phrasemuffin: Bare: A Pop Opera (muppo)
( Nov. 27th, 2008 02:05 pm)
... of the teeth, that is!

The braces! They are off! My new, smoothy teeth; let me show you them! Every sentence from now on will end in exclamation points! That is how happy I am at the braces being off!

The slimeyness that was the freshly nakeded tooths rubbing smoothly against my inner mouth fleshes has subsided! The feeling that I am missing things in my mouth has not just yet! My mouth feels thinner and I have nothing to scratch my tongue on when it gets itchy! Also, nothing for my upper lip to grab on to to help create suction seals when doing (not sex)things with my mouth! It is an adjustment, but a good one!

Also, my teeth now look really, really, super long! At least to me! Except that the orthodontist did sand down my lower canines! Now they are much less upside-down vampirey! Sadface!


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