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( May. 31st, 2008 12:29 am)
... in which David finally writes about camp.
SUMS SUPER CAMP - highlights are bold )

I may keep updating this as I remember things, or as I am told. Will link back at such times, and remove old UPDATED TO INCLUDE signs. It'd just become confusing otherwise.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I have a grammar question:
's if you own
s' if plural owns
... what about if one owns plural? 'ss? ''s? "they are the cat's", when referring to that which is owned by a group of cats, just doesn't look right to me :(

* a couple, plus two separate males.
... in which David is enthralled by both himself and others.

I have my Hot Nerd-y Clark-Kent-undressing-into-Superman outfit just about complete. I can go as is, but I want thicker glasses than my own. Also, I really wanted to take a picture, but my phone was nowhere near. Sadness.

I had a couple of beers this afternoon at the Ashy with Work Peeps, but the kitchen area was closed, so no lunch for me :( So, when I got home and found a superman teeshirt lying on my stairs, due to my being rather a lot more gay when tipsy, I got rather excited and started trying on different combinations of pants and shirts (with the hair) to get some feedback. But, of course, I was all prancy and gay. My mum even called herself a "straight chick"... it was weird, but I was proud of her for finally accepting it and coming out of the closet. I'm gonna try and be really supportive of her straightness, even though I know it's like totally against everything I believe in. It's just like... whatever!

Last night I watched Boy Culture. It's the confession of a gay hustler, who has two room-mates and they're all hot and it's like "porn without the sex". Except it's actually good. Like, honestly, it's an awesome movie, with a real message to gay guys. It should be mandatory for all fresh male queers to watch this movie - we'd all be better off for it. Not so much for fresh female queers, because the movie assumes they have it easier: "Lesbians have got it right. Yeah, they've got all that dyke drama, but that's because they actually give a shit". I mean, it's good for anyone to watch (I assume, not being you I can't say for sure, but...), it's just that the messages are more focused on gay guys. The actual story is gorgeous, sad, tender, loving, hot, and just really really home-hitting. At least for me. I seriously want everyone to watch it if you can find it. I know it's a GAY movie, but it's not a gay-only movie.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I have to go and do assignments now. :(
... in which David is pretty certain.

Picture this:
David has just stepped out of the shower and is playing with his freshly washed hair trying to figure out what can be done with it, what new look can be achieved, what style would better suit him. Jokingly, he gives himself a comb-over. He thinks he looks soooo nerdy (but kinda hot, too... ok, my name is vanity). THEN! Several fairly obvious concepts come together and...

Enter: Idea!

I'd been trying to come up with a superhero to go as for the camp, and it's come to me. Superman! But not SUPERMAN Superman, Clark Kent Superman. More specifically, Clark Kent undressing into Superman.

I'll go as a Hot Nerd-y Clark Kent! Complete with an unfashionable hair-parting, thick black glasses, and suspenders. There'll also be a respectable, journalist-looking shirt, half unbuttoned to reveal a Superman symbol below. Every so often, I'll grab the opening of my shirt, thrust my chest out, and look with Justice into the middle-distance.

It'll be SUPER! XP

In less Hot Nerd-y news, I bought Bjork's Debut the other day. I really like it. I can hear elements of what was to become Post bubbling away every so often, and I love it. Post is my favourite Bjork album so far, though I don't have all of Walden's Pond or any of Bjork (and seeing as I don't live in Iceland, this is unlikely to be rectified), Homogenic, Vespertine or Volta. I think Walden's Pond should be my next-aquired Bjorkity... if it even exists... I can't make heads or tails of that one. But, from what I've heard her say about Vespertine and Medulla, those are her two most serious works, and I can hear that in Medulla, so I think that after/instead of Walden's Pond I'll go Homogenic or Volta.

That is all for now.

Army of Me - Bjork (Post) )


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