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( Jan. 18th, 2008 01:00 pm)
... in which my journal becomes a flashback comic strip.

So, I said in my last post that this one, the next one, would be about last Friday. In addition to that, it'll be about Sturday and Sunday as well. Probably won't have anything from this week, though, as nothing much fun or exciting has happened... except one thing. Tee hee hee.

Last Friday night was dinner with Cyn and Dylan in Newtown. Cyn told Dylan that I wanted to catch up, so catch up we did. Dinner was awkward and quiet, and boring for Dylan as it was mainly just Cyn and I talking about people we know and, apparently, secrets. "You guys talk about more secret things than anyone else I know!" were Dylan's approximate words. Then again, he couldn't hear either of us for some reason, so it may have just sounded like secrets. Who knows. Dylan and I both got a box of Cyn-made cupcakes, though, so that was nice.

Matt had invited us all to Stonewall for that night, but then lost his voice, so pulled out. In light of this, we all decided to go to Purple Sneakers in it's new temporary home at Hermann's. It was pretty shit, to be honest, but I think that's just because it was too early to be full, and therefore fun. I messaged Cyn at one point, while she was standing right next to me I might add, with "i miss theodora". She replied "me too". (Theodora is in China for a while visiting her boyfriend who teaches English... I think.) Because of Purple's lack of life, we headed on down to Stonewall.

Shane, Joe and a bunch of their other friends were there already - something we didn't know. We met up with them randomly on the second floor in the alcove and were introduced to their people, and pretty much just joined their group. Sara is awesome, and was born on the 31st of December - MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY!!! - so we were half celebrating her birthday (god, we sound like crashers) and half just getting smashed. Except for those of us who weren't drinking that much, or at all, in the case of Jason, Joe's friend.

To cut a long night's story short, Jason and I hooked up. There was much flirting over the box (of cupcakes), whose contents were a secret to all but three - Cyn, Dylan and I - on Dylan's orders (Shane and Joe and Jason were all trying to find out, but I held my ground), and Jason ended up driving me home. Again, I'd like to point out his sobriety, and my near-sobriety. We exchanged numbers, and he messaged me goodnight when he got home. It was so cute!

On to Saturday (because you've had enough Jason for the moment) and we find me on my way to Newtown to meet up with [ profile] goblinpaladin to see I Am Legend. My feet are KILLING ME because I've been walking everywhere the past few days, what with my parents away and the station being just close enough to warrant walking over public transport, and I have HUGE blisters on my heels. But that doesn't stop me walking from Newtown Station down to Glebe to see the stoned waitress, lust after an raspberry organic ice tea that isn't in stock, order a non-existant drink and then have a special one created for me due to the confusion. Nor did it stop me getting to Broadway, having lunch with the good goblin, and seeing the movie, which was good up until the ending. Quite poorly written, I think, that ending was. It was a good day though. Really have to meet up with the goblin more often (if he can stomach me :P).

On to Sunday and we find me escaping Family Obligation under fale pretences. It was my uncle's birthday, but that side of the family is the racist homophobic side (and even before I knew that I didn't like them very much), so I don't really like going to family events with them. So, instead, I told the 'rents I had plans with Cyn, quickly organised some plans with Cyn, and got out of it. Then, sadly, serious Family Things of Cyn's own popped up, so she couldn't come. So, instead of meeting up with her to buy beach clothes for a 21st she's going to, I went to uni (because I secretly miss it) and read (was going to go Fisher but went Quad instead) and had SUSHI, MY LOVE. That's when I finished Superfolks.

Now, back to Jason. Between the message goodnight at 4am Saturday morning and my next message to him, I was freaking out. For multiple reason, I might add. The first is that he denied to Joe and Shane that we'd hooked up, though he was happy to hold my hand and put his arm around me, or have mine around him, pretty much the entire night. The second being that he's 24, I think - both my brother's age and the age of my sister's boyfriend... something just feels wrong there, especially seeing as he didn't want to tell me how old he is so I had to work it out myself!!!! The third is that he's 24, has completed uni and has a full-time job - just far too calm, collected and with it, I guess, compared to my 20, in uni and having of the shitty casual job. And the fourth is that he was sober that night... I don't know why that freaks me out, it just does... It's probably looking like I'm going out of my way to look for excuses right now, but that's just how irrational minds work when confronted by courtship rituals. Or at least, mine does.

So how long was it between his message and mine? The answer is six days. Because my freakouts aren't just momentary things; mine have stamina, baby! Still, I did actually message him, and ask him out, and things are looking good at the moment. The plan is for us to do something Sunday, we just haven't confirmed what exactly. It's seriously like talking to myself - he seems to have a bit of a shell around him, which is how I imagine myself to come across most of the time, but his reservedness seems to have the opposite effect on me; I seem to be coming further out of mine to meet him.

I have to say , though, that I'm proud I did actually ask him out. It may have taken a fair bit, but it did happen. And no matter how it goes down, it will at least result in experience and learning, and I'm happy with that.


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