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( Dec. 6th, 2008 09:44 pm)
Soon-to-be 21yo male seeks like-minded individual to occasionally bounce ideas off.

I would love to post that somewhere on LJ. However, there are two problems with it:
1) it doesn't say what my mind is like
2) I have no place to post it
3) it's vaguely sexual

I would rather use my brother, because he is a nerd with a freakish memory and has a love for sci-fi (Stars Trek, Wars, and -gate, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes... um, probably more?), but I think I wear him out. My stuff isn't really the best science (exotic particles to the rescue! though given tonight's discussion, I think he at least appreciates that I have some level of reasoning behind my pseuodmagic), and he isn't a writer, so I don't think he likes it when I try to fudge the fine details for art's sake (not that you have to be a writer, just... I think it would help if he were. It'd help me explain stuff, I think, by requiring fewer explanations... or perhaps by allowing more). Still, I value his input, even when he threatens to bring my precious Engine crumbling to it's knees by telling me I can't have Perpetual Lightning, no, it just isn't possible. At least not in the form I had originally intended - I require another element to create a circuit so that I can continuously recharge the storm clouds with the lightning it is discharging.

I really just wanted to tell him "Ok, look; there's this ring, right? And a ring is a circle, yeah, which is a symbol of eternity. So you introduce a 'semi-intelligent exotic particle that augments the properties of things' to the mix and it takes this symbol of eternity and transforms it into a ring with the Property of Perpetuity, cool? And then you get this guy to wear the ring and the Property is extended to him, because he's wearing it, right, and the human body has its own energy field, yeah, and the ring's Property's energy is extended to, and gets lost in, that field, cool? And then the dude gets struck by lightning. But it doesn't kill him, no, 'cause he's Perpetual, see? And that means he's basically immortal. Except it isn't quite that he's immortal; he is Perpetual. And now, so is the lightning that's struck him, because the energy from the stroke of lightning is a perfect conductor for the same energy that extends Perpetuity to the guy. So now he's Perpetually Struck By Lightning. And now all I need to figure out is how to keep the lightning going in a way that conforms with basic physics, yeah?"

Except his answer was sort of no. But in a way that I got to talk to him about it for an hour. And it wasn't all a waste, 'cause now I know I need another artefact to somehow create a circuit. Which is kind of annoying actually because I was going to have an artefact with Loop as one of my 37 Properties (except I couldn't think of one, so I changed it to Perpetuity argh!).

I'm pretty sure that if I suggest electron genesis using Replication, Adam will find a way to shoot me down. Say that lightning is a dump of all a cloud's electrons, or that the charge would find another path through which it could be discharged because the first wasn't doing it. Or something.

Also, I just realised that I can't actually have the guy getting struck by lightning; he's Perpetual, which means he can't die, but which also means he's constantly in the same state - he doesn't get older, he can't be hurt (try cutting him with a dagger, I dare ya; it'll slide right over his skin), and his body certainly couldn't be part of a circuit because the electrons wouldn't be able to get "in"; they'd basically just travel around him as if he were the most efficient insulator ever. Being struck by lightning would, to over simplify everything about being struck by lightning, change the state of his body's charge (if nothing else), and he can't be changed while wearing the ring. So there goes that instance of Perpetual Lightning; good thing I still have some tricks up my sleeve.
I'm still sick. It came back last night, after going into hibernation for about six hours. It would seem that my health is strongly linked to the position of the sun in the sky, or perhaps the the amount of daylight in my vicinity; sick at night/early morning, healthy in the afternoon.

But enough about that. Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I started thinking about the Project and all the things I can do with it. Because that's basically the point of it; it's an exercise in ingenuity / mixing blue and yellow to create a magical shade of green with the property of Healing / fun with "magic" science.

