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( May. 27th, 2009 03:08 pm)
I somehow forgot I had a dreamwidth, but I'm going to try and use it instead of LJ more often. If I can figure out how to get my LJ Friends List to display on my DW Reading Page, that is. Is that possible? If so, how do I do it? It'll seriously help with keeping track of both my LJ accounts (I hate signing in, so I prefer to leave them on Remember Me, but I can only do that for one of them; if I use DW to watch my phrasemuffin FList, I can use LJ to watch the spiderspun one :D).

In other news, Pat and Paul have an "expiry date" - their lease runs out in four months, so they'll be taking a break/breaking up then. Until then, though... it seems like things are just pretty weird between them. At least on Pat's end - from what I've heard, Paul seems pretty blase about it, and Pat isn't exactly the happiest of chaps at the moment. I pretty much just want to give him a week-long hug and keep telling him that everything will be ok. After all, it's not like I can say anything else: if I say that it's all for the best and that they really aren't suited for one another, I'm encouraging that they break up, which can be construed as angling to get him all to myself; if I say that he should stick it out with Paul and see how things go, it can be construed as rejecting Pat from before he's even had a chance to... whatever. So we stick with hugs. I like hugs; I don't much like minefields. And I think Pat is aware of the position it puts me in because he's been trying to not bring it up in conversations. He can't help that it's always on his mind, along with tonnes of other crap, but he's trying to keep me out of it and I appreciate that.

I think I've come to a decision about Pat: I can trust him. I think what Rob told me about Pat just unnerved me, but I've come to realise that everything Rob told me, I already knew. He didn't actually tell me about anyone new, I just didn't realise they were the same person; the straight guy that Pat "seduced" is the same guy that he had an affair with for three months that I already knew about. I'm still not sure of everything, but I think I can trust that Pat is not the stealthy, cunning corruptor I thought he might be, laying traps over time and waiting for me to fall.

I'm still not sure if I want a relationship with Pat though. I know I have feelings for him, but I'm not sure of their extent. I did know their extent last year when I had a crush on him, but then I found out about Paul. That didn't stop Kenny from wanting the two of us to get it on, but it did stop me. Now, while there may not be a Paul for much longer, those feelings have been buried for so long that I'm not sure they even still exist. I love Pat, but it's possible I've pulled a Reverse David on myself.

The more comfortable I get with Pat, the more I think I'll flirt with him. Not consciously, just... out of habit; reflexively. It's what I do, and it's what he and I have always done. This might be a bad thing on more than one level, but... I already miss flirting with Pat.

I need to make decisions.
This going to sounds absolutely crazy, I promise you, but... whenever I promise someone something, it always feels like an empty promise. I have every intention of fulfilling that promise, but it's like some small part of me, tucked away up the back where the lights don't quite reach, some little splinter of my self that doesn't ever socialise with the Greater Self, knows best. He (or she) adds a few tiny drops of despair to the final concoction to just-wrongly flavour the pronouns and verbs; they taste like salt afterwards, and they curl down out of my mouth under the weight of their doubts.

He (or she) doesn't even believe you'll think this is crazy; just par for the course.
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( May. 2nd, 2009 06:09 pm)
K gave me a Dreamwidth account so I'm testing the crossposter.

Hmm, that sounds almost like a weapon when I put it that way.

"Men, load your crossposters and get out onto the field ASAP. We have enemy trolls closing, so lay down supressing fire and keep our flamers safe while they load up on retorts!"

"Yes, Sir!"

It would be like a crossbow, except that the arrow-holder would be replaced by a tube of glowiness that shot angst and poetry and myspace photos when on one setting, rants and rage and angry faces on another, and embedded youtube videos of up-and-comers in the musicworld on the other.

I can't imagine it being particularly effective on the field.

(I'm really wishing I could crosspost to SpiderSpun from here too. That would make things a lot easier :( )
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( May. 2nd, 2009 06:09 pm)
K gave me a Dreamwidth account so I'm testing the crossposter.

Hmm, that sounds almost like a weapon when I put it that way.

"Men, load your crossposters and get out onto the field ASAP. We have enemy trolls closing, so lay down supressing fire and keep our flamers safe while they load up on retorts!"

"Yes, Sir!"

It would be like a crossbow, except that the arrow-holder would be replaced by a tube of glowiness that shot angst and poetry and myspace photos when on one setting, rants and rage and angry faces on another, and embedded youtube videos of up-and-comers in the musicworld.

