I'll start from the ones that are most like "I'm creeped out because he was sober when he fell for me and made out with me" and move to the ones more like "ow".

- last night's dream was about 85% Project: Ether Engine, with plot after plot after plot, and it was glorious and it spells my impending doom. (The other 15% was dreaming about drinking with work people (without ever actually getting my drink), trying to fix one of their pokemon games, and once again being the only one at work to actually BE working.)
- I just spent only about four lines writing about my dreams.
- it's 8:30, and I am fully awake; I've already done the "that dream was fun, let's go back to it" routine that I usually do several times a morning.
- last night, I suddenly realised that I have no idea who I am - other people have specialties and are GOOD at them, and defining characteristics, and are near-complete people; I can't think of anything like that that actually applies to me. Not in a good way, anyway.
- I woke up with a headache. Actually, more of a base-of-skull ache. And I was sweaty. And there were no nightmares to explain it. So I thought I was sick.
- Now, my throat hurts. And I'm kinda tingly all over, where by "tingly all over", I actually mean "the aches have spread everywhere". And all I want to do is go back to bed but OH MY GOD I CAN'T because it's 8:30, I am fully awake, and this is clearly an omen of my impending doom.
dream cum nightmarishness )
... in which there are pirates, musical cats, and DREAMS!

Ok, so my computer crashed after I'd written out just about all of last night's crazy fucked up dream. And they say Blue Screen Of Death is next to impossible on XP. Can't be bothered now, so dot points.

Dream )

In less dream-like news, we went to dinner in Newtown last night to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day. We didn't really talk like pirates that much, but we made up for it in our pirate outfits. I had my hoodie on for most of the time we were outside, because I'm not invulnerable to environmental cold (even the mild), so my pirateness was rather disguised, but I did have my bandana on for as long as my hair folicles could stand - still getting used to the new hair and the required modifications to the application of headwear.

Also... something... I swear I know there's more. Dammit.
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( Aug. 21st, 2008 05:01 pm)
... in which there are thematic devices.

In reference to the dream post, I realised this morning what my latest Theme is. It used to be Levitation, before I started posting about them. Then it was School and Uni, which was more about their geographical locations and spatial layouts than learning. Then it was Funerals and Death. Fun times.

Now, it's Movement.

Lots of vehicles (plains, trains, automobiles).

Lots of running.

Lots of four-limbed running (i.e. with hands).

Lots of excessive motion (e.g. the elevator).

Just lots and lots of movement.

Isn't that interesting? If I didn't know any better (which technically I don't), I'd say that these Themes are related to Project: Ether Engine - Movement and Levitation are two of the Domains that can be controlled by it, and Space is definitely a major consideration that affects and is affected. Death, or the prevention of, is in some cases the ultimate purpose of the Ether Engine, like in wars or what have you.

I wonder if I'll go through a run of dreams based on Making Things Work, or Finding, or The Weather, or Projection, or any of the other Domains related to the artefacts. That'd be interesting.
... no seriously.

I would label it a nightmare, because it wasn't really the sort of dream you wake up from in cold sweats shouting "OH GOD, THE BUNNIES!". It was more the sort of dream in which you fear death in a semi-detached way.

The bits that I remember start with me on a ship. A big ship. A glorious old ship. And by ship I do indeed mean water ship. A ship with gardens and foutains and an immense library (I suspect it was somewhat based on Uni and/or the Women's College, but don't ask me why; I couldn't pinpoint it if I tried). A ship with 'god' knows what sort of specs for the dream that ensued. Then again, it did become one of those horror movies based on puzzles and getting ALL the answers right, because a wrong answer does of course mean death; that's how you find the winner. Thankfully the game didn't get quite that far, but the fact that it was like a horror movie (and, you know, a dream) meant it had licence to change any and every spatial spec at its whim.

To preserve space on your FLists )

The reasoning was then left to me, because I was the only one who had any idea about what "phrygian" meant. I thought that perhaps, as pleather is fake leather (i.e. not really leather), and phrygian is not really a scale (a sort of fake scale...ish), that perhaps the lion had been giving the crocodile back one of his scales. Or, perhaps, he had been disguised as a crocodile (in a skin bag) and was giving it up (sort of like a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing revealing himself amongst the sheep). Or maybe he just didn't need a purse, which was my initial reading of the riddle. Of course, after I'd read it and found the WHY? hidden between the trees, it all disappeared leaving a box with a lid and no adornments. When M answered, the troup leader pulled a slip of paper from the box (perhaps the right answer) and then gave her her punishment.

