... flail and squee, flail and squee, flail and squee.

Flail: my 21st. It is coming. It was organised. Mostly. In theory. Then I realised I Did Not Want. Mainly Teh Evil Family. Also the venue. Teh Evil Family got kicked off. Which meant Teh Goodside Family had to go too. So just friends. Venue changed too. Venue change meant theme change. Who would do masquerade at a restaurant? In Ashfield? For Thai? Too inconsistent. Am re-thinking. Mother-type got out of sorts for not having Teh Evil Family. Because they are Evil. And because they would curse us. With Abstinence. Actually a Blessing in Disguise. Reminded her that they get combined Christmas/My 21st at a park (... o_0?) the week before. Still guilty-ish. Re-added Teh Goodside Family. Numbers dropped from 80 to 46. Much less expensive. But no more Blessing. Just wish I could have EVERYONE that I originally planned to have (Teh Evil Family is only about 10 of the 34 people I had to cut from the list).

To make up for that...

Squee: Alice in Wonderland. Soon to be movie. Again. But better! With Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett as Mad Hatter and Red Queen. Yay for that dude who is her husband! That... crazy dude. You know? Yes. That one.

On an unrelated note: I have decided to go into business for myself. There just aren't any jobs in the world. Anywhere. Ever. So I am going to sell paralyzed birds. I feel it is an untapped market. Think of the sales! I will be an industry pioneer. Would you like a bird, sir? A paralyzed bird? I shall say. Why, yes, sir! Thank you, sir! my customers shall reply with glee. I shall be a milionaire. And you will all get discounts! 30% off for the rest of your lives! Also, we will do parties. Birthday parties. For small children. Small children LOVE paralyzed birds. It will be the craze of the next generation. Generation Impaired!

Also... I have found my dream birthday present. It won't happen though. It would be my Christmas and birthday, and Easter, too, if we did Easter presents, present and probably from my entire immediate family and then some (because we try to set limits on how much we spend on each other, to keep things fair I guess). It is this awesome graphics tablet with interactive pen display! And it will never be mine unless the paralyzed bird industry booms before a better model comes out.
Last week I was likened to an accessory - something pretty that everyone wants to play with. I suspect it was meant as a compliment. It was not received as such, possibly because I feel like that sometimes. Then again, maybe it just wasn't a nice thing to say.

Yesterday, while I wasn't there, someone else told another someone else that I help with matters of the brain, and then told me (when I got there) that I always get her out of trouble. I like that that trumps the accessory analogy.

Paintball was fun, but painful. We went for Theodora's 21st, and it required waking up far too early because it was in Rouse Hill, but it was good. Some of the group were scarily into it; Cyn and I contemplated what games like paintball reflect from society, and then went and shot people. I think I got one or two people the entire day. I was only 'killed' twice, but I kept running out of ammunition, so I had to get off the field. Most of the hits on me just bounced off, which meant they hurt more than when they explode (which is how you're 'killed' - they leave a "wound"). Theo got me on the visor across my left eye; she was on my team; it may have been ricochet as she was behind me. Thankfully, the only marks I have on me are a bruise on my right shin bone and maybe two on my left side across my lower rib, however my legs are killing me today. Also, the army-style onesies didn't fit anyone except Cyn.

I had another interview on Tuesday, before uni, for a calls job. They were supposed to call me by Thursday to let me know what's going on with training this Wednesday, but I haven't heard from them, so I'll call tomorrow. Also have to call about my 21st venue. Anyway, hopefully this means I have a new job with decent pay. After that, I had a group presentation for Politics; Julie and I wanted to kill Andrew because he'd pretty much looked at what we were doing and decided to go off on a completely irrelevant tangent designed to illustrate how evil and wrong the organisation we were looking at is, purely to start a fight. Pretty sure we hurt his feelings half an hour before we were up only to get him to realise he was damaging the group, which did deflate him for the better, but he still energised the audience; most of them didn't like him to begin with, so what he said was still enough to get them to fight him. Wish he'd just listened in the first place.

Oh, and the Dead Letter Chorus album launch was last night! WOOT! It went swimmingly, if you ignore the sound guy (who should have been shot for Violence Against Music). Almost the whole family was there, which was really nice, and we ended up buying both the album and their EP. We bought the EP once before, but it was mysteriously lost the same night before we got home. I really wish Mike was the vocalist, not Cam, but I guess Cam can't help not being as tonal as others. And Gabby's voice is still amazing :D
... in which David has to build himself a new disposition.

This week I've been looking for a new job. Harry's only been able to give me one shift a week, so it's been pretty bad lately for me, especially with the crazy numbers of 21sts I've had/will have soon. I still can't believe I spent $500 in one week... I just don't do that! Well, not usually; clearly I have done it. But that is a slight detour - I have been looking for a job, and therefore have been handing out resumes.

To be accurate though, I have actually only given out two, and one of them was given back to me. The first place that was accepting resumes was my localest Angus and Robertson; it was the first place I hit, and I was completely unprepared mentally, which I didn't realise until I was there talking to the girl behind the desk. It didn't help that she just popped up as I was walking up to her - I'd thought I'd have at least a minute to figure out what I'd say while she walked over from whatever dark corner she'd been lurking in. But no. Still, she took the resume and it actually looked promising.

Then I hit EB Games. I think I said something like "Hey, um... ... I'm looking for a job... I was just wondering if you guys have a... special way of doing that..." (as in hand in a resume, application form, or online, but I didn't say that) (and yes, that double ... was an exceptionally long pause); clearly I was still unprepared. Dude Behind Desk was cool though, and told me that I should come back the next day when the manager was in and hand in my resume directly to him. Also told me I should wear shirt and tie to look confident (I'm pretty certain that was because I didn't SOUND confident AT ALL).

Next hit was Dick Smith Electronics, where the guy I spoke to was as much a noobescently bumbling fool as I. Apparently they only work with online applications. I still didn't explain that question, but at least this time when I asked it made me sound like I knew what was may or may not have been going on... sort of. Online, I found that there aren't actually any jobs there anyway, despite Nooby Guy referring to the job I was looking for as 'the' job; not 'a' job, 'the' job.

Everywhere else was kinda lame, and there was no way I'd get a job there anyway; they're all family-run or similar.

Next day I went back to EB and gave the manager my resume. Was completely prepared, and was in shirt and tie, and I have a group interview tomorrow. The idea of a group interview still sort of irks me - mainly because i don't really know how it's going to work - but I have it nonetheless. I asked what I should bring, and Manager said nothing except a copy of my resume, and then handed mine back to me. I found that really really odd, but there you go. Also said I should bring a bright, sunny disposition, but where the buggery am I going to find one of them?

Yesterday and today I was going to go to Burwood and hand out more resumes/applications, but to be honest, I really don't want to. I might go next Monday afternoon. I should; I know that the interview isn't a guarantee that I'll get the job, but I'd like to see how it goes before I move any further in the hunt. It's probably stupid, but there you go.

Tuesday, I might pop down to the Marly to check out their function room after uni. I really need to get on top of my 21st. I might have a chance to check it out tomorrow after the interview, seeing as it's at Broadway and the Marly is Newtown, but I have work at 2 so... we'll see how it goes.


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