I can't imagine it being particularly effective on the field.

(I'm really wishing I could crosspost to SpiderSpun from here too. That would make things a lot easier :( )
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( Dec. 14th, 2008 02:36 pm)
Next time, before I go looking in places I shouldn't, can someone please slap the shit out of me?

Hyperconnectivity sucks. I should know, I studied it in both Technocultures and Cyberworlds. It's addictive, it's overpowering, it's... ironic that I'd be making that stand on LJ but screw it. It's horrible when you're connected to so many people across so many media that you're connected to too many people across too many media. When you can't stay connected to all of them.

Worst of all, it hurts when you realise you aren't connected anymore. When you realise the reason is no longer valid. When you realise you really don't mean anything to them.

Doesn't mean I'm about to break the break the cycle though. I hereby serve notice:
Impending Cut.
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( Dec. 11th, 2008 10:34 am)

That is link to a flash game from a pretty awesome developer whose name may or may not be ON. He has been developing flash games for X years, and his GROW concept is, in my opinion, 100% awesome. Each GROW game has a set of objects to be entered into the game environment, and one object is entered each turn. Each successive turn sees these objects grow by one level until it is fully developed. The object of the game is to enter the objects in the right order, not only so that they have enough time to mature, but so that they interact with the other objects in the appropriate manner. This is the one I started with and, compared to the Chronon game above, it is easy.

The Chronon game is not a part of the GROW series, though it does feature Curious Yellow Humanoid and Egg Fairy Thing from other GROW games (Curious Yellow Humanoid is pretty standard, though Egg Fairy Thing is, I think, Egg Fairy Thing Mark 2). The objective behind Chronon is to release the little yellow golem (or Curious Yellow Humanoid as I have dubbed him/her/cer) from captivity in the happy ending. I assume this is with a score of 100/100. Sadly though I've only been able to get to 76/100, and I don't even know how I did that! I can only get back to 72/100 now. Personally I think the key to getting beyond that point is to figure out how to cook the ingredients, but... I seem to have hit a wall; who knew you couldn't bake by the light of a mirror?
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( Dec. 8th, 2008 12:01 am)
Last night's post came from a place. Not an emo place. A slightly lonely place, sure, but mostly a contemplative place, not an emo place (I feel I should stress that bit). You see, what I realised was not that I don't have people who think like me. As far as I'm aware I don't have people who think like me, but that was a secondary realisation. The thing I realised first was that my longest running friendship stretches back to about Year 9, with Ellis, and I haven't heard from him in months now. I don't have other guys from school, not even guys I can pretend I like to hang out with, or that I can say "I'm not going to hang out with you because I don't actually like you" to; they're gone; they've been gone for about three years now. No ties left, what so ever.

So the longest running friendships go to Amy and Kelly, from work, but who no longer work with me, with a running time of four years. It's a pretty good sign that we're still really good friends - my inability to keep in touch with people seems to have been over-run by their fondness for me, which makes them willing to actively keep me tied to them. The problem is, they're nothing like me; Amy is a gothic fairy - sweet and loving, she will rage like a dark storm if you wrong her or her friends; Kelly is gorgeous and so full of class and style and smarts that she could kill you with her mind or body, after verbally abusing you for being a sleazy prick of course. I love them like the worlds I dream, and they are my girls, but sometimes I feel like the token gay, the cute little toy you get with your happy meal. Besides, I couldn't have the sorts of conceptual discussions I dream of with them; there's a mental language barrier, a firewall I can't cross. And it's not a deficiency on any point of the triangle, it's just that we're different.

And after them, there's first year friends. Mainly Cyn, Hannah, and Miss Amy. Hannah outright mocks me for writing, in a friendly sort of way, so there's no chance of conceptual discussions there, despite being able to tell her things. And Cyn... I'm kind of too embarrassed to try to talk to her about these things, because while she's known me long enough to know that I'm 75% outside the box, I don't think she realises just how much 75% really is, and I'd rather not frighten her away. Also, she doesn't really have the right background for conceptual discussions - again, there's a mental language barrier.

I find it rather ironic that the role of Wall then fell to Miss Amy, who was probably my last First Year friend, and with whom initial encounters were the most severely awkward. Perhaps that's actually helped somewhat with showing the real me - we went through the awkward awkward phase where I was pretty much metaphorically naked, so everything else becomes that much easier? Still, I feel I sort of abused that a little over the past couple of months (sorry if I bored you to tears), and while I know you wouldn't tell me to bugger off, I worry that you want to sometimes.