All I could think from that point on was "I have to get through this with my team - the two guys and the girl. Especially [the guy I was flirting with]."

Sadly, I woke up before I could find out the answer and complete Trial Three. Does anyone else want to try and answer it? It's sort of like "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"; Alice never does get the answer. I really am curious as to why the lion dropped the pleather bag though.

I realise the whole thing doesn't sound particularly death-fearingly horror movie-like, but there was an undercurrent of it throughout. I knew what the consequences were, so I knew to fear them.

Now I just want my answer. That and to know why I'm having batshit crazy dreams with this level of detail and reality.

*** actually, there was something about a train... lots of us were on board, including Nick (yes, you) who was told to dance and I was rather unimpressed (I expected more from you Nick), and there were a couple of little kids too. There was some huge fight between people, there was a bar, there was also a teacher (that's who told Nick to dance! in an attempt to break things up, I think? Or to calm people down after?) who I had to call over to get him to stop the fight. He wore a purple robe. After the fighting was done, nearly everyone literally went home - one of the little kids had to get a plane home with his guardian (another non-human I think), and he was running out of time so he ran away but came back saying he'd missed it because he'd been in the bathroom when they'd called it. Apparently he couldn't wait to go on the plane because plane bathrooms scared him for some reason. I think my friends on the elevator were therefore remnants of the train people.

***** to get to the stone courtyard, I'm pretty sure that we had to go through a section of land that rather resembles a part of Uni. The bit where the Transient Building ends and you can turn right and go up the stairs to the Paved Walkway or keep going straight and curve round the next building next to the car park. There was a similar sort of junction with the same question I always ask "which is faster?".
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 08:26 pm)
... dreams about losing my teeth are disturbing. And I mean dreams where I actually lose my teeth, where they fall out of my mouth as I'm looking at them in the mirror, one after the other, until there're only molars left.

Last night's was not the first. I want these dreams to stop.
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( Jul. 6th, 2008 10:40 pm)
... in which David both explains and wonders.

First off, the previous post is a story, just so you're sure. In case you didn't make it to the end. In case... well, get to the end.

Second, why do I keep dreeming about funerals? First it was school, now funerals. Though, technically, they were both held at my primary school's on-grounds church... Why?!

Also, today was my grandfather's 80th birthday celebration. Brother didn't go due to a "headache", but Kate brought Steve, her boy, and my aunt was there, so there were people to be with without having to socialise much with anyone from that side of the family. Yes, that side of the family. Steve is still a little quiet towards People Who Aren't Kate, but we were talking a bit and it was good.

This post doesn't feel closed properly, so I'm not going to have a title... bookends?
... in which David just reeks of Gay (with a slight Emo aftertaste).

Oh, and YAY! More weird dreams! )

But other stuff too.

The SUMS performance is now officially going to be the 31st only. No June 1st because it's a Sunday and St Andrews, which is where we've been moved to, will be doing religious stuff or something... it is a Sunday, I guess. Still don't know how tickets are going to work... I really should ask about that at some point.

I smsed two people yesterday about meetings-up this weekend and haven't heard back from either of them. One was about a lunch today or tomorrow, so I guess there's still time. The other, however, was about a night out for either last night or tonight, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be tonight... I just have no idea what the other details are. If I don't hear anything by 5:30/6ish I probably won't go.

My brother left for Brisbane yesterday. He's going up there to watch football of some kind. Um... yay? Whatever. It's his money. If he wants to fly up there and stay a couple of nights to see Brisbane teams play their home grounds, that's his decision. I mean, sure, if I liked the teams (or just the sport in general) I'd probably want to go to a couple of games, but local games. Personally, I could think of better uses of my income.

My sister, on the other hand, is house-sitting again this weekend. Same girl from work as last time, which means she gets to look after those adorable dogs again. I didn't see them last time, and I probably won't this time, but I think she really liked them, so it's good she gets to see them again. She said her boyfriend was going to help take them for walks and whatnot, which I think is just so cute - it can't really be that hard to walk two little dogs (as energetic as they may be), can it? :)

Also, it turns out that Nick knows Regals people. Or, rather, is legally related to them. It's a tiny, tiny world, isn't it? His sister-in-law was the Musical Director for my first musical, Oliver. Craaaaazy!

