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( Jun. 16th, 2008 02:36 pm)
halfway through writing the essay and I have 450 words less than what I had hoped.

this is an acceptable loss. it was going to be 1000 but I somehow fixed that. yay me.

also, it is going to be handed in late and I don't care.

take that!
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( Jun. 15th, 2008 06:48 pm)
... in which David has actually done some work.

My final assessment for the semester is due tomorrow. It's a Choose Your Own Topic for A Global Sound: African American Music, and I finally chose my topic yesterday morning: Queen Latifah. I'm going to look at her as an African American trying to return her people to their African roots through her music, and as a woman trying to raise her gender to a level where they respect themselves enough to not allow men to put them down as much as they do, especially in rap, her chosen genre. But I'm trying not to use sentences as long and scribble-y as that. Also, I'm trying to not make up words.

It's to be 4000 words, I realised on Friday - more than I've ever had to write. I have less than a thousand written, but I think I'm probably more prepared for this essay than I have been for any other essay I've written - I have resources coming out my arse, and they're all neatly categorised under the subheadings I'm using to structure the essay (something I've never actually done before) - so I think I'll be ok getting it in on time... or just after.

I swear I thought I had a whole week for this, not three days. How did I get 'Monday' and 'Thursday' confused?!
... in which David tells you of things Post Camp, but Pre Concert.

The Vinyl Room!!! There's a place down Shire-way called The Vinyl Room that only plays 80s music. It is love. The only drawback is that it's a grabananna (a.k.a. grab-a-nanna, a.k.a. oldies hang-out). And that it's down in the Shire, requiring an hour's worth of train-riding to get to. This of course led to my meeting scary train guy while I was alone at the unenlightened end of the track; apparently the hobo-looking guy who got off at the stop before he came up to meet me "made [his] brother bleed" so he kept talking about how he was gonna get revenge on him... charming fellow. After meeting Amy, Kurtis, Kelly, Luke, Ash and Erin down in Heathcote, we came back a little way by train and went to the Vinyl Room. On the way, I found there to bee too much vomit on the train floor.

To set this next scene, I shall have to descirbe my outfit. I was wearing my black skinnies, the 4 hour shirt from the Muse concert (blue, long sleeve, pretty and collared), my black cons, a striped emo hoody and a tie; I was told it was an 80s place, and I thought my skinny tie would be perfect for that. I was right, except that while in the bathroom, as I washing my hands, a guy at the urinal started trying to get someone's attention. No one was responding, until someone new entered and said something or other. Urinal Man says "Nah man, I'm talking to Stripy. Hey, Stripy! Striiipy! Dude, what's with the tie? *point at which I realise he's been talking to me this whole time* It makes you look fucking gay!" As I'm just finishing off drying my hands (I am a thorough hand-drier), I don't really think it's appropriate to pick the conversation up this late in the game. Plus, it's the Shire, and I figure that if I say what I want to say - "So? I am gay." - I'll probably have my head bashed in. So, instead, I walk away without aknowledging him, relate the story to my friends outside, and have a good laugh at the old, drunk Urinal Man.

The music there was so good I didn't even need to drink that much to dance. I think I am still loosening up, and I am requiring less and less alcohol to dance, especially when mainly surrounded by friends (but never family). This is good, both for social interactivity, and for my liver. Win.

Afterwards, we went and had hotdogs from a shady outdoor corner vendor thing guy. One of those moveable karts with slightly less hygene than your typical cafe. I didn't really care though - I just wanted food and lots of it, preferably coated in cheese and tomotato sauce. It was good.

As for things This Week, that stupid Choose Your Own Topic Essay is done, but I felt like shit the whole week stressing out about it and staying up until 3:30am Thursday morning finishing it off. And Choir that night just would not end! It went about half an hour late and my dad was waiting outside St Andrew's Cathedral to pick me up and I felt horribly guilty even though I know it wasn't actually my fault, but I'd been standing non-stop for two hours and I was ready to stab Greg, the conductor, or Tamara, the concert manager, I was in that much pain. Thank god for Isaac's massage is all I can say, but even still I was in pain all night. I need a full massage or else my back will never uncurl after Saturday night.

Oh! And they moved me out from the Queer Corner for the concert!!! I have to stand next to Michael now, who unfortunately sounds terribly nasal and repressed. Yes, you can actually hear his repressed nature in his voice when singing. It's all uptight and throatal. Yick. I should have auditioned for the Bass scholarship - I would have kicked his arse. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the only Bass who auditioned. I know that sounds horribly bitchy, and I know he's a nice guy and that I used to be repressed and shy just like him (even more so, probably) but... ugh! No more Isaac next to me :( That isn't his fault, but I got used to having Isaac's and David's voices in my ears, and they had much more confidence in the music than Michael or anyone else I could hear in my new position.

And finally, I've update the SUMS SUPER CAMP post. Everything new is marked UPDATED TO INCLUDE or has a <---- Updated after it. There are 3 new additions. Further additions, as they are remembered or as I am told of them, will be added and linked to in the same way. :)


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