Anyway, my point was that I don't have that long-term from-childhood (or even early teenhood) friend that a lot of my friends seem to have. And I'm jealous, because I could really use one. Not just to help me get past the 12,000 word mark for the Project, but to discuss concepts for things in general, to fall back on whenever I need to, for anything. Or even for nothing, just so I could say "I've known him/her my entire life; we grew up together". I don't really know why that's important to me, why I miss it without ever having had it, but in recent times it has become that way.

And yeah, I realise this post is coming from about three different view points, with three different desires rolled into one, and that it's in no way cohesive. I have no solution for that. Perhaps if you'd met me in the nineties it wouldn't matter so much. Then again, my brother has known me my entire life (since 1987!), and I still frustrate him just about any time I speak. Which is annoying because he knows Science and he has good Logic, where mine is... well, tainted, by my thought patterns.
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( Dec. 6th, 2008 09:44 pm)
Soon-to-be 21yo male seeks like-minded individual to occasionally bounce ideas off.

I would love to post that somewhere on LJ. However, there are two problems with it:
1) it doesn't say what my mind is like
2) I have no place to post it
3) it's vaguely sexual

I would rather use my brother, because he is a nerd with a freakish memory and has a love for sci-fi (Stars Trek, Wars, and -gate, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes... um, probably more?), but I think I wear him out. My stuff isn't really the best science (exotic particles to the rescue! though given tonight's discussion, I think he at least appreciates that I have some level of reasoning behind my pseuodmagic), and he isn't a writer, so I don't think he likes it when I try to fudge the fine details for art's sake (not that you have to be a writer, just... I think it would help if he were. It'd help me explain stuff, I think, by requiring fewer explanations... or perhaps by allowing more). Still, I value his input, even when he threatens to bring my precious Engine crumbling to it's knees by telling me I can't have Perpetual Lightning, no, it just isn't possible. At least not in the form I had originally intended - I require another element to create a circuit so that I can continuously recharge the storm clouds with the lightning it is discharging.

I really just wanted to tell him "Ok, look; there's this ring, right? And a ring is a circle, yeah, which is a symbol of eternity. So you introduce a 'semi-intelligent exotic particle that augments the properties of things' to the mix and it takes this symbol of eternity and transforms it into a ring with the Property of Perpetuity, cool? And then you get this guy to wear the ring and the Property is extended to him, because he's wearing it, right, and the human body has its own energy field, yeah, and the ring's Property's energy is extended to, and gets lost in, that field, cool? And then the dude gets struck by lightning. But it doesn't kill him, no, 'cause he's Perpetual, see? And that means he's basically immortal. Except it isn't quite that he's immortal; he is Perpetual. And now, so is the lightning that's struck him, because the energy from the stroke of lightning is a perfect conductor for the same energy that extends Perpetuity to the guy. So now he's Perpetually Struck By Lightning. And now all I need to figure out is how to keep the lightning going in a way that conforms with basic physics, yeah?"

Except his answer was sort of no. But in a way that I got to talk to him about it for an hour. And it wasn't all a waste, 'cause now I know I need another artefact to somehow create a circuit. Which is kind of annoying actually because I was going to have an artefact with Loop as one of my 37 Properties (except I couldn't think of one, so I changed it to Perpetuity argh!).

I'm pretty sure that if I suggest electron genesis using Replication, Adam will find a way to shoot me down. Say that lightning is a dump of all a cloud's electrons, or that the charge would find another path through which it could be discharged because the first wasn't doing it. Or something.

Also, I just realised that I can't actually have the guy getting struck by lightning; he's Perpetual, which means he can't die, but which also means he's constantly in the same state - he doesn't get older, he can't be hurt (try cutting him with a dagger, I dare ya; it'll slide right over his skin), and his body certainly couldn't be part of a circuit because the electrons wouldn't be able to get "in"; they'd basically just travel around him as if he were the most efficient insulator ever. Being struck by lightning would, to over simplify everything about being struck by lightning, change the state of his body's charge (if nothing else), and he can't be changed while wearing the ring. So there goes that instance of Perpetual Lightning; good thing I still have some tricks up my sleeve.
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( Dec. 6th, 2008 01:32 pm)
My retainer has a scent. It has since I got it. I assumed that it was just New Retainer Smell, like New Car Smell, and that it would go away once the newness had worn off. But it's now a week old, and it still smells the same.

