... in which David bets you wish you had classes like his.

Today, and I shit you not, we spent an hour talking about gay cowboys representing America's Republican party in Music and Politics. Also, dancing cowboys made a return apperance.

I bet you wish you were a Music major now, like me.



... I feel pretty dirty now. That song is so wrong.
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( Aug. 13th, 2008 02:56 pm)
... in which David concedes.

I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been sleeping folded in half, shoulder to shoulder, squashing my entire left side. There was a terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side. Plus, I was drifting between being awake and only half asleep for hours last night, so when I woke up this morning, I really hadn't had enough sleep. I only had one 2hr lecture today and I'm not going to SUMS tonight because of Otello, so I skipped it and went back to sleep. Sigh.

There goes my one free lecture for Politics this semester. Watch it float away, and wave buh-bye.
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( Jul. 10th, 2008 01:45 pm)
...in which David is not impressed.

I got an email last night from the head of the music department at uni telling me that, basically, she shouldn't have given me permission to do one of the subjects I want to do next semester, so she's going to have to revoke it.

In other somewhat related news, I'm pretty sure I won't be doing Honours anymore. I can still do the qualifying subjects for the Honours course, but I never really wanted to do either of those subjects, and after speaking with my old singing teacher who is herself a Music teacher I have pretty much decided that Music Honours would be a waste of time. Especially if I decide to do another degree after my BA. And I'm not talking about the Dip Ed; I mean a non-music/teaching-related degree.

These two things will most likely have the following repurcussions:

1 - I do only two subjects this next semester, and then do another two subjects first semester next year.

2 - I do Music Ensemble 1 next year instead of Music Ensemble 2 this semester (for which permission was revoked though I have no idea why!) and nominate SUMS as the ensemble I'll work with.

And either

3 - I have a six month break and work heaps and heaps before I do my Dip Ed, after which I will decide whether I still want to be a music teacher.
3 - I start my new degree in the second half of next year.

I hate uni right now. Sure I'm probably just being emo, but I'm allowed to be. I've been fucked over. I was so excited about doing Ensemble next sem - my first performance subject - as I consider myself a performer more than a composer or musicologist <--- what all my other subjects have been. And that's the order I'd prefer my strengths to go; performance/composition/musicology. Sadly, I think musicology has been first up until now. Which is stupid seeing as I haven't really done any music theory subjects since first year, so I've pretty much been winging it since then. Actually, I need to get my ear trained up again - I have a pretty good ear naturally, but I don't practice it, so it's been sort of lagging behind the rest of my classmates'. Sigh. [/stream]
... in which David feels like playing :)

I ended up finishing my essay at 5am Tueday morning with 3300 words. I was already repeating myself, so I had a choice between ending it where it was or keeping on writing and making him hate me. I had to hand it in, come home, and go straight to work - not a good day.

However, one good thing about the day was that Spore's Creature Creator was released!! XD I downloaded the demo (because I can't figure out how to trick it into thinking I'm an American and therefore am allowed to pay them $10 for the full Creator) and have had some fun with it. One's already gone missing though... don't really know what happened - I've still got the .png that it gets saved as on my computer, but it seems not to recognise it or something... I've let them know, but I don't really know what they'll be able to do about it. :(

One other good thing about Tuesday is that I'M NOW FINISHED FOR THE SEMESTER!!! XD

Also, while at work on Tuesday, I had an odd idea: to make my Friends List into a bunch of products to be advertised. It started with a conversation between myself and [livejournal.com profile] desi_pixie over MSN in which we greeted each other thus: "PHRASEMUFFINPANTSFACE" followed by "DESIPIXIELOVERGIRL". Days later, I mis-remembered my greeting as DESIPIXIELOVEPANTS. Also, I thought that hers had been far more jovially offensive, but that's ok. And from there it became Desi Pixie Love Pants. So, obviously, I had to challenge myself to see if I could do something similar with everyone else's names. And to make it make a little more sense, I thought I'd add a tag/hook/slogan thingy to each of them.

