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( Jul. 2nd, 2007 09:15 am)
um, maybe I was not clear? :S Wouldn't be the first time :P
you guys wanted me to upload some of the videos I took, so the first one is up. It's of Departing Song, and before viewing I would point out that I am not a guitarist. That will become apparent quite quickly :P
enjoy :)

On other notes, wtf am I doing awake before 11?! I woke up at 6:30 this morning. I think I must be dying. Or the world is ending. Either way.
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( Jul. 1st, 2007 01:41 am)
Did someone say there's a video at Tag End?
Interesting... interesting...
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( Jun. 2nd, 2006 12:47 pm)
I have a concept - Tok'Kir's Caffe - but I have no idea what to do with it. I don't know if I want an LJ community based on it, I don't know if I want a set of short stories based on it, and I don't know if I want to manifest it in any other form. Also, if I were to manifest it in some such form, I'm not sure what to do with it beyond that. An LJ community is only good if there is a point to it and if there are people in it who actively participate. Short stories would be cool, but I'd need to finish the Daily Tag mag and TPR Season 1 before I start writing them, not only so I could focus purely on the short stories and the plot creation etc, but also because there is strong possibility that the stories would be post-war/Ovis stories. Other manifestations, such as a community/message-board/town/city/thingy (like was being run at school by certain friends *stares at particular lj-friend lol*) would need other establishments and a wide variety of posters...

However, the lack of certainty about practical applications hasn't wavered my want to do something with Tok'Kir's Caffe... I think I just need some fresh ideas
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( Jan. 21st, 2006 03:44 pm)
YAY for the pathetic race!

I invite all of you to visit, a community for TPR fans! YAY!

All past episodes will be forwarded in the very near future :D

p.s. sorry hydeist_, but yodallama convinced me to
Glossary of Pathetic Terms )
... shall send - soz, it wouldnt fit in the subject

The Pathetic Race Soundtrack 2
“Peace, Love & Mungbeans”

Running Time: 1:17:36
Hydeist Records

“Can’t see what space I’m in oh well…” – Old Piano

After days of waiting, fans can expect a CD filled with silence which have been artfully depicted in the opening track. “Silence is music.. It’s the gateway to imagination” says monsieur hydeste. But perceptive freaks will soon discover that it’s April Fools day and 30 seconds later, the journey begins.

The lyrics speak for themselves.

“As long as I'm losing it so completely” – Must Be Dreaming

“I'm known as The Endomorph.
I'm slow, I go back and forth.” – Endomorph

“It’s real early morning
no-one is awake” – Hyper Ballad

“I have wondered far and wide for.
Something real, something to die for” – Wanted

“I wish you would let go
Of your space halo” – Space Halo

“I never said I'd lie and wait forever” – The Ghost Of You

“Myriad lives like blades of grass
yet to be realized, bow as they pass” – Those to Come

“Without love life has no great reward
leaving us damaged or feeling so bored” - EROS' ENTROPIC TUNDRA
“In due time.
We’ll finally see
there's barely time
for us to breathe.” – There’s Never Enough Time.
“Keep your head down
We're not safe yet” – Shh
“I never gave out these signs
you misunderstand all meaning” – Psychobabble
“I got a hunger and I can't seem to get full
I need some meaning I can memorize
The kind I have always seem to slip my mind” – Lover I Don’t Have To Love
“This is fact not fiction
for the first time in years” – A Lack Of Color
“Everything's so blurry
and everyone's so fake
and everybody's empty
and everything is so messed up” - Blurry

“Soon I’ll grow up and I won’t even flinch at your name” -Flinch
It’s up to you what you make out of this. Put it in a time capsule; use it as a mug coaster… This CD was made for all.

An obsessed fan couldn’t wait to tell us what she thought of the new record, which was leaked via the internet.

“Ultimately, yes! I mean, really it’s ultimately teh music” – Mrs. Fillange
I have been told numerous times by people with underscores in their names that TPR has been a little lack-luster in the descriptive department. So, here is an attempt to rectify this slight problem (even though i feel there is nothiing wrong with the original format, oh well). please note that the italicised and/or bolded words are camera thingies - italics for cuts (how we go from scene to scene), bold for composition of shots (what's in said shot).

