause); clearly I was still unprepared. Dude Behind Desk was cool though, and told me that I should come back the next day when the manager was in and hand in my resume directly to him. Also told me I should wear shirt and tie to look confident (I'm pretty certain that was because I didn't SOUND confident AT ALL).

Next hit was Dick Smith Electronics, where the guy I spoke to was as much a noobescently bumbling fool as I. Apparently they only work with online applications. I still didn't explain that question, but at least this time when I asked it made me sound like I knew what was may or may not have been going on... sort of. Online, I found that there aren't actually any jobs there anyway, despite Nooby Guy referring to the job I was looking for as 'the' job; not 'a' job, 'the' job.

Everywhere else was kinda lame, and there was no way I'd get a job there anyway; they're all family-run or similar.

Next day I went back to EB and gave the manager my resume. Was completely prepared, and was in shirt and tie, and I have a group interview tomorrow. The idea of a group interview still sort of irks me - mainly because i don't really know how it's going to work - but I have it nonetheless. I asked what I should bring, and Manager said nothing except a copy of my resume, and then handed mine back to me. I found that really really odd, but there you go. Also said I should bring a bright, sunny disposition, but where the buggery am I going to find one of them?

Yesterday and today I was going to go to Burwood and hand out more resumes/applications, but to be honest, I really don't want to. I might go next Monday afternoon. I should; I know that the interview isn't a guarantee that I'll get the job, but I'd like to see how it goes before I move any further in the hunt. It's probably stupid, but there you go.

Tuesday, I might pop down to the Marly to check out their function room after uni. I really need to get on top of my 21st. I might have a chance to check it out tomorrow after the interview, seeing as it's at Broadway and the Marly is Newtown, but I have work at 2 so... we'll see how it goes.
... in which we cross the bridge to cut our hands.

Holly's 21st is tonight. Cyn and Matt were supposed to be coming but probably aren't now... which means I'll know no one but Holly (and sort of Luke, her boy); Cyn's sick and Matt had a big night last night. So... fuck. I hate when this happens. At least at Quang's I had Cyn, and at [ profile] highlyeccentric's I sort of had [ profile] goblinpaladin, and I met [ profile] kayloulee. Maybe I can rope Kelly in... it is pretty late notice but

scratch that. Kelly just called; she'll come with. WOOHOO!
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( Oct. 10th, 2008 01:55 am)
... in which questions. (i.e. no)

The squirrels have left my stomach! Yay! I was worried I was still sick this morning when I first woke up; turned out I was just hungry. Score!

Also, the essay I handed in on Tuesday has already been marked. This means I now have Legitimate Reasons for going to the Seymour Centre around 12pm next Tuesday to stalk stalk randomly bump into Oscar again.

Which somehow led my brain to thoughts of Erin's 21st and the whole homophobia thing that happened. Now, I wasn't actually there when That Which Was Said was said, so I don't know how it really went down, but I swear I cannot help but think that Kelly might have been wrong. If I remember correctly, That Which Was Said was something like:
"Manager's friend": Hey, is you're friend gay?
Kelly: Why do you want to know?
"MF": 'Cause my mate behind the bar wants his number.
K, detecting homophobic joking being made at my/Bartender's expense: *glares* If you're mate behind the bar actually wanted my friend's number he'd have the balls to ask himself.
(may or may not have actually been said to his face...)

Now, as I was being told what had gone down, I was admittedly excited - Bartender was cute to boot - and obviously flattered. But Kelly tells me "No, David, he was being a prick, making fun of you because you're gay" which then proceeded to slowly rot my insides and ruin my night (not because of the rotting - I got over that; that it kept coming up in conversation, apologies and war stories is what really dragged me down). I love Kelly, and I know she's extremely intelligent, but... I honestly can't see the jump from "Bartender wants his number" to "snide comments about his sexual preferences". Sure, Bartender was cute enough to have pulled just about any guy he wanted, but that doesn't always make people as self-confident as you'd expect (and I bet you were expecting a "so why would he pick me" :P). And, yeah, I didn't see the guy's face as he said it, or hear the way he said it, so there may have been geographically important clues that I'm just missing, but that doesn't explain why Bartender couldn't look me in the eyes all night after that when he'd been fine beforehand; doesn't that sort of suggest that he was at least aware of what went down? And how would he have known if he hadn't been talking to the guy? Also, Kelly was rather unimpressed with the guy to begin with - he'd been trying to pick her up, we think, but in doing so was talking about his girlfriend... odd.

I dunno, it just never really sat 100% with me. Which is annoying, because it's me and it means that I'll be thinking about it for years to come. It's possible that it happened just as Kelly said, but there's been a niggling doubt ever since she told me "No, David...".
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( Aug. 23rd, 2008 12:26 am)
I need one of those days. You know those days where that random person smiles at you, genuinely, and you think 'wow, maybe today isn't totally shit'. I've had only one of those days. Ever. Then again, maybe it was just because he was cute. I don't know anymore; I'm so confused.

But I need one of those days. I'm starting to feel like I'm caving in on myself. Like I'm crumbling under the pressure of the silence weighing down on me. It's a vast expanse of emptiness, let me tell you, and it weighs a fucking tonne. I don't know how much longer I can keep playing the role of Atlas to all these secrets.

I just need one of those days. You know, those days where you rescue me? Where the words get spoken and silence lets go? 'Cause I need help. And I've got no heroes left.


Joe's 21st tomorrow night. Eep.

Eep, I say.


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