... again.

Facebook makes finding people you met on elevators a little too easy, no?

Also, Oscar's apparent manliness is... disconcerting; I now feel he is completely not my type, yet... I still think he's cute and he's obviously musical (he plays the clarinet!), so if randomly bumping into him doesn't work, I can truly say I always had facebook. I just wish I knew if he were single (and a confirmation of his persuasion would be nice, too)! Sigh.

... of which I only have about -0.21%

Internet has been acting up a bit lately. I was only told tonight when I asked my brother what he was sounding upset about during a conversation with my dad. It turns out that we've been going over our limit because of crazy amounts of uploads. Not downloads; uploads. And crazy; crazy like 13.5 gigabites in the space of 8 hours. Crazy like a fox being bitchslapped by upload costs.

It also turns out that there's a pretty big chance it was me. Well, my computer. Well, a stupid program that I have installed that isn't actually supposed to upload when I tell it to stop but sort of does anyway. Well, me, because I didn't know how to fix said problem even after talking to my brother about it and therefore sort of left it to fix itself. Well, my brother, seeing as he didn't fix the damn problem when I told him about it.

Well, me.

It's quite possible that said program uploaded 55+ gigabites in one month. Our plan caps at 60. Oops. Oops I say, while throttling said program, which has finally been uninstalled. Of course, if this had been mentioned a little earlier, I would have gotten rid of said program then and there and we wouldn't have just half our cap left for this month. This month that started about three days ago. Apparently said program was running, uploading against my will, from midnight Wednesday morning to 8am.

There's a chance it could have been pirates, or even people stealing our internet. My dad's friend used to do that a lot, as did my cousin. I don't like that, because it leads to things getting blamed on me. Well, my computer. Well, a stupid... well, you know where this is going.

In happier news though, while I didn't actually see Oscar on Tuesday (which bummed me out rather a bit too much considering I'd only spoken to him once, a week before), I did see him on Wednesday. He was running to get something printed, and there are no printers in the music library, and I had Hannah on my left and long story short she was having a bad day, and we all know that I'm a coward. So, we talked, but not a huge amount (though I think I scored points for both a) taking Music in the Sixties, and b) being enthusiastic about a Credo he may or may not know... actually, I think may have lost points if he did know it, purely based on the way I was enthusiastic), and I was a complete and utter moron and I didn't get his details or give him mine. I did, however, recognise him at first sight, so I give myself points for that.

[livejournal.com profile] areyoustrange, I believe you were right; I am terminally single. And by my own hands, or lack thereof. Dear Neopagan Girl's gods, I hope I get another chance. I haven't asked for any, but I've been given heaps already... I hope I haven't gone over my cap for this boy.
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( Oct. 10th, 2008 01:55 am)
... in which questions. (i.e. no)

The squirrels have left my stomach! Yay! I was worried I was still sick this morning when I first woke up; turned out I was just hungry. Score!

Also, the essay I handed in on Tuesday has already been marked. This means I now have Legitimate Reasons for going to the Seymour Centre around 12pm next Tuesday to stalk stalk randomly bump into Oscar again.

Which somehow led my brain to thoughts of Erin's 21st and the whole homophobia thing that happened. Now, I wasn't actually there when That Which Was Said was said, so I don't know how it really went down, but I swear I cannot help but think that Kelly might have been wrong. If I remember correctly, That Which Was Said was something like:
"Manager's friend": Hey, is you're friend gay?
Kelly: Why do you want to know?
"MF": 'Cause my mate behind the bar wants his number.
K, detecting homophobic joking being made at my/Bartender's expense: *glares* If you're mate behind the bar actually wanted my friend's number he'd have the balls to ask himself.
(may or may not have actually been said to his face...)

Now, as I was being told what had gone down, I was admittedly excited - Bartender was cute to boot - and obviously flattered. But Kelly tells me "No, David, he was being a prick, making fun of you because you're gay" which then proceeded to slowly rot my insides and ruin my night (not because of the rotting - I got over that; that it kept coming up in conversation, apologies and war stories is what really dragged me down). I love Kelly, and I know she's extremely intelligent, but... I honestly can't see the jump from "Bartender wants his number" to "snide comments about his sexual preferences". Sure, Bartender was cute enough to have pulled just about any guy he wanted, but that doesn't always make people as self-confident as you'd expect (and I bet you were expecting a "so why would he pick me" :P). And, yeah, I didn't see the guy's face as he said it, or hear the way he said it, so there may have been geographically important clues that I'm just missing, but that doesn't explain why Bartender couldn't look me in the eyes all night after that when he'd been fine beforehand; doesn't that sort of suggest that he was at least aware of what went down? And how would he have known if he hadn't been talking to the guy? Also, Kelly was rather unimpressed with the guy to begin with - he'd been trying to pick her up, we think, but in doing so was talking about his girlfriend... odd.