Please enjoy! :P

The Pathetic Race: Are You Awake? Part 2 (Episode 6) )

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( Mar. 12th, 2005 09:02 pm)

Design A Character

Created by madhatter and taken 795 times on bzoink!

Type of 'World' Character lives inthe same as GooBer
Named_vinci (the same pronounciation rules apply here as for hydeist_)
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorGreen (long hair in ponytail usually)
Skin colorPaler green
BuildStaunch (for all you non-CBHS gals'n'fellas, don't ask, just accept it
Scars, tattoos, etc.nose stud (usually a redish brown colour, much like Bromine water [Br2]), golden sepent arm-bracelet twisted around right arm
Otherears are inside the head, much like a snake's
Virtuestruth, beauty, justice and honour
Vicesshy at times, even though everyone expects him to be outgoing and loud from his build
Likesflowers, birds, Italian cheeses from a little planet called Earth, snakes, ligtning/thunder stroms and a drunken Cloe
Dislikesdark creatures form Fallopia's arsenal (Basement)
Talentslow grade telekinesis, snake talking (actually, most animals, but he really likes snakes)
Hobbiestalking to animals, reading magazines about little people (the mystical kind)
Social Circle
Motherhhm, maybe he was hatched - or maybe his mother was a human
Fatheryeah, he had one of them too
Other Relative(s)a Seer Grandmother
Pet(s)an owl and a snake
Friendshydeist_, GooBer, Cloe and Jimmy
Enemiesall of Fallopia
Sexual orientationnone
Love interestnone - he has taken a vow of ... celibacy and chastity

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

Design A Character

Created by madhatter and taken 790 times on bzoink!

Type of 'World' Character lives inthe same world as GooBer
Namehydeist_ (don't forget to pronounce the underscore, and no, it is never Hydeist_)
Eye colorGreen
Hair colorBlack
Skin colorLatte
Buildthin frame, but wirey
Scars, tattoos, etc.scar across his back, where Fallopia HQ whipped him during his encapturement
OtherOrb Crystal Earing on his left ear point (his too are pointed)
Virtueslove, Collin Farrel, truth, freedom
Likescheck his info page here on lj
DislikesFallopia HQ
TalentsPremonition and slight Pyrotechniques, Uber Physics, and ULTIMATELY, he is very smart
Hobbieshanging out with GooBer, d_vinci, Cloe, Jimmy and The Flaming Sword of Cheese, Uber Physics specialist, eating pizza
Social Circle
SiblingsPatricka (sister)
Other Relative(s)many and varied, but all of them in another dimension currently, on holidays
Pet(s)a small cat, and a toad-eating snake
Friendsd_vinci, GooBer, Cloe, Tok'kir
Enemiesall of Fallopia HQ's hench-people
Sexual orientationbi
Love interestask him, not me

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

a profile of GooBer

Design A Character

Created by madhatter and taken 769 times on bzoink!

Type of 'World' Character lives inThe world of The Great Pathetic Race (ie my head)
Eye colorblue
Hair colorblack
Skin colorblue with slightly pinkish glow
Buildlooks flabby but really is built very well
Scars, tattoos, etc.Silver Shadowdragon from back (spine) down right arm
Otherslightly pointed ears with goldish tips
Virtuestruth, justice, love and freedom
Vicestoo helpful
LikesCheese, his wife Cloe
Dislikesevil, his wife Cloe drunk
Talentsmany and undefined (other than "real"ising his tattoo
Hobbiesuber physics
Social Circle
SiblingsHalf brother - The Flaming Sword of Cheese
Other Relative(s)wife - Cloe
Friendshydeist_ and d_vinci
Enemiesyou'll find out
Sexual orientationBi, but only seeks physical relations with women
Love interestCloe

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

You are a guitar.

You are a musical genius... congratulations. Most people think you are a little obsessed with music, but that's okay. You don't care what other people think. You are independent, and would rather have a few good (and weird) friends than a lot of not-so-good ones. You may feel that people run down your eccentricity, but that's only because they're jealous. You will most likely become very successful with your musical talent. \m/ Rock on!

Most compatible with: Drumstick.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates a10 - you rock
your best quality isyoure a sweetheart
your worst quality isnothing bad i can see...
this is becauseyou were born this way
Quiz created with MemeGen!

so, how acccurate is this twattle?

i think it's pretty close, but then again, i am pretty biased

so, who thinks its time for more Pathetic Race?

