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( Sep. 20th, 2007 11:47 pm)
... in which I dance dirty.

tee hee hee :)

Last night was Peter's birthday bash. We met at Opera Bar at 9, were at Purple Sneakers by 11 (were actually in at 11:45), and moved on to George Street at about 3. It was a most excellent night.

One thing I'll mention before going further, though, is that I don't like it when people ask if I'm having a good time. It makes me feel guilty, for some reason. Surely, they would know if I was having a bad time - that sort of thing I don't hide very well. But I was there, I was smiling and laughing with them, and I wasn't constantly looking at my watch (which I normally do whether I'm bored or engaged). Sure, while on the bus to Purple, I wasn't sitting in the Four Seaters with everyone else (there just wasn't space for me, too), and I was "admiring the view" ;) but I was listening to the various conversations they were having, their talking and joking, and was I laughing along with them. I was having a good time in my own way. And I hate that people think that, just because I'm not actively with them, I can't be enjoying myself passively.

Anyway, it was a really good night. Met Mai, and saw Mel and Ashley and Nick again (Peter said I wasn't allowed to touch his stomach, but when Nick said it wasn't a problem, that I should). We didn't go to Stonewall because someone (one of the Mel's?) didn't feel comfortable. And we didn't get to Pancakes on the Rocks for two reasons: 1) buses weren't running at that time and getting two cabs would have been too expensive, so we had to walk, and 2) we got distracted by McDonalds on the way, when all but two of us neeeeded to stop.

Didn't really drink that much, but got drunk enough for dancing. Dirty dancing, too. With Mel and Mai (together and seperately) and Matt (twice). And even dirtier with Peter ;)

I think that was the high point of my night; despite the confusion it brought on in me, along with the other things he'd said that night ("admiring the view" i.e. his backside :P), I got confirmation that it wasn't anything, just my kind of flirting - the non-flirting kind. Thanks Shane. And it was hella fun and hella close ;). god I love my friends.

Oh, and I apologised to School Nick for the come-ons last time we were out. He was cool with it, and has apparently spread the word about my being gay to some of the other school guys that go Purple. I was kind of surprised by the respect I got from them for coming out. These are the school guys that were the... nicer of the Skips, but still, it was surprising. In a good way, though.

AND LOL! I just remembered the Zach Story that Matt spread. Andrew... you have to know this.

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( Sep. 18th, 2007 09:03 pm)
... for making new straight male friends. It's rather an unusual thing for me, my friends being mostly female or gay (though, oddly, not often both), but already there've been two this week. And Elmo Chris was even being nice to me today; it's not that he's mean, just that I'm easily ignored in more-than-one-on-ones.

Today, two big things.

One, I met Meg's Ex Boy. He's Cyn's Education partner for both presentation and the research project, and they met to work on it while I was with Cyn and Peter and Matt and Chris for lunch. He's a pretty nice guy, and he's apparently friends with Elmo Chris too. I didn't realise they were on such silent terms after their break up though; they don't talk at all, which isn't really uncommon, but what I've heard from Meg just made it sound as if they were over, not avoiding each other.

Oh well. Thanks to me, he's going to help us with our research project. How awesome am I?! :P

Two, I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK!!!! No more leeching! No more leech-related guilt! Proper access to things!! WOOOOOT XD However, I think I kind of screwed things up when I put my hard drive in my brother's laptop, because there were problems with drivers for the screen. It thought the native screen was "new hardware", and couldn't find the video/graphics/display driver that makes everything look proper-like. I've had to download a new driver for it, and it's a beta, but it seems to be working fine for the moment, so I'm happy with it.

In other news, I think I brought up Red Flags in the music department with how I got a hold of Inner World because, first week back, we're having someone come in and tell us all about Copyrights. Oh well, it was my "very illegal" method (in Dr Hindson's own words), or paying for it with a credit I don't own. The library didn't have a copy of it, Dr Hindson needed us to provide it, and the only copy that I could find via USYD was at the Con, but on loan 'til early October. So really, it's their fault, not mine.

And, yes, my Music presentation was today.

And, yes, my Education presentation is tomorrow.

And, no, neither are/were very well prepared. No focus this week. Damn repair people being slow and unable to do simple maths. *grumbles* They overcharged me, and quite obviously, but I didn't see the invoice when my dad picked it up for me this morning - I was at uni.

Still clueless about Peter. Must remember to talk to Cyn about this. And any ideas/suggestions/prompts are welcome.

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( Sep. 18th, 2007 12:09 am) this Friday.

And I, in my infinite wisdom, did forget. The assessment load over the past two weeks is no excuse. I am shamed. The fact that his birthday isn't really this Friday is, but I am still shamed. I think the real date is Monday, so...

So, I am left with this dillema: I have no idea what to get for him. It's his 20th and he was making a fuss about how he'll be all old and what not, so it has to be special (at least a little). But not too special; remember, I did Like this guy, so I don't want to give him the impression that I still Like him - something I have been quite worried about ever since.

My current thoughts include:
- Rollerblades; he hasn't ever been, and wants to (it's on his To Do List), so maybe owning a pair will act as a prompt.
- CAN'T BE jewelry - he works at Prouds, so... that's just a no.
- um...

yeah, I don't really do well with presents. The Rollerblades is very much my sort of idea, but I don't know that people always understand my ideas. Much like my logic - it only works in my head.



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