I have a couple of plot ideas I want to explore. And there are a couple of scenes that I have to write (mainly a big battle scene: enemy troops and air ships with actual weapons against the Handlers with their artefacts, with support from the Engine). But there are things I have to work out before I can do any of them. That's the problem with creating a new world from scratch, I think; you have to set up the rules as you go, based on what you encounter. But you also don't always know what you CAN encounter until you have some rules set up. It's a little bit Catch 22ish; you need one to create the other, but you need the other to build the one.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep*, so I got out my sketch pad and my list of artefacts and I started thinking. And I started ingenuing. And I started mixing blues with yellows. And then I drew a cat for some reason, but then I got back to the task at hand and started having fun with my pseudomagic. I came up with a way for the Random Generators to be used safely inside the dome from outside, without damaging the dome itself, and without killing the User by creating a toxic environment. I decided it would be easier for the User to create lots of tiny rock golems and then use Grow or Amplify to, basically, turn them into War Golems. There was also the idea that I could probably create sonic weaponry using a pitchfork, a sock and a mirror.

But it didn't stop there; I started asking myself some questions. If your opponents temporarily lost gravity on the battlefield, would that not be awesome? And if you had a way of making lightning strike perpetually - not just repeated strikes, but making the same strike last forever - wouldn't that be an amazing alternate energy source? Weapon? Way to fuck up weather patterns? ('Cause if you've got lightning continuously striking, it has to be continuously recharging, and clouds charge by moving around a lot, so you'd need lots of motion in the one spot... it'd be like a cloud running on a treadmill, but at super speed.) Not to mention the havoc it would wreck on the local electromagnetic field, creating a super(-) along the arc of lightning (or would it just be at the point of discharge?) and a super(+) in the area surrounding the cloud.

And that was really just for the battle scene. I still have heaps of ideas for when the artefacts are basically let to roam free through the outpost and the hilariously devastating consequences thereof. The possessions will be most fun, I think.

Writing introductory material is boring though. I already know all of this stuff; I created it! I just want to jump ahead to the good bits. Aaaaaargh!

*Actually, that's just an excuse; to be honest, I was trying to incur another Project-based dream by going to sleep still thinking about it / saturating my brain with it. I'm such a greedy little so'n'so - like two nights of dreams in a row isn't enough? I just wish I could remember more of the specifics of the second nights' dreams - I know they were fantastic and full of action and detail and Projecty goodness, but the only real specific I can remember is scene with a bunch of metal panels, six of them I think, full of wires and stuff, attached in six-pack formation, each one representing a different artefact. One of them was Storm (Lightning). The six-pack was flying, and I think there was someone below it. My view of the scene was bird's eye, and the scene itself seems, in memory, like a screenshot from a computer game. There may also have been running through a hall. And someone twisting, dying. But I'm not sure.
I'll start from the ones that are most like "I'm creeped out because he was sober when he fell for me and made out with me" and move to the ones more like "ow".

- last night's dream was about 85% Project: Ether Engine, with plot after plot after plot, and it was glorious and it spells my impending doom. (The other 15% was dreaming about drinking with work people (without ever actually getting my drink), trying to fix one of their pokemon games, and once again being the only one at work to actually BE working.)
- I just spent only about four lines writing about my dreams.
- it's 8:30, and I am fully awake; I've already done the "that dream was fun, let's go back to it" routine that I usually do several times a morning.
- last night, I suddenly realised that I have no idea who I am - other people have specialties and are GOOD at them, and defining characteristics, and are near-complete people; I can't think of anything like that that actually applies to me. Not in a good way, anyway.
- I woke up with a headache. Actually, more of a base-of-skull ache. And I was sweaty. And there were no nightmares to explain it. So I thought I was sick.
- Now, my throat hurts. And I'm kinda tingly all over, where by "tingly all over", I actually mean "the aches have spread everywhere". And all I want to do is go back to bed but OH MY GOD I CAN'T because it's 8:30, I am fully awake, and this is clearly an omen of my impending doom.
dream cum nightmarishness )
... in which boys find themselves alone in an elevator.

A Chapter To Start An Argument By
... in which there is a first chapter proper.

A Chapter To Begin By
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( Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:29 pm)
... in which there is finally a small amount of story.

A Prelude

... in which joking questions lead to destructive existential crises.