(insert applause, cheering and many other forms of mass agreement here)

yeah, me too, and just in time by the looks of it

The Pathetic Race: Are You Awake? Part 1 (Episode 5) )

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( Feb. 26th, 2005 08:51 pm)

2005.04.05 RELEASE
new album 「The Pathetic Race Soundtrack」

■CD+DVD : AVCD-30716/B 1,575yen(tax in)
1. The New Year | Death Cab For Cutie
2. Are You Awake? (interlude)
3. Pull My Hair | Bright Eyes
4. Another Morning Stoner | ...And You WIll Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
5. Caring Is Creepy | The Shins
6. At The Bottom Of Everything | Bright Eyes
7. Run Run Run | Phoenix
8. This Place Is A Prison | The Postal Service
9. Anywhere | Evanescence
10. Planet Vega | Air
11. Animato | UTADA
12. Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl | Broken Social Scene
13. The Garden Of Everything | Steve Conte / Maaya Sakamoto
14. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes | Beck
15. Mad World | Gary Jules


16. Utopia | Alanis Morissette

And the official ThankYous go to hydeist_ for his help in the compilation, his CD cover design and his alround great art/help on this site for the Pathetic Race. Thanxies:P

The Pathetic Race: This Place Is A Prison (Episode 4) )
Hey, my friend hydeist_ told me about communities a while ago, nbut i only recently went looking for them.


i just joined an Evanescence community!!!!!


. . .

hey, is that PATHETIC HQ over there that i see?

"who said that?" d_vinci asked incredulously
"I did" came the response from the door, where a figure stood half covered by shadow
"BWA HA HA HA H - (insert coughing noises here) . . . (and here) . . . (and finally here) . . .(deflated) ha"


"but who are you?" asked hydeist_
"i am the great Sword of Cheese, the Flaming Tok'kir," he replied, "and i have come to help you find your Great Pathetic's wife and child."
"you have, why?" d_vinci could not believe his ears
"that isn't important at the moment. right now [wince] ... i need your [stagger] ... help" his final word barely escaped his mouth as he fell to the ground, suffering from the wound in his side
"holy crap," Goober exclaimed "where's my wife?"


"well, at least he's sober now" d_vinci said Pathetically
"naybe we should help the Sword-guy?" hydeist suggested


Oh My Gosh!!!!

i just found out (well it was yesterday really) that my favourite music band has new releases in America, meaning my friend hydeist_ has probably downloaded it for me - i can't wait to hear it and to get their new album.

AND NOW . . .

"but where are we, mum?" little Jimmy, GooBer's son, asked
"we're in the YELLOW now Jimmy"
"what does that mean?"
"it means that GooBer, Hydeist_ and d_vinci had better get here quick, or we might not live to see the end of the next episode"


"GooBer, where's your wife? i'd really like to tell her this yellow jelly is great" Hydeist_ asked of GooBer, the Great Pathetic
"I am not a yella bellied grape, you drink" he responded; the GP was a tad deaf
not to mention a tad drunk, as he had just told off the palm frond to Hydeist_'s left
"what ever you say GP, but i think we had better go look for her" d_vinci countered
"oh, and i think Jimmy's missing too"


"who said that?" d_vinci asked incredulously
"I did" came the response from the door, where a figure stood half covered by shadow
"BWA HA HA HA H - (insert coughing noises here) . . . (and here) . . . (and finally here) . . .(deflated) ha"
Does that make any sense to anyone other than my cat?

Anyway, that just means i got sunburnt at the "elite swimming carnival" for my LAME-O school. So, now half my face is red and half my face is white-as. I = Freak.

So, not only did i get burnt after today's carnival, it cut out three classes today - maths, geography, and english. Two of those (not geography) are major lessons, but I won't be doing that homework till tomorrow or later, 'cause I DON"T GOTS DAT WORK YET! YE-HAH!!

Now, to the important news -

my friend, known as hydeist_, my other friend, known as d_vinci, and another friend, unbeknownst to thine all by any other name but GooBer, are now linked in a telepathic race to the end. And the prize you ask? Well, I guess you could say that it is . . .

To Be Continued

Next Week on the Pathetic Race

"but where are we mum?" little Jimmy asked
"we're in the YELLOW now Jimmy"


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