To be honest, I don't really care that it has a scent; most things do. I'm disturbed by the particular scent. Anyone want to hazard a guess? It's actually a touch ironic that I don't like it
I'm still sick. It came back last night, after going into hibernation for about six hours. It would seem that my health is strongly linked to the position of the sun in the sky, or perhaps the the amount of daylight in my vicinity; sick at night/early morning, healthy in the afternoon.

But enough about that. Last night, I couldn't sleep, so I started thinking about the Project and all the things I can do with it. Because that's basically the point of it; it's an exercise in ingenuity / mixing blue and yellow to create a magical shade of green with the property of Healing / fun with "magic" science.

I have a couple of plot ideas I want to explore. And there are a couple of scenes that I have to write (mainly a big battle scene: enemy troops and air ships with actual weapons against the Handlers with their artefacts, with support from the Engine). But there are things I have to work out before I can do any of them. That's the problem with creating a new world from scratch, I think; you have to set up the rules as you go, based on what you encounter. But you also don't always know what you CAN encounter until you have some rules set up. It's a little bit Catch 22ish; you need one to create the other, but you need the other to build the one.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep*, so I got out my sketch pad and my list of artefacts and I started thinking. And I started ingenuing. And I started mixing blues with yellows. And then I drew a cat for some reason, but then I got back to the task at hand and started having fun with my pseudomagic. I came up with a way for the Random Generators to be used safely inside the dome from outside, without damaging the dome itself, and without killing the User by creating a toxic environment. I decided it would be easier for the User to create lots of tiny rock golems and then use Grow or Amplify to, basically, turn them into War Golems. There was also the idea that I could probably create sonic weaponry using a pitchfork, a sock and a mirror.

But it didn't stop there; I started asking myself some questions. If your opponents temporarily lost gravity on the battlefield, would that not be awesome? And if you had a way of making lightning strike perpetually - not just repeated strikes, but making the same strike last forever - wouldn't that be an amazing alternate energy source? Weapon? Way to fuck up weather patterns? ('Cause if you've got lightning continuously striking, it has to be continuously recharging, and clouds charge by moving around a lot, so you'd need lots of motion in the one spot... it'd be like a cloud running on a treadmill, but at super speed.) Not to mention the havoc it would wreck on the local electromagnetic field, creating a super(-) along the arc of lightning (or would it just be at the point of discharge?) and a super(+) in the area surrounding the cloud.

And that was really just for the battle scene. I still have heaps of ideas for when the artefacts are basically let to roam free through the outpost and the hilariously devastating consequences thereof. The possessions will be most fun, I think.

Writing introductory material is boring though. I already know all of this stuff; I created it! I just want to jump ahead to the good bits. Aaaaaargh!

*Actually, that's just an excuse; to be honest, I was trying to incur another Project-based dream by going to sleep still thinking about it / saturating my brain with it. I'm such a greedy little so'n'so - like two nights of dreams in a row isn't enough? I just wish I could remember more of the specifics of the second nights' dreams - I know they were fantastic and full of action and detail and Projecty goodness, but the only real specific I can remember is scene with a bunch of metal panels, six of them I think, full of wires and stuff, attached in six-pack formation, each one representing a different artefact. One of them was Storm (Lightning). The six-pack was flying, and I think there was someone below it. My view of the scene was bird's eye, and the scene itself seems, in memory, like a screenshot from a computer game. There may also have been running through a hall. And someone twisting, dying. But I'm not sure.
...and most of this morning's random illness has gone. Woohoo! Gosh, do I love sleep.
I'll start from the ones that are most like "I'm creeped out because he was sober when he fell for me and made out with me" and move to the ones more like "ow".