Sadly, I am yet to do you all. However, I have had quite a few random thoughts upon the matter, and this is what I have so far:

  • Desi Pixie Love Pants
    'the love now comes standard'
    (I think this was probably inspired by a post of yours, Miss Amy)

  • Highly Eccentric Bass Tuba
    'for when life just isn't bass enough'
    'for when two-Fs-below-middle-C just isn't bass enough'
    (incidentally, there is actually a bass tuba. Also, a contrabass tuba, which in fact has a lower range, being potentially able to reach the lowest note on a piano, or lower depending on the player.)

  • Yoda Llama Car Seat
    'now with a video camera attached to an extendable, opposable arm to capture the fantabulousness of it all'
    Far too wordy, but I like the general idea of it, i.e. that I'm referencing your while-driving music videos. And the fact that it says 'fantabulous'. :P

  • Hydeon Generator
    'for when Improbability and Random just won't cut it'
    'Proudly producing Random for over 10 years'
    (I so wanted to use this one on you, Jessi)

  • Citizen Erased Writing Set
    'this text has been erased due to author not found'

  • Goblin Paladin Clockwork Pocket Protectors
    'valiant defenders of nerd pockets since the middle ages'

  • Aquatic Fish
    'for when land fish just won't cut it'

  • McAres Dragon Warriors: Internet Security
    '100_teeth.jpg; just add virtual water'
    for when real gods of warfare aren't good enough
    because duh! the dragon was a son of Ares, and he did guard a spring, and when Kadmos slew him to get to the spring, Athena advised him to sow the teeth in the ground. From these teeth sprang a host of armed warriors, who for stupid reasons attacked themselves until only 5 were left. These then became the nobilities of future Thebes. That's your mythology lesson for the day, kids. Oh, and it's internet security software because 'McAres' is similar to 'McAfree'... plus the whole Trojan War thing.

  • Kaylou Lee's Little Book of Spoilers
    'Warning: some products may contain spoilers'
    Triple reference. I win. (real shirt + two Dr Who references... aside from the obvious Firefly reference, that is)

I was thinking about making this a meme. Something along the lines of:
1. comment below
2. I'll use your username and what I know of you to create a product
3. I'll then add a slogan so it sells well
4. repost this in your journal
5. see how well you sell :P

but I wanted to use all the ones I'd already thought up, and I wanted everyone to be able to see what I'd come up with. Because I may not always be the most creative or funny or whatever, but I'm generally proud of my crap, so there! :P If you want to do it too, though, go ahead - run with it! :D
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( Apr. 14th, 2008 12:53 am)
... in which News.*

I have decided that my latest music composition assignment sounds like a funeral meets B-Grade Horror movie, with just a dash of ADD spiders on crack.

Because cello music isn't cello music without ADD spiders on crack.


*screw complete sentences. Sentences have had it easy for far too long, with people finishing. I say we. Right? Who's with?
Sandra Sully )

But enough of that.

This week, uni went back. Had Monday off because I only have one tutorial that day and tutorials rarely start Week 1 (if ever), and my Digital Cultures class's lecturer didn't turn up at all Tuesday morning, so technically I started yesterday at 11 :P

Apart from the no-tutes (one again this morning) and the no-show, I've had my first Digital Techniques in Music lecture and my first Social Perspectives on Education lecture and workshop. Tomorrow I've got a Music and Gender lecture, and I'll probably pick up my course reader for it afterwards.

