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( May. 27th, 2009 03:08 pm)
I somehow forgot I had a dreamwidth, but I'm going to try and use it instead of LJ more often. If I can figure out how to get my LJ Friends List to display on my DW Reading Page, that is. Is that possible? If so, how do I do it? It'll seriously help with keeping track of both my LJ accounts (I hate signing in, so I prefer to leave them on Remember Me, but I can only do that for one of them; if I use DW to watch my phrasemuffin FList, I can use LJ to watch the spiderspun one :D).

In other news, Pat and Paul have an "expiry date" - their lease runs out in four months, so they'll be taking a break/breaking up then. Until then, though... it seems like things are just pretty weird between them. At least on Pat's end - from what I've heard, Paul seems pretty blase about it, and Pat isn't exactly the happiest of chaps at the moment. I pretty much just want to give him a week-long hug and keep telling him that everything will be ok. After all, it's not like I can say anything else: if I say that it's all for the best and that they really aren't suited for one another, I'm encouraging that they break up, which can be construed as angling to get him all to myself; if I say that he should stick it out with Paul and see how things go, it can be construed as rejecting Pat from before he's even had a chance to... whatever. So we stick with hugs. I like hugs; I don't much like minefields. And I think Pat is aware of the position it puts me in because he's been trying to not bring it up in conversations. He can't help that it's always on his mind, along with tonnes of other crap, but he's trying to keep me out of it and I appreciate that.

I think I've come to a decision about Pat: I can trust him. I think what Rob told me about Pat just unnerved me, but I've come to realise that everything Rob told me, I already knew. He didn't actually tell me about anyone new, I just didn't realise they were the same person; the straight guy that Pat "seduced" is the same guy that he had an affair with for three months that I already knew about. I'm still not sure of everything, but I think I can trust that Pat is not the stealthy, cunning corruptor I thought he might be, laying traps over time and waiting for me to fall.

I'm still not sure if I want a relationship with Pat though. I know I have feelings for him, but I'm not sure of their extent. I did know their extent last year when I had a crush on him, but then I found out about Paul. That didn't stop Kenny from wanting the two of us to get it on, but it did stop me. Now, while there may not be a Paul for much longer, those feelings have been buried for so long that I'm not sure they even still exist. I love Pat, but it's possible I've pulled a Reverse David on myself.

The more comfortable I get with Pat, the more I think I'll flirt with him. Not consciously, just... out of habit; reflexively. It's what I do, and it's what he and I have always done. This might be a bad thing on more than one level, but... I already miss flirting with Pat.

I need to make decisions.
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:34 pm)

Does anyone in/near/close-ish to Sydney want to come see an opera at the Conservatorium of Music? Tickets are $20 if you're a student, or $45 full/$40 seniors/$35 concession. One of my friends from SUMS, Patrick, is going to be in it and I want to see him perform... but I don't want to go alone *puppy-dog-eyes & pout*.

Also, it's in English! So no subtitles necessary.

Possible dates are as follows:
Tuesday 23 September // 7.00pm
Thursday 25 September // 7.00pm - will probably have some sort of dress run for...
Saturday 27 September // 4.00pm
- ... the SUMS concert.
(sadly, opening night, Sat 23rd, is already sold out :( )

Anyone? y/y?
... in which David performs for the Masses.

Photographical Proofings - you will probably have to be my friend to view it though.

or just look here:
Free Image Hosting at

CONCERT HAPPENED! AND SUCCESSFULLY! (perhaps not financially, though... :s)

It was actually pretty shoddy compared to the rehearsals, but oh well. No one not in SUMS seemed to notice, so I'm not complaining. In fact, apart from my parents (who very tactful and blamed the soprano soloist :P), no one even seemed to notice the problems I did. YAY!

But before that I went to see The Orphanage with some SUMSters. It was good. I rate Pan's Labyrinth higher (it's the same director), but it was good nonetheless. Not going to spoil anything except this: it's in Spanish; it has subtitles. Little graphic at times, but then again, so was Pan's.

But yes, the concert. Isaac and David were both late!! and I was worried they wouldn't be turning up at all. There'd have been no way I could sing properly without them there to almost balance out the Michael in my ears. They did turn up though (as the photo shows - they're right behind me)* thank god.

