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Father didn't build that playhouse for us; Father had his own games

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Birthdate:Dec 19, 1987
Location:NSW, Australia
Three major facts about me:
1 - I'm an Arts-type: I write, draw, sing, play guitar, and have thoughts about being published.
2 - I'm an Arts student: I study Arts at USYD; my major is Music.
3 - I'm gay.

Other facts:
- I like commas; I think I may love semi-colons.
- I have a cracky, cracky brainspace. When it's not cracked-out, it's sleeping. Just the way I like it.
- I take pride in my dreams. They too are crack-like. Indiana Jones Goes B Grade Horror Game Show Contestant, for instance (that one had it's very own Alice Riddle!). Or Torchwood Chases Animals At USYD Amidst A Talent Show... Where I'm Naked By Choice. Or any number of other goodly cracked-out dreams I've had.
- I always stay up too late, and never wake up early enough. I'm a nocturn.
- When I was a kid, I wanted to be a goth someday; now I want to wear a suit to work. That's about the extent of my aspirations at the moment.
- I like strings of short sentences. Stop start. Stop start. Tell me it isn't fun.
- I don't drink coffee beyond very weak instant stuff I make at home; needless to say that is NOT how I like my men.
- I never know when enough is enough; I'm border-blind.

Also: I don't bite. Unless you ask me to.
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