- last night's dream was about 85% Project: Ether Engine, with plot after plot after plot, and it was glorious and it spells my impending doom. (The other 15% was dreaming about drinking with work people (without ever actually getting my drink), trying to fix one of their pokemon games, and once again being the only one at work to actually BE working.)
- I just spent only about four lines writing about my dreams.
- it's 8:30, and I am fully awake; I've already done the "that dream was fun, let's go back to it" routine that I usually do several times a morning.
- last night, I suddenly realised that I have no idea who I am - other people have specialties and are GOOD at them, and defining characteristics, and are near-complete people; I can't think of anything like that that actually applies to me. Not in a good way, anyway.
- I woke up with a headache. Actually, more of a base-of-skull ache. And I was sweaty. And there were no nightmares to explain it. So I thought I was sick.
- Now, my throat hurts. And I'm kinda tingly all over, where by "tingly all over", I actually mean "the aches have spread everywhere". And all I want to do is go back to bed but OH MY GOD I CAN'T because it's 8:30, I am fully awake, and this is clearly an omen of my impending doom.
Got lots of things ready for the coming two days.
Had my first Pirates of Penzance rehearsal - it was fun.
What wasn't so fun was that I was late; I forgot to factor in transport time, so I left home at 3:30 for a 4o'clock rehearsal with lots of things to do beforehand at Broadway:
  • pick up alcohol for the night

  • pick up a birthday card for the night

  • write on birthday card

  • eat

  • get stamps

  • mail out stuff I shoudl have mailed out days beforehand

  • get back to uni

Rehearsal had started and I had been walking around with heavy bags of clothes and crap and alcohol (and I don't walk; I powerwalk. Always), so I was out of breath and sweaty.
Went to Redfern Station to go to Heathcote for the night and Work Amy's 23rd - the theme was 80s
Wrote on the card on the way
Arrived, changed, got smashed, photos were taken (one particularly horrid photo at the punchbowl) and may have been dominated by a woman with a slapper
Slept before anyone else, though I kept being tucked in despite the heat and could not sleep (everyone else went to bed hours later)

Woke up in hells of pain - I'd chosen the most angular couch in existance and had been holding myself in half fetal position all night. Cramps; ow.
Left without eating breakfast, and trained it home alone because Kelly decided to stay a while longer.
Track work; fuck.
Two hours later, I arrive home, shower, swap bags and leave.
Have not yet eaten because there is no lunchable foodstuffs to eat in less than five minutes.
Arrive at second rehearsal carrying cocktail wears and a second bag.
Physical excersion+ at this rehearsal - musicaling makes you fit.
After rehearsal I meet Cyn outside and get changed in Education Building after she charms the front desk guy to let us into the closed building.
Walk to Refern to train it to Penshurst. Get food on the way.
Penhurst RSL for [ profile] frozen_icehart's 21st.
Am the object of Mistaken Identity thrice:
  • For: Frozen. By: Bartender.

  • For: Frozen. By: Uncle/family friend, wishing me a good night as he leaves.

  • For: Nathan? By: The Fruit That Starts With L. (Apparently they went to school together.)

Speeches are awesome, and Frozen's family is pretty damn cool (especially his sister).
Cyn and I leave together because that's how we roll.
Transport home is delayed. Heavily. Like, by nearly an hour. But I still get home earlier than I would have had I gotten a train to Ashfield.

Had a good two days, if exhausting. Showed the teeth off to just about everyone; just about everyone was highly impressed (Tim had no idea what was going on... I don't think he'd ever noticed the braces before.) And, oddly, there were no real dramas to gossip about.

deleted due to attack of the borings

just got home from the Ortho. I now have my retainer. It's one of those clear mouth-guardy type ones. It doesn't quite fit because of the gap between Wednesday's getting the bracese off and retainer fitting, and today's giving of the retainer, but it's supposed to be good in the next couple of days. I go back for my first retainer checkup on the 12th of Jan.

And, finally: meme-age )
dream cum nightmarishness )
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( Nov. 27th, 2008 02:05 pm)
... of the teeth, that is!

The braces! They are off! My new, smoothy teeth; let me show you them! Every sentence from now on will end in exclamation points! That is how happy I am at the braces being off!

The slimeyness that was the freshly nakeded tooths rubbing smoothly against my inner mouth fleshes has subsided! The feeling that I am missing things in my mouth has not just yet! My mouth feels thinner and I have nothing to scratch my tongue on when it gets itchy! Also, nothing for my upper lip to grab on to to help create suction seals when doing (not sex)things with my mouth! It is an adjustment, but a good one!

Also, my teeth now look really, really, super long! At least to me! Except that the orthodontist did sand down my lower canines! Now they are much less upside-down vampirey! Sadface!
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( Nov. 23rd, 2008 01:51 am)

All of these were inspired by a somewhat floralish tablecloth. Just so you know.