I've had people I know in every class... )

I'm hoping Music and Gender will turn out well. Digital Cultures seems like it'll be relatively easy (this semester's Performance Studies equivalent, perhaps?), and Meghan was telling me that she found Craig, the guy in charge of our Education unit, to be really on top of things when she took an elective of his last semester. So even though that'll be a rough unit, lots of assessments and groupwork, and hour long presentations back-to-back (eep), I'm thinking it'll turn out better than last semester's EdPsych unit. Also, I'm really happy with Digital...Music so far - I've got Dr Matthew Hindson again (from first year!! WOOT XD) and he's pretty awesome; classically trained, deeply into deathmetal, and wants to learn more about DJing from our class and some of his students' connections. Plus he rememered my name after not having seen him for more than six months... I seem to have that affect on the music staff at USYD though. Matthew, Daniel, Charles... Anyway, point is this: Matthew Hindson = Awesome. Every time I think of pineapples and oranges, I'll think of him.

Oh, and duh! HP!! I haven't read #7 yet. That's why I'm not reading your journal Amy. Even your cut-text looks dangerous, so I'm skipping that too. Sorry.

I have seen HP5 though, so movie talk is now ok as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, off to get stuff ready for uni tomorrow and then to sleep. Goodnight LJ!! :D

"You're the bullet, I'm the gun."

p.s. why do Paid Members need to be compensated for the site's down-time? It was only a few hours. Do they normally get compensated? I just find this bizzare.

p.p.s. isn't my group certificate supposed to have reached me by now? Isn't there a due date for that? On the employer's behalf, I mean. Or is it the end of July, not June?

p.p.p.s. my lips have been really pretty the past two nights. Like, the Oxford-Street-action-getting kind of pretty.
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( Mar. 6th, 2006 05:16 pm)
Oh dear, it seems it's been as many days as I am years old since my last post here... oh well. Here I am again, and better than ever!!

Well, certainly, much has happened since my last post, and ALL of it good, I must say.

I won't go through all of it, because, like I said, it's over two weeks of shit and merryness, so I will start with last Wednesday which was O-WEEK OH!FIVE Day 1 (of three).

For those of you unawares, I'm going to USYD this year, and they start their years off with an orientation week, like most Universities I know about. They call their's O-Week... dunno why - it isn't like it makes sense or anything. Anyway, [livejournal.com profile] hydeist_ and I decided to go together, and there was the possibility of meeting someone else, but that never happened. So, we got our free breakfast of the second best bacon and egg roll I've ever had and some weird square!bottle of juice that wasn't half bad, sat down under the big tent, and while we were waiting for me to finish (because I only decided to get mine after hydeist_ had already finished his), Tim from Big Brother got up on stage and introduced us to the day and the day to us. After that, hydeist_ and I went around to all the stalls for all of the clubs and societies they have to offer... and I MEAN all. I joined the Musical Society which is actually just a big ol' choir, and Techno Zen, which is... well, not even the stall runners really knew what it was, but I only joined for the Power!Socks, so it's all good. And, because I joined, so did hydeist_.

Once we'd gone through everything, via everywhere and past everyone at least three times, including the Buffy Society, we decided to enter the iPod Nano contest, received $30 of free iTunes downloads, went and explored some more, then left. We decided to go to the City for some well earnt shopping, which will be especially needed now that we are going to be studying everyday for the next 4 years in MUFTI!!!!arg. So we shopped for a while, and though I found the all-but perfect pair of jeans in terms of style, length and waist size, they were just slightly too snug for my liking, if you get what I mean *wink wink*. So I ended up only getting one shirt and a CD while hydeist_ was there. However, after he was called away, I went back to the Galleries Victoria to look at some things I'd seen and promised myself I'd go back to to look at. I found them again, and this time tried them on, but realised that they made me look even thinner than I am (and for those of you who have never seen me, I am a 178cm, 48kg 18 year old, and am often mistaken for a broom handle), so I didn't get them. But I consoled myself with a DVD that I'd been looking for for a while, and drowned my sorrows in one of those Brekky To GoGo smoothies from Boost Juice (and DAMN! Can you taste the muslie or what?)... then I went home =D

When I got home I found out that my sister had gotten her Ps that morning. YAY!NESS! (She only just had her first solo drive last night, picking me up from work.) Also, I got my timetable for Uni, and found out that it completely sucked arse. Seriously, my little pineapples, it was screwed to teh moooon!