[ profile] highlyeccentric and I spent the afternoon discussing, amongst other things, characters and plots for Project: Ether Engine. For about... um... three hours, on and off? It made me a touch late to SUMS but it was worth it. Sooo goooood!

I now have three plots to go on, two mostly-working characters, and a functioning relationship between man and machine. Also, two origin stories: one for the universe, one for the almost-god. The third plot does not have any sort of resolution thought of just yet, but to compensate it has two complications - one which poses frustration and only minor danger to all in the complex but which I haven't been able to figure out the cause of yet, and therefore cannot solve yet, and one which poses a more immediate threat to one of the main characters which is soon to be solved. (The giving of a knock-out nerve-pinch was suggested, Oh Great Miss Amy, and I think this is logistically possible given that head-first is actually arms-and-head-first. What do you think? Not sure if I can justify his knowing just what part of the neck to pinch to bring down a raging part-dragon/part-AI/part-Immortal, but I think it more likely to work than either our Move- or Maths-based solutions, or just random shouting (which User'll do a lot of anyway). Also, quips about his mother would probably only bring to surface questions of his origin - "am I crawling through my brain, or my mother's womb?!" - and make things worse. Backup is still backup, but straight-boy on part-dragon-boy-who-may-or-may-not-know-what-a-kiss-is-despite-resembling-Tenth-Doctor-just-a-tad still seems doubtful, and I like the "Oh, damn, I guess life isn't like the movies".) (also, how appropriate is this iconage?!)

The more I think about Dragon, the more I think he would work better as an anime character than anything else. He so has the " ^_^ ! " look down pat.

OH MY GOD!!!! And I just realised that he's my access point for reader-knowledge!!! He's the Arthur Dent, the Companion, the Harry Potter, the... I don't know who but the person who knows nothing who gets to ask the intelligent people of the world what the hell's going on and get explanations that the reader requires, without coming across as an idiot. When you've almost literally been trapped under a rock on Mars, you're allowed to ask otherwise stupid questions. THIS ROCKS!
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( Aug. 21st, 2008 05:01 pm)
... in which there are thematic devices.

In reference to the dream post, I realised this morning what my latest Theme is. It used to be Levitation, before I started posting about them. Then it was School and Uni, which was more about their geographical locations and spatial layouts than learning. Then it was Funerals and Death. Fun times.

Now, it's Movement.

Lots of vehicles (plains, trains, automobiles).

Lots of running.

Lots of four-limbed running (i.e. with hands).

Lots of excessive motion (e.g. the elevator).

Just lots and lots of movement.

Isn't that interesting? If I didn't know any better (which technically I don't), I'd say that these Themes are related to Project: Ether Engine - Movement and Levitation are two of the Domains that can be controlled by it, and Space is definitely a major consideration that affects and is affected. Death, or the prevention of, is in some cases the ultimate purpose of the Ether Engine, like in wars or what have you.

I wonder if I'll go through a run of dreams based on Making Things Work, or Finding, or The Weather, or Projection, or any of the other Domains related to the artefacts. That'd be interesting.
... in which there is an update.

A big update. Sort of. Two images and set of descriptions.

Also, another update. This is to further explain PCBs.
... in which David rises from his ashes.

Internet was shut off on Friday because my brother neglected to pay the bill. This was quite painful, though it did force me to get the guitar out, along with the casio keyboard and my vocal chords, so perhaps it was a good thing.

Then, Sunday, a couple of us went to a sex shop. the city for lunch. Kelly and I were talking and we have come to the conclusion that we both need boyfriends.

