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( Sep. 25th, 2008 06:54 pm)
... in which there is jam.

And a question. Does anyone have a preference between the following two styles:
1 - Sketchy Computer Touch Up
2 - Hand Drawn With Minor Computer Colouring

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( Sep. 21st, 2008 12:50 am)
... in which there is jam.

A prelude...
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A beginning...
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( Aug. 2nd, 2008 01:34 am)
... in which David is his own lubricant.

Julius Caesar was tonight. As was work, but work was pretty much just the regular, with one small addition; Lynn and I worked out the compulsory criteria for the next two employed peoples:
  • his - attractive uni-aged female of Catholic nature who doesn't mind being the object of attention, possibly more...

  • mine - gay/bi/curious/open-minded-and-very-willing-to-flirt-like-Kurtis male, also of an attractive nature bit without the added Catholicism....

Was earlier to JC than I thought I would be. Was surprised to find two extra SUMSites there - Roman and Kenny of The Clique. Was interested to find that The Ex's Current was in it (though, according to Kenny, I am much pretty than he is :D). Was also interested to find that JC was a woman, as were Antony, Ocatvaius and... that other one. Was disturbed by the amount of laughing by both highlyeccentric and kayloulee at all the slash-able material they were gathering.

Back at the women's college, there was tea, followed by several layers of Harry Potter debates, the etymology of Kinokuniya, and lots of Old/Middle English/French/Japanese stuff I didn't get. As well as many other things, of course, like the discussion of shampoo and it's non-uses as a sexual lubricant, which somehow led to my saying something mistaken for a claim that I am my own lubricant... I forget the words now, though, as it is late.

Actually, that's a lie - it isn't too late for me to be remembering life properly. However, three things happened after leaving Amy's that are kind of trumping attempts at Memory Recall. Thing the First is that I was a little bit murdered by a tree, who tried to drop a branch on me, B, and areyoustrange (which upon reflection was probably a fair rection to my wish of seeing a country shop of trees... like, a shop that sells trees, in the country, but not a nursery... just nod and smile) but only managed to flick my elbow a little. Thing the Second is the creepy cab driver who I could have sworn was giving me the eye - first he said I was sick because of "too much sex, probably", then asked if I had a girlfriend (and why not) and looked me up and down, and then asked how old I was. Thing the Third is that I jammed myself out when I got home - I suddenly had a craving for jam, and I succumbed to it. I hope it is clear why I cannot for the moment remember things.

Also, I had a couple of ideas for more comics, but I forgot them too. Hopefully I'll remember before long. Because the world needs more comics featuring stick figures with sentient, sadistic, sometimes-phallic anthropomorphic jam. Actually, that's what this post was going to be - the 'etymology', if you will, of jam, for Highly's sake. Basically, I was having a midnight snack ( !! that was one of the ideas!! OSM!!) of jam on cold fridge!bread, when I realised I use far more jam than anyone else in the house per serving. This led to the exclamation "I am a jam monster!" which conjured images of little children running into a jam monster in the middle of the forest, which in turn conjured images of said events occuring in a children's comic strip, like Jessica Monster's (either / or). I figured I would be able to do something along those lines (though probably not exactly a kid's comic, more one along the lines of Pictures For Sad Children), so I have challenged myself to come up with one comic for every week of this semester. I will probably post two next week, instead of one tomorrow.

Finally, Kay, do you happen to know what Will The New Attractive Bass plays in the orchestra?

Note for B (and Are You Strange): The hand gesture after "S and/or M" was an underline-come-full-handed-pointing-between-two-choices, not anything sus involving friction and/or lubricant.
... in which David shares.

If you're looking for a new webcomic, might I suggest Pictures For Sad Children. You may or may not want to start earlier... I think this is the best so far.

On real matters, I am becoming sick. My throat, to be more specific, is getting sick. Soreness, especially when attempting to rumble the basser notes at SUMS. It is annoying. Also, I require an x-ray for my orthodontist. I'm not sure if he requires an x-ray of me, or just... an x-ray. I probably should have asked.

On unreal matters, I would like to start a comic. I have thoughts. Jam monsters feature in my thoughts. Prominently. Also, there are stick figures. And jam. Jam is a theme that I like at the moment. It was canibalism. Before that, the word 'ikarian'.

Who knows what zany ventures my brain will next have.


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