On Thursday, I had work... YAY! =D

On Friday, I went to Uni to see if I could get the horribleness out of my stupid timetable, and, guess what I couldn't! Yay for me! [/death!sarcasm] Apparently, the computer that gave me my times just expected me to attend two separate lectures at once, on two separate days! Bah! Silly computer! Don't you know of my anti-grav abilities?!?! Blasphemer! So really, I had just stood in a queue for an hour for absolutely NOTHING!grrr. I actually ended up having to change my enrolement, swapping a class I only sort of wanted for a class I previously couldn't get, so it wasn't too bad. Plus, now I don't have a 5 hour break between 11am and 4pm, just a 3 hour between 11am and 3pm... oh well, it could be worse. On my way home from that boring and almost hellish experience (seeing as the hour in the queue had been spent outside in the blazing sun), I decided once again to go looking for some more consolling consolation music. I went in to Broadway's HMV and was just looking around, when one of the guys from the store turns to me and says "Hey!" in one an unusual way. I'm not sure if it was just one of those heaped-on friendlyness kind of greetings that we as sales assistants are made to make, or if it was an "Oh, hey! I know you!", or if it was of the "Helloooo. How YOU doin'?" kind. I responded with a nice "Hi" and he disappeared, so I went on looking...and just guess what I found... Panic! At The Disco!!!!!!w00tness!!!!! I think I will be eternally grateful for my good friend Kaz sending me one of their songs and technically being the one to get me hooked on them. So I bought it (even though it was way over priced at $36! But seeing as it was an import and Kaz told me it apparently wasn't in Australia yet, I thought I should hop on it and grab me some disc), and I was served by the same guy that said "Hey!" - again, he was reeaally nice to me, smiling the whole way through and stuff. He even asked me if I needed a bag, instead of just assuming like "they" usually do, so I thought to myself "Hmm, this guy is either world-health-conscious, or he is smart enough to realise I'm wearing a bag... either way, it's a good sign of intelligence and good nature". Once I had bought it, on my way out of the store, I noticed the DVD of Labyrinth for like $15 I think it was, and I had just been thinking about it "the other day" so I thought I had to get it. I went back and the guy was still there at the counter, but he wasn't looking ('uz he was serving someone else by then, and was looking at his computer screen) so some other guy served me. I was half expecting an "Oh hey, you're back pretty quickly" or something similar, but I guess he didn't see me. One the sale had gone through, the guy that served me shoved the DVD in a plastic bag and gave it to me EVEN THOUGH I WAS OBVIOUSLY WEARING A BAG ALREADY!!! and I wished the other guy had served me again, though now more for the world-health-consciousness side of the situation rather than the "oh hey, you're back quickly *insert much laughter here*" side. Then I went home... =D

Saturday I worked, as I did on Sunday.

Then, today, I had my first lecture at Uni! Yay. It was my music subject and its the only one I have on Mondays for first semester. It was pretty good, though I was there 30mins early and I was worried I was at the wrong place because the building was named incorrectly on my timetable (which I didn't know until I got there and I was all WTF?! where do I go now?). Fortunately for my wallet, nothing bad happened today, so I didn't need musical consolling, though I will need to get my textbooks tomorrow... and the lines are fucking HUGE!ness-and-a-half for both the Co-op Bookshop and teh Copy Room.
Bleh -________-

Oh well, tomorrow will be good, and I will be able to use my four hour break to stand in line for both my books and hydeist_'s (really, I'm just checking how much they will cost there, seeing as we will have a 25% discount if we join soon enough). Yay for too much spare time.


Now, I think I'll leave you with the lyrics to one of my new favourite songs, called Lying Is The Best Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off:

Lying... )


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