I dunno, it just never really sat 100% with me. Which is annoying, because it's me and it means that I'll be thinking about it for years to come. It's possible that it happened just as Kelly said, but there's been a niggling doubt ever since she told me "No, David...".

... in which David has a newfound appreciation for elevators.

Saturday - Quang's 21st. Really good night, and I love some of the photos that were taken. Cyn and I spent the day in the city putting together his present (he's in chocsoc, so... we made a bit of a hamper for him). Met some really cool people at the party, and then a couple of us went to Pancakes on the Rocks after.

Sunday - Had dinner with Amy and Kelly and Rosanna and her kid. Thai was pretty good. Rosanna took Alec home while the three of us went drinking. Champers at the Ashy - is there anything classier? Did something really stupid on the way home.

Monday - woke up feeling like crap. Wasn't just a hangover - I've been feeling sick for three days now. Wonder if it's a reaction to the Thai or anxiety over the Stupidity. Or both. Both started AND finished my essay for Music and Politics.

Tuesday - still feeling sick, went to uni. Had to drop off an essay for Politics to the Seymour Centre, and on my way in, Pete, the guy behind the front desk, told me to cheer up. "Just for you, Pete." Went up, did my stuff, and got back into the elvator. Another guy got in with me and, as he was kind of cute, I checked him out a little bit and looked away. And then he looked over at me and looked away. And then I looked over at him and he looked over at me and we shared a smile. And it was nice. Then we got off the elevator and I let him go through the door first, which I guess he found cute because it made him turn around and laugh and say thanks. Then we started talking, but we were interupted by someone from one of his classes walking down the corridor the other way; he totally tried to steal the guys attention! So I thought I'd just bow out gracefully and head out on my own, but every time I took a step, the guy sort of came with me, so I got the impression he wasn't ready to leave me just yet. So we walked out of Seymour still talking, but our paths had to part (looked like he was going to go down to Redfern, while I was going to Ralph's to meet Alex), sadly. So we said quick goodbyes and left.

However! Upon getting to the other side of Seymour, there I see him coming my way. Awesome. So we talk as we cross City Road. And then we talk our way through Victoria Park ("Oh, I can go through this way, yeah. Just have to move my car.") And we talk our way up to the front lawns. That's when we decide to introduce ourselves (his name is Oscar), but it's also where we have to finally part ways, because it'd be even more obvious if he'd said that he could go my way <i>via Manning</i> to get to his car which was probably on the other side of the footbridge.

The annoying thing is, though, that I could have spent the next while with him. Turns out Alex had to cancel on me for lunch, which I understand, but I wish she'd let me know about ten minutes earlier, i.e. before I left Oscar. Still, I know where he'll be next Tuesday at 12, so...

Oh, and to finish off the story, I ended up going back to the Seymour Centre with the biggest grin on my face. Ok, so it's kinda lame (but very me) to admit that, but I had such a good time in that ten or fifteen minutes that I couldn't help it. Plus, I didn't feel sick while I was with him. At all! Which was an extra happy bonus.

Wednesday - felt like crap when I woke up again for about ten minutes, then I got really hungry. Hunger, it seems, masks the squirrelly squirrelly madness in my belly. How lovely it is to know that all I have to do is take up anorexia to make everything better. The joy. Also, I decided that I wouldn't go to choir tonight for a couple of reasons: sick-feeling, pub afterwards always makes me want to spend money I no longer have, and six and a half hour breaks with no [info]highlyeccentric are just not on. I probably could have found other people to hang with (such as K or maybe B... possibly even some of my nonLJ friends, shock horror), but the other two reasons were pretty strong reasons. Also, it's christmas carols, so they're going to get old quickly - any excuse to get out of the non-compulsory rehearsals is good by me.

And that brings me to now. Oh, but I did download a handful of gay themed movies during the last week or so and now have none left. The ones I downloaded were Shortbus (with Jay Brannan! :D), Edge of Seventeen (80s! Yay!), Tan Lines (Australian, and with a friend of a friend in it!), Phoenix (with no ending... what?), Holding Trevor (with Jay Brannan! :D) and What Can I Do With A Male Nude (which is less a movie, more a distopian photography film... but it does have some really nice shots!). Edge is my pick, possibly because a couple of times I related pretty strongly to the main guy, but also just because it was sweet and sad and heartbreaking and painful and it didn't try to have a fairy tale ending, though it wasn't exactly tragic. Shortbus is explicit as hell and makes little sense, but there are some really nice moments in it, so it ties for second with Holding Trevor even though it too has some flaws. I think I may need to go hunting again soon.


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