Afterwards, I worked on Project: Ether Engine for a bit. Got the dimensions for the floor panels set, more or less (is a circle with a 1m diameter too small for a chair?). First ring has 8 blocks, second has 12, third has 16. I've even come up with a couple of artefacts for it***: an amethyst pendant used to Find, a ring that controls Movement, a monocle that can show its user Flaws, a hammer that causes things to Work, a cane that causes things to Open, a masquerade mask that causes Invisibility, stones that control Weather (Rain/Hail/Snow, Wind and Lightning), and my absolute favourite (apart from the hammer that makes things Work, oh the irony) the dragon-headed parchment receptacle created for the granting of Wishes, which was for centuries mistaken for a scroll holder - many a scroll was lost to the dragon "inside" (actually to the creature resembling our dragon, on the plane connected to via the workings of the artefact) having sometimes catastrophic affects *cough*Jebus*cough*.

Furthermore, I've come up with a potential reason for the seemingly magical nature of the artefacts, which are in fact not magical... except... well, I guess it isn't really science, but it's not really magic... lets call it religiously tainted phenomena? It involves pre-universe time and two immortal entities: Good and Evil, who would be known today as God and Devil. Except they're more like personifications of the concepts, along the lines of Death and Grandfather Time and Mother Nature... yeah? Or the pagan gods, each having a domain they control. Except not really magic, but apparently not science... they sort of just become religion by default. It's the only way I seem to be able to justify this whole thing, sadly. But, anyway, Good has a weapon (Good's Thunder <-- precursor to/basis of Random Generators) that will destroy Evil and his armies, but Evil steals it and it goes off and it "destroys" all of them: Good, Evil, both their armies, and their battlefield. They are torn apart, down to the subatomic level, but Good and Evil retain their consciousnesses due to their immortality. Their particles then scatter across the universe when it forms in the Big Bang, along with fragments of their colective consciousnesses being tied to the particles. Now, I think you'll agree with me that it'd be hard to keep sane being somewhat aware, if fragmentally, for that amount of time without any sort of rest (how do you sleep when you aren't even, in some cases, a whole atom?) and all alone (I keep thinking Billy***** from Remnants, a series I read when I was younger). So, the particles spread and the minds go wonky, but they learn to semi-cope in the darkness and find a way to sway natural events in order to bring their atoms back together. But, you know, there a lot of atoms in a body. Like, a lot. And Good and Evil, as concepts, are pretty broad strokes of the brush, if you catch my drift. So far, only small deposits of their particles have been formed, and where they form, they lend their host artefact augmented abilities as the distorted/distorting (twisty) energy from the framgented consciousness attached to the displaced particles disrupts the normal flow of a universe they don't belong to. Or something like that. Actually, I just came up with that last bit... does that make it sound any less lame? :( I actually really like the Article (Good's Thunder <-- you'll want to follow that) I wrote up to explain it, but... I dunno, I want the whole thing to be more scientifical.

B? (Or anyone else?) Any suggestions? You are my resident Person Who Would Know These Things.

*** I just realised something. Everytime I think of "artefacts", I now associate them with the "objects" found in a t.v. show called The Lost Room. I was going to link to the wiki page for The Lost Room to see if anyone had seen it/heard of it/understood the scissors (which I worked out while writing this post! :P The rotate things... they're scissors!), but then I came across this:
"Another (though not necessarily contradictory) view of the phenomenon suggests that reality was somehow shattered at the location of the Room, thus separating it and everything in it from time and giving its contents metaphysical abilities. Should the items be collected and returned to the room by an individual, that person would then have complete control over reality. This theory works under the assumption that the one gathering the objects has the knowledge to utilize them properly. Since the Objects are just considered tools, they would do no good if the user were unaware of their paranormal functions." - the wikipedia page for The Lost Room
This is so very similar to the original concept, the current concept, and the Creation Story that sprang from them, that I can only assume someone has read my thoughts and turned them into Hollywood. That's naughty.