Free Image Hosting at
This was supposed to be creepier. It's supposed to look like he's just sprung up from behind the rocks, a bit of a Mr Wolf to your Red Riding Hood as you walk through... well, a rocky area. A canyon, perhaps? I dunno. All I do know is that he pops up from behind rocks and asks if you'd like a flower. The fact that a suspiciously similar flower seems to be growing from his head raises questions about the origins of the flower on offer. Sure, he's short, but why isn't his hand above the "counter"? Also, you never trust lizards wearing sun glasses; they're shady.

Free Image Hosting at
A pensive wererabbitchicken. They've got seriously good balance these guys, and even better spring-action legs. And those talon-like claws? Dudes, you do not want to be at the receiving end of a wererabbitchicken's handshake. (also, I hate shadows. I don't know why I started adding them to be honest. They always turn out horrible.)

Free Image Hosting at
This one is for K. I don't know why. It just feels like it should be dedicated to K. And when your art starts giving off vague vibes like this, you should never ignore it. Basically, these peaches grow on trees and sprout baby heads. They cry a lot. They don't eat a lot. And they don't tend to survive the falling from the tree a lot. Thought to be good use as a fertility fruit in the early ages, it's actually more like The Pill - when you eat the peach, the baby-sprouting-stuff also gets eaten and tricks the body into thinking that you're pregenant SO NO MORE BABIES FOR YOU JUST YET OK.

Edit: ooooh it might be because of the Great Narnian Lubrication Debate, mixed with Highly's Quest To Find The Narnian Pill, and K's blood oranges. Maybe. (quite likely)

There may be more later...
... flail and squee, flail and squee, flail and squee.

Flail: my 21st. It is coming. It was organised. Mostly. In theory. Then I realised I Did Not Want. Mainly Teh Evil Family. Also the venue. Teh Evil Family got kicked off. Which meant Teh Goodside Family had to go too. So just friends. Venue changed too. Venue change meant theme change. Who would do masquerade at a restaurant? In Ashfield? For Thai? Too inconsistent. Am re-thinking. Mother-type got out of sorts for not having Teh Evil Family. Because they are Evil. And because they would curse us. With Abstinence. Actually a Blessing in Disguise. Reminded her that they get combined Christmas/My 21st at a park (... o_0?) the week before. Still guilty-ish. Re-added Teh Goodside Family. Numbers dropped from 80 to 46. Much less expensive. But no more Blessing. Just wish I could have EVERYONE that I originally planned to have (Teh Evil Family is only about 10 of the 34 people I had to cut from the list).

To make up for that...

Squee: Alice in Wonderland. Soon to be movie. Again. But better! With Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett as Mad Hatter and Red Queen. Yay for that dude who is her husband! That... crazy dude. You know? Yes. That one.

On an unrelated note: I have decided to go into business for myself. There just aren't any jobs in the world. Anywhere. Ever. So I am going to sell paralyzed birds. I feel it is an untapped market. Think of the sales! I will be an industry pioneer. Would you like a bird, sir? A paralyzed bird? I shall say. Why, yes, sir! Thank you, sir! my customers shall reply with glee. I shall be a milionaire. And you will all get discounts! 30% off for the rest of your lives! Also, we will do parties. Birthday parties. For small children. Small children LOVE paralyzed birds. It will be the craze of the next generation. Generation Impaired!

Also... I have found my dream birthday present. It won't happen though. It would be my Christmas and birthday, and Easter, too, if we did Easter presents, present and probably from my entire immediate family and then some (because we try to set limits on how much we spend on each other, to keep things fair I guess). It is this awesome graphics tablet with interactive pen display! And it will never be mine unless the paralyzed bird industry booms before a better model comes out.
I got a call back for that job.

I declined; I found out what they do.

Why is it so hard to find a job?!
1) Hello, daisk! Hello, eggs! Welcome!

2) taxi driver last night/this morning was a prick - stole $10 off me. I give him $40.20 for a $23.20 fare and he asks "so how much do I owe you?". Me, in my squirrely state, get the answer wrong and tell him he owes me $7 becuase I am a little too well lubricated in the brainspace. Serves me right though for getting pissed on a Tuesday night.

3) I have an "appointment" tomorrow for a job. I know nothing about the job except that it's customer servicey cum marketing... or a customer service job with a view into moving up to marketing... or something. Manager dude looked at my resume and told Underling Marissa to call me up is all I know for sure. I am now wondering whether I should go suitish pants or my really nice jeans, kicking myself for not asking, and hoping that the rest of the people there are as happy and cool as UM sounded on the phone (which is why I'm thinking jeans).


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