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( Sep. 26th, 2008 03:18 pm)
... in which grrr, ok?!

Crazy Eyes is in Small Group now.

Fuck you, Crazy Eyes. Fuck you.

Also, I blame Prabbles, who was going to be one of the Faux Basses in Small Group (because I'm the only actual Bass in SG, we had to pull in Aunty Mark and Prabbles) except that he has another choir to sing with or something so he's pulling out of ours, which is TOMORROW NIGHT. What the hell! So Greg, the conductor, asked Crazy Eyes to join SG to take his place.

Very, very angry.

(this is my angry icon, btw)
Last night was... a zero.

The music was absolutely amazing. Lee and Higgins were both exceptional and, for them, I am so glad I went. Missy even let some clangers slip, even after acknowledging that it was an All Ages gig - she called herself the Support Slut as she'd "done the rounds ;D" at the Enmore (funnily enough right before singing Angela), then swore both times she realised she was singing the wrong lyrics to the most serious songs she's written. There was also a Fuck in there, and plenty of Bloody-s. She's so Aussie it hurts. AND I FUCKING LOVE HER!!

The night itself, however, was fucking horrible. I was alone. The entire night. And it sucked. An hour of standing in line/sitting in my seat (completely alone in my row for at least 3/4s of it) before Lee, then another hour of sitting after he'd played his set (of 30 miutes) before Missy came out. That may be the normal kind of set-up time at a concert, but it seems a lot longer when you're alone. Trust me.

So, two hours of loneliness, back-soreness from the seat, and self-consciousness from said loneliness, for two awesome acts. It evens out exactly. Hence, last night was a zero (on a scale of -10 to 10). Which sucks, because I was really hoping for a ten. Hell, the music alone was a ten, if not more. And before those of you who know the story of why I was alone jump to conclusions, it wouldn't have mattered either way: no one wanted to come see Missy. Something I fully do not understand, but do grudgingly accept.

*sigh* You'd think after how Wednesday's Stolen Ticket incident could have turned out, the night would have been good. That that would have filled my bad-musical-experiences quota for the week. But no.

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( May. 3rd, 2007 04:10 pm)
In case you didn't pick it up from my post last night/this morning, I did end up going to see Katie. And Meghan was able to come too. So it was awesome.

We weren't able to get another ticket (all sold out) so we called up The Vanguard to see what we could do. Apparently the awesome people at Music Front (where I bought the tickets) registered the tickets for me when I bought them. So all I had to do was turn up with ID and my ticket, and we were sweet! How awesome XD

The music itself was... heaven. Most of it was from her new soon-to-be-released record, but there were some oldies too: Special Ones and Breathe In Now. She also covered Halleluja (gorgeously) and Black Hole Sun (a weird choice, but sounded so good). We were upstairs, in the back row, so for the beginning we couldn't really see anything. Then a couple of people left and one of our chairs had a direct line-of-sight to the stage, right where Katie was standing. We each had about half the night in that chair. And I was going to take photos on my phone but it was too dark in there :(

Oh, and while Declan Kelly was still playing before Katie went on, I came thiiis close to Katie!! We were in the back row upstairs, right infront of the landing, and Katie came up for a bit. She was seriously right behind me. I was having massive heart failure at that point. And I don't think anyone else noticed, so that makes it even more awesome.

I'm so glad the night worked out so well. It could have been a complete disaster, but it all went well =D Now just two weeks to Missy! XD


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