We had to practice sitting, standing and walking, which was frustrating because it's not really that hard. You sit, or you stand, or you walk. What else is there to do? How hard is it to not fuck up?

Concert started and I had no idea where anyone was in the audience - couldn't see friends, couldn't see family. I did see other people trying to get other SUMSters' attention though, and this made me smile. Don't know why, really, but I think it's kinda sweet, even if they weren't trying to get my attention.

Concert came, concert went, and it was good. Many hugs were given and received. I was picked up twice in hugs - once by Patrick, once by Isaac - the second time for longer and with flailing about, which was actually a little demeaning because I felt like a rag doll.

Met up with Amy, Kelly and Kurtis afterwards and had drinks at Starbar. Beer is now $4.40 there, which is nearly enough to make me want to not drink anymore. There were interesting conversations all around, as is usual with that crowd. Mainly centred on sex, as is also usual. There was also trashy, trashy dancing. Yeehah! Amy and Kurtis had to go home, but Kelly came with me to the Post Concert Party. It took us a while to find York Street, but we managed after a bum-steer by a taxi driver. I felt the need to jaywalk a couple of times, at potentially dangerous intervals, but I had a plan - I would tell any on-coming cars that Kelly was pregnant and that they therefore could not run her over, nor myself by association. We would, then, of course, be safe.

Post Concert Party happened, but Hannah, Patrick, Isaac, Cat and Bernie didn't. So apart from the rest of the SUMSters who showed up, it was Kelly, myself and The Clique for most of the night, plus Ben The President - a fine combination of people. I learnt the name of the girl who is always around Patrick when I see him (he never actually introduced us; the rudeness). David was there, and I pointed him out to Kelly, who not-so-ninja-like-ly scoped him out. I didn't actually get a chance to speak to him while there, which is sad, because I didn't get to talk to him after the concert and I didn't get to say goodnight to him at the PCP. I didn't have much more to drink there, in fact I think my total for the night was 4 beers (and I bought Marina a drink for her birthday), but I was tipsy enough due to my lack of dinner to start flirting obscenely with the straight male friends... well, just Ben really. I actually feel more guilty about that than I ever did with Lynn or Jake, because Ben is so pure and innocent. :s

As I said, I spent a lot of the night with the Clique and Ben. The topic of most interest seemed to be Isaac and myself, and the wide-spread belief that I can do better. I really am not sure how to take this: I realise it's meant to say that I'm too good for Isaac and that I should be flattered that they think so highly of me, but... some part of me can't help feeling that, not only is it slack to him, it's slack to me because they're basically insulting my taste. Kenny's first words to me at the PCP (I think) were "So, you like Isaac, huh?", to which I reply "Um.. maybe?", because honestly I'm not sure. Kelly's advice was to "try before you buy", but.. that really isn't me. And apparently Kenny's been told that Isaac likes me, which is not surprising given his behaviour, but it isn't exactly verifiable or even something I should really be taking into account at this stage - I'm still trying to figure out whether I Like him. All the flaws and faults they were picking out in him (bar one - the hair factor) were things I haven't seen, heard, or otherwise noticed, self-obsession being the main one, so I don't know what to think of them. I just feel so comfortable around him, like I could snuggle into him for hours. I don't know. I should probably leave well enough alone and just remain friends with him if I'm this unsure and just see what happens.


The Clique, Ben, Kelly and I all left together about 2am and got McDonalds, then either got a cab (Marina, Ben, Kelly and I, and I think I actually somehow made a profit there :s) or buses (Roman and Kenny, and Minna and Paul) home. It was a good night. A very good night.

* B and Miss Amy, if you could see my head, you could probably see Isaac and David behind me. I just wanted to point out that, yes, they are the people I've been posting about.
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( May. 31st, 2008 12:29 am)
... in which David finally writes about camp.
SUMS SUPER CAMP - highlights are bold )

I may keep updating this as I remember things, or as I am told. Will link back at such times, and remove old UPDATED TO INCLUDE signs. It'd just become confusing otherwise.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I have a grammar question:
's if you own
s' if plural owns
... what about if one owns plural? 'ss? ''s? "they are the cat's", when referring to that which is owned by a group of cats, just doesn't look right to me :(

* a couple, plus two separate males.


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