***** "Billy Weir: Billy is a true enigma. Originally a Chechnyan orphan, Billy is adopted by a Texan family. He was born Ruslan, but his father, Billy Weir Senior, aka, Big Bill, changed his name to Billy. At times it seems that Billy has infinite power, and has a strong connection with Mother. Early in the series he was carried around the computer generated world by Jobs thereby fusing friendship with Jobs that is persistent throughout the series. Long before the Mayflower, Billy dreamt of events that would unfold over 5 centuries later. While in hibernation, Billy did not sleep, and was awake for the journey. The ordeal twisted his mind, giving him telekinesis, the power to levitate, and many other strange abilities. These abilities make Billy a match for Mother, to the point where they assimilate to become one. Billy dies in the re-greening ritual: it is possible he may have survived, but 2Face's attack and the subsequent energy Billy spends to drain her life force may have contributed to his death. He is dubbed "Billy Weird" by many of his enemies (which amounts to anyone seeking control of the ship)." - the wikipedia page for Remnants
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( Jul. 15th, 2008 12:27 am)
... in which David is uncharacteristically social/camp, and teaches Steph to Snap like a black woman/gay man.

Project: Lure didn't go quite as planned. I had hoped that at some point I'd be able to bring up the bracelet while Manuel (?? :S) and I were just, you know, alone off to the side. That didn't happen though, because I somehow bonded with three more local girls (and came out to one of them after she asked me if I'd found any nice German girls :P), and I was with at least one of them all night.

Plus, you know, it would have been totally awkward to just say "Hey, so uh, that bracelet... did I hear that it was given to you by a boy back in Germany?", especially slowly while watching him translate it. I have to admit though, that that is part of his charm - softly spoken and tentative; it sort of just draws you in. Perhaps the next quesetion would have been more awkward though: "So, is he someone special? Or just a friend?".

However, I still have at least one more shot. There's a barbeque lunch on Wednesday that I am being made to go to (I don't think Steph would take no for an answer), so I will likely see him there. Problem is, though, that he'll probably have a whole bunch of new German friends by then. If I find him on Wednesday surrounded by a gang of Germans, all speaking their native tongue, I don't think I could just squeeze myself in next to him and start up a conversation.

But I hear you ask "what's he like?", so here's the skinny:
- German, obviously
- blue eyes, dark brown hair
- 23 y.o. (just scrapes in!)
- high cheek-bones, strong chin
- doesn't drink because in his village, there isn't any public transport at night, so getting home he would have to either walk or ride his motorcycle, which he used to do but then had an accident which broke his wrist
- rides a motorcycle
- blue eyes
- thinks Australia is really nice because not everyone is an alcoholic (polite way of saying Germans are drunks, okay?)
- doesn't play sport (woot!)
- thinks beaches are boring
- can't swim, possible reason for thinking beaches are boring
- thinks the city is boring
- apparently has crappy guides because no one is showing him a good time in Sydney
- wants to go to a wildlife reserve, may be interested in zoo
- blue eyes
- is on a working holiday visa or something of the sort for a year (I think that's right?) - basically backpacking across Australia, I think, working and whatnot as he goes
- recent convert to Catholicism/religion; unsure as to reason; suspect possibly has something to do with drinking and motorcycles but could be very wrong
- shy
- does better one-on-one with the speaking

Most of this was learnt this morning while taking him for a walk around town - from the school, to the main road, to Maccas/Subway/TAB, back the windy way to a nearby park, rest stop, then back to the school for food. It was at the park I learnt about the bracelet.

I'm fixating though, aren't I? There were so many cute/hot German guys that I didn't even speak to because I didn't want to abandon Manuel. We lost him twice: once for about a second (he just went to get food), and then a second time for at least half an hour (... I still have no idea). That scared the group a little, not just me, so I'm not the only one who's bonded with the guy on some level. And none of us wanted to abandon him for other Germans, but I think we sort of hindered his socialising with them... that or he was a little scared of going and speaking to new people from other parts of Germany. I saw him speak to two unattractive German guys the entire night and I thought yes! no competition! except in ease of communication and I felt a little guilty that that might have been our fault. He will be bunking with these people, after all, sharing three showers among 200? Should really be on good terms with them in such close quarters. (it probably didn't help that he came by himself though, and not just not in a group of friends, but without any strangers arriving at the same time, hence our looking out for him, despite his being older than all of us! :P)

There really was an awesome community spirit tonight from the locals, I must say. So many people, even people I'm pretty sure I've never seen before. AND SO MUCH FOOD! Everyone wanted to feed the pilgrims and make them welcome. We kept hearing/talking about other schools taking in people and not being anywhere near as generous as us - no heaters, single showers, single bar of soap, no enormous food stash for breakfast, no huge welcome, and worst of all, no me. Ashbury will be remembered across the world (or at least in Germany, Italy, Africa and Brisbane) as the pride of Sydney's World Youth Day. It'll finally put us on the map!!!

