I got a call back for that job.

I declined; I found out what they do.

Why is it so hard to find a job?!
1) Hello, daisk! Hello, eggs! Welcome!

2) taxi driver last night/this morning was a prick - stole $10 off me. I give him $40.20 for a $23.20 fare and he asks "so how much do I owe you?". Me, in my squirrely state, get the answer wrong and tell him he owes me $7 becuase I am a little too well lubricated in the brainspace. Serves me right though for getting pissed on a Tuesday night.

3) I have an "appointment" tomorrow for a job. I know nothing about the job except that it's customer servicey cum marketing... or a customer service job with a view into moving up to marketing... or something. Manager dude looked at my resume and told Underling Marissa to call me up is all I know for sure. I am now wondering whether I should go suitish pants or my really nice jeans, kicking myself for not asking, and hoping that the rest of the people there are as happy and cool as UM sounded on the phone (which is why I'm thinking jeans).
Last week I was likened to an accessory - something pretty that everyone wants to play with. I suspect it was meant as a compliment. It was not received as such, possibly because I feel like that sometimes. Then again, maybe it just wasn't a nice thing to say.

Yesterday, while I wasn't there, someone else told another someone else that I help with matters of the brain, and then told me (when I got there) that I always get her out of trouble. I like that that trumps the accessory analogy.

Paintball was fun, but painful. We went for Theodora's 21st, and it required waking up far too early because it was in Rouse Hill, but it was good. Some of the group were scarily into it; Cyn and I contemplated what games like paintball reflect from society, and then went and shot people. I think I got one or two people the entire day. I was only 'killed' twice, but I kept running out of ammunition, so I had to get off the field. Most of the hits on me just bounced off, which meant they hurt more than when they explode (which is how you're 'killed' - they leave a "wound"). Theo got me on the visor across my left eye; she was on my team; it may have been ricochet as she was behind me. Thankfully, the only marks I have on me are a bruise on my right shin bone and maybe two on my left side across my lower rib, however my legs are killing me today. Also, the army-style onesies didn't fit anyone except Cyn.

I had another interview on Tuesday, before uni, for a calls job. They were supposed to call me by Thursday to let me know what's going on with training this Wednesday, but I haven't heard from them, so I'll call tomorrow. Also have to call about my 21st venue. Anyway, hopefully this means I have a new job with decent pay. After that, I had a group presentation for Politics; Julie and I wanted to kill Andrew because he'd pretty much looked at what we were doing and decided to go off on a completely irrelevant tangent designed to illustrate how evil and wrong the organisation we were looking at is, purely to start a fight. Pretty sure we hurt his feelings half an hour before we were up only to get him to realise he was damaging the group, which did deflate him for the better, but he still energised the audience; most of them didn't like him to begin with, so what he said was still enough to get them to fight him. Wish he'd just listened in the first place.

Oh, and the Dead Letter Chorus album launch was last night! WOOT! It went swimmingly, if you ignore the sound guy (who should have been shot for Violence Against Music). Almost the whole family was there, which was really nice, and we ended up buying both the album and their EP. We bought the EP once before, but it was mysteriously lost the same night before we got home. I really wish Mike was the vocalist, not Cam, but I guess Cam can't help not being as tonal as others. And Gabby's voice is still amazing :D


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