... in which it's been a week since David found out, so he may have forgotten some of them.

In fact, David has.

  • When making out with Holly in my stupor, for some godforsaken reason, I was apparently (there is of course, no proof either way, sadly) licking the inside of her cheeks. Seriously, I don't think my tongue extends that far. But whatever, Holly was drunk when she was telling me this at her farewell last Saturday, and I've been sworn to secrecy re her boyfriend, not that I really think it'd be a huge deal.
  • (Wed, 11th of June, 2008)

  • I was carried to Nerida's place. No wonder I can't remember walking there. The last thing I remember is running back in to Purple Sneakers to get my jacket out of the Cloak Room. I don't remember Holly disappearing, but I could have sworn she was there with Phoebe and Nerida when I left them to go back in. And I now remember that, on my way in, I was struggling, except I thought "Hey, I remembered my jacket, so I can't be too drunk". To be fair though, I don't think I was just drunk.

  • Apparently I convinced Phoebe that she should "go for it" with Chris, the guy she met that night (who turned out to be a friend of people she works with... and not good people). I didn't tell her to sleep with him or anything (I don't think); I think I just encouraged her to give him a chance and hang out with him etc. Which kinda back-fired because he's friends with the brother of a crazy girl I did musicals with - a compulsive liar and all-round bitch by all accounts from the two guys I know she dated/wanted to date - and apparently he's quite like his sister... and Phoebe got the feeling that Chris was a little like them, too.

  • There were photos. I couldn't remember there being any photos until I saw a couple of them, but I only remember the ones from McDonalds. Apparently I even took photos at some point... eep!

Those photos are on Facebook. Feel free to wander over and have a look. I only remember two of them being taken - the two at McDonalds - but I know that, in the one with Holly and myself outside (but in) Purple Sneakers, I'm still sober. I was messaging Peter, I think.

I will get around to posting about the SUMS camp at some point (of which there are also some photos on FB). It was so good, and my costume was a hit. And there were massive amounts of flirting (though mostly jovial and from Patrick The Engaged) and massive amounts of David-Liking (but it was another David Liking me, so... just no). To top it all off, there were massive amounts of bitching by everyone (except maybe some of the oldies) about everyone else, and the formation of an exclusive clique-that-isn't-a-clique... which I'm ok with because I'm at least an honourary member.

However, I'm now sick with a cough and assignments, and I somehow did something to my lower right back area, right where it becomes the pelvis... it's been hurting all morning. Then again, most of my body has been (and I did sleep in a rather awkward position), but it seems different, more like something's out of place rather than just sore joints. It may just have been from all that hugging I did last night... Isaac and Patrick are so huggable. :)
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( Sep. 20th, 2007 11:47 pm)
... in which I dance dirty.

tee hee hee :)

Last night was Peter's birthday bash. We met at Opera Bar at 9, were at Purple Sneakers by 11 (were actually in at 11:45), and moved on to George Street at about 3. It was a most excellent night.

One thing I'll mention before going further, though, is that I don't like it when people ask if I'm having a good time. It makes me feel guilty, for some reason. Surely, they would know if I was having a bad time - that sort of thing I don't hide very well. But I was there, I was smiling and laughing with them, and I wasn't constantly looking at my watch (which I normally do whether I'm bored or engaged). Sure, while on the bus to Purple, I wasn't sitting in the Four Seaters with everyone else (there just wasn't space for me, too), and I was "admiring the view" ;) but I was listening to the various conversations they were having, their talking and joking, and was I laughing along with them. I was having a good time in my own way. And I hate that people think that, just because I'm not actively with them, I can't be enjoying myself passively.

Anyway, it was a really good night. Met Mai, and saw Mel and Ashley and Nick again (Peter said I wasn't allowed to touch his stomach, but when Nick said it wasn't a problem, that I should). We didn't go to Stonewall because someone (one of the Mel's?) didn't feel comfortable. And we didn't get to Pancakes on the Rocks for two reasons: 1) buses weren't running at that time and getting two cabs would have been too expensive, so we had to walk, and 2) we got distracted by McDonalds on the way, when all but two of us neeeeded to stop.

Didn't really drink that much, but got drunk enough for dancing. Dirty dancing, too. With Mel and Mai (together and seperately) and Matt (twice). And even dirtier with Peter ;)

I think that was the high point of my night; despite the confusion it brought on in me, along with the other things he'd said that night ("admiring the view" i.e. his backside :P), I got confirmation that it wasn't anything, just my kind of flirting - the non-flirting kind. Thanks Shane. And it was hella fun and hella close ;). god I love my friends.

Oh, and I apologised to School Nick for the come-ons last time we were out. He was cool with it, and has apparently spread the word about my being gay to some of the other school guys that go Purple. I was kind of surprised by the respect I got from them for coming out. These are the school guys that were the... nicer of the Skips, but still, it was surprising. In a good way, though.

AND LOL! I just remembered the Zach Story that Matt spread. Andrew... you have to know this.

My cousin got engaged last Friday! WOOT! We all love Peter XD Apparently my sister knew it was going to happen for a while now, but didn't say anything to us. Or me. Boooooo. So much for all them DnMs :P Peter had been going in to her store for about a month or more saying it'd happen soon, it'll happen. He bought the ring near her store, and he's always checked in on Kate when he's been in the area, so it makes sense that she was one of the first to know. The only bad thing is the date of the engagement party - it's the same night we'd planned on going to Oxford Street again :(I'll just have to see if we can reschedule that, I guess. It'll probably be better this way, though, seeing as I have a recording assignment due the next week, and I'll probably need the whole weekend, as well as most of Friday, for editing (which means no work, too).

I've also remembered a couple other things about Friday night:under here )
  • OH OH OH!!! I was completely over-dressed. I was worried I was going to be, because I usually am and only had a very vague memory of my last fleeting visit, and I simply had no idea what to wear. I ended up being the only person wearing a shirt. Every one else was tee's with cardy/zip-up. Except for Holly; she was dressed for things better than Purple Sneakers, but she had an Edward Scissorhands tee, so she was cool. Or, rather, crazycool.

  • That's another thing - the crazycool thing. I don't know if I explained this in the last post, but I feel I must make sure you all know. One cannot be both crazy and cool. It is a scientific impossibility. Much like the theory that no one can know both the Ultimate Question and the Ultimate Answer, lest the Universe explode/implode, and get replaced by something that makes even less sense... it's a Douglass Adams thing. However, instead of the consequence being universal destruction, it is rather more personalised. That is, things fall off. Yes. Things. They fall. From the body. And to a far more "off" position. It has been scientifically proven that one cannot be both crazy and cool, lest this startling and rather horrific side-effect take place. The only solution is for potential victims to be crazycool, a sort of crazed coolness; one lone quality, as opposed to two conflicting. Therefore I would ask that you all take heed, and make sure that none of your friends or loved ones are indeed both crazy and cool, merely crazycool. This has been a public service announcement.

  • On to today, I payed for my Muse ticket!! Don't know if I posted about my going, but... well, I guess I have now :P I'M GOING TO MUSE!!! WOOT! XD I also got a nice black jacket. Fits like it was made for me, which is rare. And YAY I'M GOING TO MUSE!!


    Edit: Project: Ether Engine keeps finding it's way back into my brain. I think I really need to do some more work on it as soon as some assessments are done and finished with. I also reeeaaally need to actually finish TPR. I completely suck. I procrastinate too well. So well, in fact, that I leave off procrastinating because I can't be bother to do it now. "Bugger it, I'll procrastinate later", I will say, and then not procrastinate the way I want to. Blurgh.


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