I'm hungry. On an unrelated note, I got five hours sleep last night thanks to Inspiration. She struck at 2am to tell me about an add-on to Project: Ether Engine - a bunch of off-shoot tunnels, one of which houses an imaging platform and was designed for testing Artefacts and their properties, which took an hour to completely transcribe so I wouldn't forget anything. There were also a couple of broad ideas for people to populate the world, namely the cybernetically-altered (for reasons of efficiency) science officer in charge of said room's goings on, the chief engineer on special first-name basis with the head of the entire base, and the head of the base himself. There was also a scene where the base was infiltrated and a scared chief engineer had to hide within the projections of the imaging platform (which at highest resolution is affected by physical interuptions to the projection [i.e. sticking your hand int he projection makes random blurry dark bubble spots to appear across the projection]).

[also, I just wanted to say how awesome it is that you guys support Project: Lure! :P)
My cousin got engaged last Friday! WOOT! We all love Peter XD Apparently my sister knew it was going to happen for a while now, but didn't say anything to us. Or me. Boooooo. So much for all them DnMs :P Peter had been going in to her store for about a month or more saying it'd happen soon, it'll happen. He bought the ring near her store, and he's always checked in on Kate when he's been in the area, so it makes sense that she was one of the first to know. The only bad thing is the date of the engagement party - it's the same night we'd planned on going to Oxford Street again :(I'll just have to see if we can reschedule that, I guess. It'll probably be better this way, though, seeing as I have a recording assignment due the next week, and I'll probably need the whole weekend, as well as most of Friday, for editing (which means no work, too).

I've also remembered a couple other things about Friday night:under here )
  • OH OH OH!!! I was completely over-dressed. I was worried I was going to be, because I usually am and only had a very vague memory of my last fleeting visit, and I simply had no idea what to wear. I ended up being the only person wearing a shirt. Every one else was tee's with cardy/zip-up. Except for Holly; she was dressed for things better than Purple Sneakers, but she had an Edward Scissorhands tee, so she was cool. Or, rather, crazycool.

  • That's another thing - the crazycool thing. I don't know if I explained this in the last post, but I feel I must make sure you all know. One cannot be both crazy and cool. It is a scientific impossibility. Much like the theory that no one can know both the Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Answer, lest the Universe explode/implode, and get replaced by something that makes even less sense... it's a Douglass Adams thing. However, instead of the consequence being universal destruction, it is rather more personalised. That is, things fall off. Yes. Things. They fall. From the body. And to a far more "off" position. It has been scientifically proven that one cannot be both crazy and cool, lest this startling and rather horrific side-effect take place. The only solution is for potential victims to be crazycool, a sort of crazed coolness; one lone quality, as opposed to two conflicting. Therefore I would ask that you all take heed, and make sure that none of your friends or loved ones are indeed both crazy and cool, merely crazycool. This has been a public service announcement.

  • On to today, I payed for my Muse ticket!! Don't know if I posted about my going, but... well, I guess I have now :P I'M GOING TO MUSE!!! WOOT! XD I also got a nice black jacket. Fits like it was made for me, which is rare. And YAY I'M GOING TO MUSE!!


    Edit: Project: Ether Engine keeps finding it's way back into my brain. I think I really need to do some more work on it as soon as some assessments are done and finished with. I also reeeaaally need to actually finish TPR. I completely suck. I procrastinate too well. So well, in fact, that I leave off procrastinating because I can't be bother to do it now. "Bugger it, I'll procrastinate later", I will say, and then not procrastinate the way I want to. Blurgh.


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