And finally, boys suck. The two guys that have flirted with me at SUMS now both are pointless ventures. David always was, seeing as his name is David, and I already established that would be weird and somewhat-wrong when Miss Amy was fangirling over David Tennant, the 10th Doctor In Doctor Who. But even without the name, he's too camp. Actually, it isn't camp, it's faggy. It doesn't even seem natural - it all seems forced, like he trying to prove to the world that, yes, he really is gay. Turn-off. The other, Isaac, was apparently a jerk to Meghan at Small Group (a small group of SUMS choristers that does extra stuff). Or maybe it was MUSE... I forget. But he was a bit of a jerk and that was a complete turn-off for me. So no. No David. No Isaac. Because boys suck. Also, I still haven't told Jason... I just want him to get the hint and disappear. It isn't going to happen though. I don't really get much of a chance to talk to him though, and when I do, the only thing I have to say to him I don't want to say. So I tell him I'm busy with assignments (an attempt to make him feel old and disconnected from my age group, because I'm cruel) or feeling sick (like two days ago, I woke up with Twisty Blades of Madness writhing in my gut, which by yesterday, when I spoke to him, had lessened into Twisty Wooden Pegs of Mild Craziness). I just want to press the Undo Button and make it go away. I'll probably end up saying something more along the lines of "This semester is turning out to be more full on than I anticipated, so I don't really have much time for 'extra-curricular activities' so to speak, bar those that have been planned at least a month in advance. (May, for instance, is completely booked out for me.) So I don't really have time to be pursuing a relationship with anyone at the moment least of all with someone so shy and needy... god I'm a prick." Although, if someone more uni-student-shaped pops up (though they don't actually have to be in uni), I could probably work around my schedule for them. I guess I just think Jason is too much work.


Oh, and post-finally, on Thursday, Cyn and I spent the day together. I told her that, whenever it's just the two of us, I feel like everyone else must think we're a couple. It's weird, but I'm constantly aware of it. Hopefully they pick up on some level of gayness from me, though, that translates that thought into "but he's gay, so she must be his faghag" or something similar. It's not that I think she cramps my style (HA!)... much (:P), 'cause I wouldn't be anywhere near as friendly-looking if I were just by myself, and I wouldn't be anywhere near as open to the world. It's just that sometimes it makes me wonder what it would be like, boy-wise, if I was the way I am with her without her being there. I wouldn't trade her presence for the answer though - I love the way I am with her. While we were out, I bought a zip-up hoodie that I'd been looking for for ages and a top I'm going to use as a jumper-type thing (which I was going to test-drive tonight, actually), and Cyn bought two pairs of boots. We stopped past her work on our way home and she made me a Strawberry Blast which, for all the store's family-oriented goodness, tasted quite alcoholic. In a good way, of course. It wasn't going to be an all-day thing, though - I was going to go home after seeing Cyn and talking (especially about the above boy-issues) and maybe having lunch (despite the Twisty Blades of Madness), and start my next composition assignment (CHANCE MUSIC FOR THE WIN!). I guess I'll just do that tomorrow instead; Friday turned out to be a Games Day inspired by my last Cyberworlds assignment and a lack of paid work, and I woke up pretty late today, making it a Lazy Day Saturday.

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( Apr. 17th, 2008 01:28 pm)
... in which I relate parts of three dreams. And three other things.

The first dream was three nights ago, and I only remember a small portion of it near the end. I was me, and I was outside my house on my street at night, looking down towards the park at the bottom of our street. My brother was there, too, but he was still up on the veranda(h?), while I was on the grass. All of a sudden a white van with people poking out of non-existant windows brandishing bottles of wine and yelling drives past, and they throw a lit bottle at my next door neighbour's yard, hitting their gazeboed entrance gate thing (he's a builder, so it's all fancy and stuff). I'm just standing there watching it go up in flames, burning away, and then everything starts to warp and distort, like wonky mirrors at a carnival (or in the kids department at the shoe store in Ashfield).

The second dream, from two nights ago, was a mix of musicals and a recurring motif of overcoming a particularly embarrassing fear. My family (plus my aunt) were at the Rockdale Town Hall, where the Regals Musical Society performs (and where I've done two shows with them, for those playing at home). I soon found that this location was a mashup though - outside the hall was like a warehouse so there was no front of house area, and when I took the door stage right of the stage it led to an enormous underground system of toilets and hand-washing stations. I was running away from someone when I entered. And I'm not telling what the fear is.

