Got lots of things ready for the coming two days.
Had my first Pirates of Penzance rehearsal - it was fun.
What wasn't so fun was that I was late; I forgot to factor in transport time, so I left home at 3:30 for a 4o'clock rehearsal with lots of things to do beforehand at Broadway:
  • pick up alcohol for the night

  • pick up a birthday card for the night

  • write on birthday card

  • eat

  • get stamps

  • mail out stuff I shoudl have mailed out days beforehand

  • get back to uni

Rehearsal had started and I had been walking around with heavy bags of clothes and crap and alcohol (and I don't walk; I powerwalk. Always), so I was out of breath and sweaty.
Went to Redfern Station to go to Heathcote for the night and Work Amy's 23rd - the theme was 80s
Wrote on the card on the way
Arrived, changed, got smashed, photos were taken (one particularly horrid photo at the punchbowl) and may have been dominated by a woman with a slapper
Slept before anyone else, though I kept being tucked in despite the heat and could not sleep (everyone else went to bed hours later)

Woke up in hells of pain - I'd chosen the most angular couch in existance and had been holding myself in half fetal position all night. Cramps; ow.
Left without eating breakfast, and trained it home alone because Kelly decided to stay a while longer.
Track work; fuck.
Two hours later, I arrive home, shower, swap bags and leave.
Have not yet eaten because there is no lunchable foodstuffs to eat in less than five minutes.
Arrive at second rehearsal carrying cocktail wears and a second bag.
Physical excersion+ at this rehearsal - musicaling makes you fit.
After rehearsal I meet Cyn outside and get changed in Education Building after she charms the front desk guy to let us into the closed building.
Walk to Refern to train it to Penshurst. Get food on the way.
Penhurst RSL for [ profile] frozen_icehart's 21st.
Am the object of Mistaken Identity thrice:
  • For: Frozen. By: Bartender.

  • For: Frozen. By: Uncle/family friend, wishing me a good night as he leaves.

  • For: Nathan? By: The Fruit That Starts With L. (Apparently they went to school together.)

Speeches are awesome, and Frozen's family is pretty damn cool (especially his sister).
Cyn and I leave together because that's how we roll.
Transport home is delayed. Heavily. Like, by nearly an hour. But I still get home earlier than I would have had I gotten a train to Ashfield.

Had a good two days, if exhausting. Showed the teeth off to just about everyone; just about everyone was highly impressed (Tim had no idea what was going on... I don't think he'd ever noticed the braces before.) And, oddly, there were no real dramas to gossip about.

deleted due to attack of the borings

just got home from the Ortho. I now have my retainer. It's one of those clear mouth-guardy type ones. It doesn't quite fit because of the gap between Wednesday's getting the bracese off and retainer fitting, and today's giving of the retainer, but it's supposed to be good in the next couple of days. I go back for my first retainer checkup on the 12th of Jan.

And, finally: meme-age )
... in which David feels like playing :)

I ended up finishing my essay at 5am Tueday morning with 3300 words. I was already repeating myself, so I had a choice between ending it where it was or keeping on writing and making him hate me. I had to hand it in, come home, and go straight to work - not a good day.

However, one good thing about the day was that Spore's Creature Creator was released!! XD I downloaded the demo (because I can't figure out how to trick it into thinking I'm an American and therefore am allowed to pay them $10 for the full Creator) and have had some fun with it. One's already gone missing though... don't really know what happened - I've still got the .png that it gets saved as on my computer, but it seems not to recognise it or something... I've let them know, but I don't really know what they'll be able to do about it. :(

One other good thing about Tuesday is that I'M NOW FINISHED FOR THE SEMESTER!!! XD

Also, while at work on Tuesday, I had an odd idea: to make my Friends List into a bunch of products to be advertised. It started with a conversation between myself and [ profile] desi_pixie over MSN in which we greeted each other thus: "PHRASEMUFFINPANTSFACE" followed by "DESIPIXIELOVERGIRL". Days later, I mis-remembered my greeting as DESIPIXIELOVEPANTS. Also, I thought that hers had been far more jovially offensive, but that's ok. And from there it became Desi Pixie Love Pants. So, obviously, I had to challenge myself to see if I could do something similar with everyone else's names. And to make it make a little more sense, I thought I'd add a tag/hook/slogan thingy to each of them.

Sadly, I am yet to do you all. However, I have had quite a few random thoughts upon the matter, and this is what I have so far:

  • Desi Pixie Love Pants
    'the love now comes standard'
    (I think this was probably inspired by a post of yours, Miss Amy)

  • Highly Eccentric Bass Tuba
    'for when life just isn't bass enough'
    'for when two-Fs-below-middle-C just isn't bass enough'
    (incidentally, there is actually a bass tuba. Also, a contrabass tuba, which in fact has a lower range, being potentially able to reach the lowest note on a piano, or lower depending on the player.)

  • Yoda Llama Car Seat
    'now with a video camera attached to an extendable, opposable arm to capture the fantabulousness of it all'
    Far too wordy, but I like the general idea of it, i.e. that I'm referencing your while-driving music videos. And the fact that it says 'fantabulous'. :P

  • Hydeon Generator
    'for when Improbability and Random just won't cut it'
    'Proudly producing Random for over 10 years'
    (I so wanted to use this one on you, Jessi)

  • Citizen Erased Writing Set
    'this text has been erased due to author not found'

  • Goblin Paladin Clockwork Pocket Protectors
    'valiant defenders of nerd pockets since the middle ages'

  • Aquatic Fish
    'for when land fish just won't cut it'

  • McAres Dragon Warriors: Internet Security
    '100_teeth.jpg; just add virtual water'
    for when real gods of warfare aren't good enough
    because duh! the dragon was a son of Ares, and he did guard a spring, and when Kadmos slew him to get to the spring, Athena advised him to sow the teeth in the ground. From these teeth sprang a host of armed warriors, who for stupid reasons attacked themselves until only 5 were left. These then became the nobilities of future Thebes. That's your mythology lesson for the day, kids. Oh, and it's internet security software because 'McAres' is similar to 'McAfree'... plus the whole Trojan War thing.

  • Kaylou Lee's Little Book of Spoilers
    'Warning: some products may contain spoilers'
    Triple reference. I win. (real shirt + two Dr Who references... aside from the obvious Firefly reference, that is)

I was thinking about making this a meme. Something along the lines of:
1. comment below
2. I'll use your username and what I know of you to create a product
3. I'll then add a slogan so it sells well
4. repost this in your journal
5. see how well you sell :P

but I wanted to use all the ones I'd already thought up, and I wanted everyone to be able to see what I'd come up with. Because I may not always be the most creative or funny or whatever, but I'm generally proud of my crap, so there! :P If you want to do it too, though, go ahead - run with it! :D


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