The third dream was this morning's. It featured me pulling The Ex aside and telling her I'm gay. Well, first we talked about how we stopped talking. Then I told her I'm gay, so it was probably a good thing we stopped going out. She was more than a little angry. Also, there were a couple of school friends in there, and... well, I'm not sure how that all worked out - I remember talking to them, and I remember they reacted to my presence, I just can't remember if they were indifferent or rude, or if it was my own reaction that was indifferent or rude.

Anyway, the other three things:

One. On the 31st of May and the 1st of June, the choir I'm in, SUMS (Sydney University Musical Society) will be having its first concert of the year. I will be performing. We're doing Mozart's Requiem and two Handel pieces. It's going to be held at St Andrew's Cathedral (because they overbooked us for the Great Hall and kicked us out). I honestly have no idea how tickets are to be aquired, so I have to find this out.

Two. From the 9th to the 11th of May, I will be on camp for said performance. We're going down to Heathcote and spending the weekend practicing. There will be alcohol, superhero costumes (the theme of Saturday night's festivities) and at least one practice.

Three. I have a very busy weekend coming up. I'm going to have to cancel work tomorrow so I can get all my assignments done. I'm going to Theodora's place on Saturday to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday while he's here in Australia. I haven't met the boy, but neither has anyone else going as far as I'm aware, apart from Theo, obviously. I wonder what I should get him, or if getting him anything would be weird seeing as I don't know him... :S I just keep thinking of that scene from The Gilmore Girls...

Four. Because I forgot what Three was and had to improvise, but then remembered what it was. My aunt came 'round a little while ago and gave me Brokeback Mountain on DVD. YUS! I love this movie. But assignments beckon, so I shouldn't watch it just yet. :(

Oh, and for fun:

http://view.break.com/487616 - Watch more free videos
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( Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:01 pm)
... in which I relate another dream. Except differently-like.

Torchwood ) That's all I remember of that one.

There was also one this morning that I kept wanting to write down, but didn't get a chance to. There were two parts to it, the first part possibly having someone grab my arm, and the second part almost being a Part Two to a dream I had ages ago, or perhaps a spin-off. Sadly, though, that's all I remember. I seriously wish I'd written something down. Anything. Just something that could trigger a memory to unlock the dream. I know it's in there somewhere... :(

Also, a question: why am I always bleeding? Not in dreams, just, you know, in general.

Tomorrow night I think I'm having dinner with Cyn and Phoebe (of the giving of the bandaid) and three of their school friends. Dylan is also supposed to drop by later. Also, there is to be drinking, I think, which I'm iffy about at the moment.

I want to be Linkin Park's fairy as depicted on the cover for Hybrid Theory. I think it would be cool to be a fairy and have wings and still be tough.
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( Feb. 15th, 2008 10:53 am)
... in which I relate another dream:

Change )
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( Jan. 13th, 2008 11:13 pm)
... in which I relate another dream.

Games )

Blargh! This sucks. I started doing this thinking I'd have maybe a week's worth of dreams I could spread out over about a month. But I've only had three memorable dreams, and the third one I only remember snippets of... and it was one of those ones where it just suddenly becomes something completely different, much like [livejournal.com profile] highlyeccentric's recently posted dream, only much worse, so I couldn't really write it out; I've lost all continuity.

There was a common theme through all of three, though: school. That actually weirded me out a bit - three dreams all involving my high school in some way (the one above mixing in my primary school too), either through teachers being present or through it being set within the grounds. And all in a row.

I'm hoping that these three aren't the only dreams I'm going to be able to remember for a while. I like being able to remember my dreams.

It is strange though, now that I have written the dream down, just how much the first section reminds me of this past Friday night, with bits of the book I've just finished, Superfolks, mixed in. My next post will be on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's happenings.
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( Jan. 8th, 2008 04:45 pm)
... in which I relate a dream.

Tears and Spit and Blood )

So yes, I've taken to writing down my dreams again. I've done it a couple of times before, but I don't usually remember my dreams, and I think it's because I listen to music before I sleep. That is, I don't usually remember them until I stop with the music, have a run of super clear dreams, freak myself out, and start listening to music before I go to sleep again.

This time, I was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] goblinpaladin's Wordsketches (though I've made no more progress with them since my last endeavour). So, really, my writing down my dreams has become a writing outlet, not just a log.
The Ashy )

The X-Men )

The Dreams )

The Whoomphs )

Now that it's nearly midday, and I've posted for my online readings journal on WebCT, and I have as much of my dream down as I remmeber, I think I should go have some breakfast.



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